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Behind on mortgage payments, financial crisis, economy downturn,

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Barbara Kelley

illustration of Democratic candidate, politics, portrait, White House , Vice President, digital portrait,
illustration of For The Wall Street Journal,Opinion Page, editorial, newspaper, financial, medical, cartoon, economy, Doctor, Hospital, money, european, currency, financial crisis, economy tanking,
illustration of Caricature of Mitch McConnell as a tortoise, slow to change, republicans , house of representatives, politics, battle between parties, political cartoon, line work, texture , engraving, White House, Antics of the Republican Party, reptiles, financial crisis, corporate downfall, mistrust
illustration of roller coaster, dollar bill, George Washington, dollar value, wild ride, money, finance, editorial, political cartoon, economics, financial downturn, economic crisis, downward spiral, digital editorial, stock market
illustration of Democrat, advocate, socialist, senator, controversial , candidate, digital portraits
illustration of Elton John caricature, scratchboard , musician, rock star, pop music, pianist, flamboyant, digital portrait, broadway, Tony awards, song,
illustration of Trump, Whitehouse, Breaking doors, Deflection, Peggy Noonan, The Wall Street Journal, Opinion Page, self destruct, financial crisis, damage control, digital cartoon, digital editorial
illustration of Democrat, politician, portrait, scratchboard, editorial, caricature of Chuck Schumer, fighting the republicans, man of many words, stubborn, line art, cross hatch ,
illustration of Bicycle built for two, Russian investigation, collusion, voter tampering, Trump, Putin, leading, authority, republican, training wheels, funny business, Presidential, US government, spying, digital editorial,
illustration of conceptual vision of the current economy powered by Trumps trade deals, Trump, Economy, Trade, politics, Political cartoon,
editorial, opinion page for The Wall Street Journal
Slow moving animals, long haul journeys, fat cowboys, rodeo, textured background, pen and ink
illustration of computers, rotation, ferris wheel, update, keeping up, change, editorial, telecommuting , work from home, work crisis, technology , changing technology, digital editorial, work from home,
illustration of Caricature of Stephen Colbert, Colbert show, expression, scratchboard, eyebrows, comedian, politics
illustration of Editorial cartoon of Trump as Humpty Dumpty ready to fall because of his stance on building the wall, Editorial, satire, political cartoon, children's literature, nursery rhymes, wall with Mexico, caricature of Trump, line art, humor, digital editorial, falling from grace,
illustration of Political cartoon depicting the democrats storming the hill, editorial, for The Wall Street journal, White House, donkeys, cartoon,
Democratic symbol, caricature of democrats,
scratchboard technique,
illustration of Editorial depiction on barriers in diversity, Wall, Barrier, Diversity, Climbing the wall, Overcoming Barriers, Editorial, Opinion page, editorial cartoon, controversy, people of diverse cultures, people of diverse sexual orientation, LGBT, Mexico vs. US, separation,
illustration of Virus, flu, pandemic, panic, bug, germs,
illustration of For Defining Ideas,the Hoover Institute,Pendulum, politics, conservatism, right left politics, grandfather clock, swing vote, editorial cartoon
illustration of Republicans need to take big steps for Health Care.
Opinion, editorial, cartoon, elephant , senate, leaders,
illustration of Caricature of Mitt Romney, portrait ,politics , caricature, Obama vs. Romney election, Senate, republican, critic of Trump, digital portrait, scratchboard, line art,
illustration of Thanksgiving, apple pie, United, immigrants, immigration, working together, families, slice of life, different people,
illustration of Artist, portrait, lines, patterns, expression, face
illustration of For The Wall Street Journal , Opinion page, editorial, endless, runaround, frustration, business, finance, little people, business suits, money, debt,
illustration of conceptual idea of opening Pandoras box and the pandemonium of words and expressions, Internet safety, Internet, technology, tweeting, instagram, communication, controlling the internet, box, security of the web, tech savvy, big mouth, addicted to social media
illustration of Destroying the constitution, the scream, grenades, editorial. The Wall Street Journal opinion page, uproar, the senate, congress, voting, change
illustration of Round table, negotiations, meetings, planning, editorial cartoon, opinion page, charts, statistics, motivation, business
illustration of editorial depicting the California drought problem, Weather, drought, farming, farmland, California, editorial, cracked, parched, cloud, puzzled farmer,
textured, abstract lines, shadows, dryness, climate change
illustration of Conceptual image depicting Fathers behind strong women, for The Wall Street Journal, editorial, opinion, me to movement, Father and daughter relationship, strength, moving up in the world, power of women, standing up, power of positive relationships, take your daughter to work day, texture, pen and ink, clouds, stairs, stairway, visionary
illustration of caricature of Aero Smith's Steve Tyler, portrait, rock band, musician, toothy grin, rock star, personality, aging musician
illustration of Women empowering themselves in active politics, glass ceiling, climbing the corporate ladder, liberation, movement, social justice, editorial, LGBT, community help, women helping women, red table, help, chairs, chairpeople,
illustration of Steps, Tiger, Tiger Mom, Children, raising children, editorial, fierce,
illustration of Composer, muscian, portrait , line art
illustration of Savings account, piggy bank, rough water, smooth sailing, finance, family savings, saving for a rainy day, protecting money, retirement,
illustration of Conceptual image of the problem with construction liens and the law, for The Florida Bar Journal, editorial, construction, loans, finance, law, legal, money, Russian nesting dolls, debt, book keeping, loans, screwing the little guy, textured, lines with color, patterns, shadows
