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Story on sub prime loans


Humpty Trumpty

Trump and the wall. Editorial, satire, political cartoon

© Barbara Kelley

Let them eat cake!

Trumps affordable care, editorial, satire, political cartoon

© Barbara Kelley

Trumps liberty

Trump and Lady Liberty, editorial, satire, political cartoon

© Barbara Kelley


politico magazine, editorial , satire, Russian doll, Vladimir Putin, politics, history

© Barbara Kelley

State Tax Cuts

The Wall Street Journal, Opinion page, editorial, republicans, elephants, taxes, politics, political cartoon, newspaper,

© Barbara Kelley

Republican stand off

Editorial, cartoon, republican, elephant,quarrel, fight, argue, congress, senate, government,

© Barbara Kelley

American Pie

Thanksgiving, american, pie, all american, editorial, cartoon,

© Barbara Kelley

Starbucks cup

Red Cup, Manger scene, Christmas, Starbucks, Holiday, editorial, political, cartoon

© Barbara Kelley

American Politics

Political Cartoon, editorial, newspaper, Democrats, Republicans,

© Barbara Kelley


Weather, drought, farming, California, editorial,

© Barbara Kelley

Fragile European Union

For Defining Ideas Opinion page, Editorial art, political, Cards, House of Cards,flags, United states, Global politics, EU, falling down, fragile

© Barbara Kelley

What Is the Future of Conservatism?

For Defining Ideas,the Hoover Institute,Pendulum, politics, conservatism, right left politics, grandfather clock, swing vote, editorial cartoon

© Barbara Kelley

The Language of Despotism

For Defining Ideas, Opinion Journal,Despot,editorial, pen, quill pen, dragon, writing, language, political cartoon, political commentary, language use, words,editorial, editorial cartoon,op-ed page,

© Barbara Kelley


Achilles, Heroes, war, editorial, myths, legends, opinion page

© Barbara Kelley

changing world

globes, atlas, old, new, editorial, cartoon, change, world change, Escher

© Barbara Kelley

Pharmaceutical Prices

cartoon, editorial, newspaper, opinion, drug regulation, big pharma, prices, money inspection, business,

© Barbara Kelley


Political cartoon, newspaper, editorial, EU, politics, England, flags,

© Barbara Kelley

One Dollar's wild ride

roller coaster, dollar bill, George Washington, dollar value, wild ride, money, finance, editorial, political cartoon, economics

© Barbara Kelley


The Florida Bar Journal, opinion, editorial, uninsured motorists,legal, law, insurance, cars, automobiles, stairs,MC Escher,

© Barbara Kelley

cyber security

computers, cyber security, rotation, ferris wheel,information, cartoon, editorial, newspaper, magazine

© Barbara Kelley


tax code, economy, business, editorial, law, legal, magazine, research

© Barbara Kelley

Picture worth a thousand words

expressions, editorial, legal article, books, reading, viewing , knowledge ,

© Barbara Kelley

Stranded: Navigating Aviation Delay Damages

For The Florida Bar Journal, Air travel, Plane, Jet, Aviation, puppet, marionette, sky, editorial, flying, travel, editorial cartoon, editorial, magazine art, people traveling, flight delays

© Barbara Kelley


legal, mental incompetent,dart board, darts, target, ability, editorial,opinion

© Barbara Kelley

Uniform Arbitration

legal, law, arbitration, editorial, office, magazine

© Barbara Kelley

piece of the pie

economy, money, slice, pie, fractions, editorial, business, percentage, magazine, law, legal

© Barbara Kelley

civil liberties,jail, prison,evil,bad

Explanation or Excuse, law article, editorial, prison system

© Barbara Kelley

middle east crisis

For Defining Ideas,the Hoover Institute, editorial,satire,political cartoon, middle east, un-stable,newspaper, opinion page, op-ed, op-ed art,news,newspaper art,The Great Unraveling, The Remaking of the Middle East

© Barbara Kelley

Education System

For Defining Ideas,the Hoover Institute,Schools, Pencil, School value, education measurement, editorial

© Barbara Kelley


economy, monetary policy, editorial,business, opinion,

© Barbara Kelley


Politico magazine, editorial, global, european,thinking, looking, in sight, visual

© Barbara Kelley

China Ascendent?

For Defining Ideas Opinion Journal,Dragon, China, Chinese dragon, democracy, fire, fire breathing dragon, flame of democracy, editorial illustration, editorial, political cartoon,

© Barbara Kelley

Intelligence in the Classroom

For The Wall Street Journal, opinion page, editorial, conceptual, education, rubics cube, ideas, newspaper, political, cartoon, op-ed, School IQ, School budget, Spending

© Barbara Kelley

Education reform

For Defining Ideas,the Hoover Institute, schools, pencil, tests, IQ, education, editorial, opinion page, cartoon,

© Barbara Kelley


Tweet, Libel, Twibel, tweeting, law, legal, justice, cartoon, editorial

© Barbara Kelley


Defining Ideas, editorial,opinion, feminism, college, sexual harassment,venus,political, concept

© Barbara Kelley

The Fiscal Tsunami

For Defining Ideas,the Hoover Institute, The fiscal Cliff, editorial, opinion page, piggy bank, boat, waves, storm, tsunami, federal money, engraving, cartoon

