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Cliff Mills

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Cliff Mills was born in Phoenix, Arizona and (subsequently) raised in Phoenix, Arizona. In pursuit of higher learning, Cliff re-located to the state of Idaho where he would undergo exhaustive artistic training in a formal capacity at Brigham Young University-Idaho. In addition to his artistic development, Cliff would study visual communication at some length. An autodidact whose talents range from comically surreal renderings to dynamically conceptualized works of remarkable intricacy. It's clear that my work is heavily influenced by my home state of Arizona. Low horizon and big sky. Screen any Sergio Leone film to confirm. I specialize in travel and editorial illustrations, as well as poster and t-shirt designs. Client List * Exigent Records, Socialist Empire Records, BYU-Idaho


Conceptual, Digital, Lettering, Line, Line with Color, Decorative, Concept Art, Vector


Humor, Architecture, People, Lifestyle, Environmental, Branding