© Barbara Kelley


files, attachments, legal issues, privacy, editorial,stapler, office supplies

© Barbara Kelley

Junk fax

Junk fax's, Law article, editorial, communication

© Barbara Kelley

Education Ideals

For Defining Ideas,the Hoover Institute, Editorial, opinion page, Defining Ideas, Education, School house, WIndvane, Pencil,

© Barbara Kelley

pharmaceutical research

For Defining Ideas,the Hoover Institute, science, research, pharmacy, pharmaceutical,editorial, politcal cartoon, wall, brick wall, reaching, healthcare, trying, FDA, Paternalism

© Barbara Kelley


The Florida Bar Journal, editorial, legal, law, liens, track, cartoon, magazine,

© Barbara Kelley

Bail out

For The Wall Street Journal, editorial, financial, bail out, money crisis, waves, over flow, EU

© Barbara Kelley

vulnerable adults

The Florida Bar, editorial, protect, neglect, vulnerable,legal, law,umbrella,sad,adult home,disabled

© Barbara Kelley

War and the World Wide Web

For Defining Ideas,the Hoover Institute, Cyber space, web, black box, computer security, security, editorial, conceptual illustration,

© Barbara Kelley

Elastic Money Crisis

For The Wall Street Journal,Opinion Page, editorial, newspaper, financial, medical, cartoon, economy, Doctor, Hospital, money, european, currency

© Barbara Kelley

Japan, alone at sea

For Defining Ideas,the Hoover Institute, Editorial, opinion page, cartoon, boat, global,

© Barbara Kelley

Teacher Value

For Defining Ideas,the Hoover Institute, Education, teachers, pencil, editorial, cartoon, students , measurement

© Barbara Kelley

"Moby Dick" Guide to Foreign Policy

For Defining Ideas,the Hoover Institute, whaling, sea animals,fishing,literature, education, editorial

© Barbara Kelley

The Regulated States of America

For The Wall Street Journal,Red tape, federal regulation, editorial cartoon, political cartoon, The Wall Street Journal, Opinion page,

© Barbara Kelley

SInking economy

Dollar, currency, money, waves, rescue, sinking, drowning, editorial, opinion page, The Wall Street Journal, cartoon

© Barbara Kelley

Mortgage timetable

For The Florida Bar Journal,Home owners, mortgage, house, clock, editorial, financial,Mortgage Foreclosures

© Barbara Kelley

Euro bailout crisis!

For The Wall Street Journal Europe, Opinion page, editorial, european news, newspaper, concept, bail out, financial, corporate, annual report, economy, flag, dam, waterfall

© Barbara Kelley

Animal Law

For The Florida Bar Journal,Animal Law, Animals, Justice, editorial

© Barbara Kelley

Animal Abuse

For The Florida Bar Journal, Animals, law, animal abuse, animal legal rights, protection, justice, lady justice, editorial, ASPCA,

© Barbara Kelley

workers compensation

For The Florida Bar Journal, accidents, workers, human resource, union, law, editorial, legal rights,

© Barbara Kelley

Equine law

For The Florida Bar Journal, Equine, farm, accounting, horses, money, windvane, prediction, editorial

© Barbara Kelley

Secret Ballot

For The Wall Street Journal,opinion page, editorial, conceptual, newspaper, ocean, waves, voting , line art, pen and ink, tsunami, powerful, economy, corporate, annual report

© Barbara Kelley

Dog bite suit's

For The Florida Bar Journal,Dog bite, law, legal, suing, lawyers, editorial,

© Barbara Kelley

Comparative fault

For The Florida Bar Journal, Legal, law, percent, editorial, magazine

© Barbara Kelley

Afraid of a Little Deflation?

For The Wall Street Journal, Opinion page, editorial, cartoon, hot air ballon, money, economy

© Barbara Kelley

education experiment

For Defining Ideas,the Hoover Institute, education, science, experiment, scientific study, science equipment, editorial

© Barbara Kelley

It's the Culture, Stupid

For Defining Ideas,Editorial art, opinion page, Culture, development, Tiger Mom's,Newspaper art, line art, animals, asian art

© Barbara Kelley

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Barbara Kelley


Barbara Kelley has more than 25 years of experience as a professional illustrator with a focus on topical editorial illustrations that showcase her skill with a pen and her high level of conceptual creativity. For each drawing, she presents sketches of four to six different ideas distilled from her insightful reading of the accompanying articles. Intellectually and creatively demanding, these assignments are often completed within hours of her receiving them. She works fast and smart, with no sacrifice to style. Barbara is a graduate of Pratt Institute. She lives in Northport, New York.


Black & White, Caricature, Cartoon, Colored Pencil, Conceptual, Digital, Engraving, Line, Line with Color, Pastel, Pen & Ink, Scratchboard, Woodcut, Pattern, Concept Art


Humor, Action, Adventure, Animals, Annual Report, Book Covers, Celebrities, Character Development, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Computers, Corporate, Editorial, Education, Family, Fantasy, Food, Health, Historical, Holidays, Icons, Industrial, Information Graphics, Landscape, Leisure, Licensing, Medical, Nature, Packaging, People, Political, Portrait, Science, Scientific, Sports, Technology, Toys & Games, Transportation, Travel, Web Illustration, Americana, Agriculture, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Feminine, Masculine, Youth, Ethnic, Game, Edgy, Environmental, Financial, Urban, Branding