illustration of Cyber warfare, security, computers, terrorism, edgy, military, computer games, technology, editorial,
illustration of Medical malpractice, Doctors, walking off a cliff, texting, tweeting, mistakes, hospitals, medicine, pharmacy , prescriptions, white coat,
illustration of Protection, umbrellas, safety,help, reassurance, insurance company, stormy weather, help, double protection, housing, finance, family
illustration of For The Florida Bar Journal, Air travel, Plane, Jet, Aviation, puppet, marionette, sky, editorial, flying, travel, editorial cartoon, editorial, magazine art, people traveling, flight delays
illustration of Defining Ideas, editorial,opinion, feminism, college, sexual harassment,venus,political, concept, Me too, feminine values, LBGTQ,
illustration of Democrats, Republicans, politics
illustration of snow globe, mortgage, staying afloat, finance, editorial
illustration of Mortgages, Loans, Finance, sub rate loans, bankrupt, stay a float, uncle sam, government, editorial
illustration of For The Florida Bar Journal
illustration of gamble, juggle, decision, chance, speculate, editorial
illustration of Classic Wall Street Journal Head portrait, Time Magazine,
illustration of Newt Gingrich caricature, portrait
illustration of expressions, editorial, legal article, books, reading, viewing , knowledge ,
illustration of Unity, United States, E Pluribus Unum,
illustration of Gerrymandering in the court rooms, Editorial for The Wall Street Journal, Politics, Democrats, Republicans, Donkey, Elephant, political symbols, political characters, Caricatures in American politics, Capitol Hill, maps, districts fo voting, Vote, courts, judges, opinions on voting districts, political cartoon
illustration of Middle, sinking ship, sharks circling, waves crashing,concern,unstable, editorial
illustration of European Union, collapse, help, editorial, cards,
illustration of experiment, science, DaVinci, Laboratory, editorial
illustration of Trumps affordable care, editorial, satire, political cartoon
illustration of Cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, finance, economy, editorial, puzzle, game, money,
illustration of Farming, fishing, industry, boating, catch, editorial
illustration of legal, law, arbitration, editorial, office, magazine
illustration of Computers, technology, programs, robots, editorial
illustration of tax code, economy, business, editorial, law, legal, magazine, research
illustration of floating, finance, loans, assessment, home, house, life preserver, investment, editorial
illustration of Inspection, pharmaceutical, science, FDA, editorial
illustration of sayings, pen and ink, apples, oranges, editorial
illustration of pencil, thoughts, diversion, creative, process, winding, curvy, pen and ink, editorial
illustration of spoon, fork, knife,flatware, concept eating, pen and ink, editorial
illustration of Man reading a book, repetitive, concept, pen and ink, cross hatch, thinking
illustration of Optimism, Pessimism, half full, bottle, empty, editorial, pen and ink,
illustration of wine, overflow, waves, drowning, editorial
illustration of Pencils, Matches, concept, editorial, pen and ink, engraving, black and white
illustration of Trump and Lady Liberty, editorial, satire, political cartoon
illustration of For Defining Ideas, Opinion Journal,Despot,editorial, pen, quill pen, dragon,
writing, language, political cartoon, political commentary, language use, words,editorial, editorial cartoon,op-ed page,
illustration of republicans, squabbles, elephants, fight, editorial
illustration of old world, new world, changing times, editorial
illustration of politico magazine, editorial , satire, Russian doll, Vladimir Putin, politics, history
illustration of Court, steps, levels, legal system, editorial
illustration of Industrial, pollution, finance, measurement, statistics, editorial
illustration of Bullseye, Pencils, press, media, target, news, editorial
illustration of The Wall Street Journal, Opinion page, editorial, republicans, elephants, taxes, politics, political cartoon, newspaper,
illustration of economy, money, slice, pie, fractions, editorial, business, percentage, magazine, law, legal
illustration of Innovation, inventor, scientist, bicycle, idea, thinking, editorial, cartoon,
illustration of The Florida Bar Journal, opinion, editorial, uninsured motorists,legal, law, insurance, cars, automobiles, stairs,MC Escher,
illustration of Achilles, Heroes, war, editorial, myths, legends, opinion page
illustration of For Defining Ideas,the Hoover Institute, editorial,satire,political cartoon, middle east, un-stable,newspaper, opinion page, op-ed, op-ed art,news,newspaper art,The Great Unraveling, The Remaking of the Middle East
illustration of For The Wall Street Journal, opinion page, editorial, conceptual, education, rubics cube, ideas, newspaper, political, cartoon, op-ed, School IQ, School budget, Spending
illustration of For The Wall Street Journal, editorial, financial, bail out, money crisis, waves, over flow, EU
illustration of The Florida Bar Journal, editorial, legal, law, liens, track, cartoon, magazine,
illustration of For Defining Ideas,the Hoover Institute, science, research, pharmacy, pharmaceutical,editorial, politcal cartoon, wall, brick wall, reaching, healthcare, trying, FDA, Paternalism
illustration of For The Florida Bar Journal,Home owners, mortgage, house, clock, editorial, financial,Mortgage Foreclosures
illustration of tightrope, balance, time, timing, caution, investment, finance , legal, editorial
illustration of Coffee, Starbucks, holiday, Christmas, religion, religious controversy, miracle, special,


Barbara Kelley has more than 25 years of experience as a professional illustrator with a focus on topical editorial illustrations that showcase her skill with a pen and her high level of conceptual creativity. For each drawing, she presents sketches of four to six different ideas distilled from her insightful reading of the accompanying articles. Intellectually and creatively demanding, these assignments are often completed within hours of her receiving them. She works fast and smart, with no sacrifice to style. Barbara is a graduate of Pratt Institute. She lives in Northport, New York.


Black & White, Caricature, Cartoon, Colored Pencil, Conceptual, Digital, Engraving, Line, Line with Color, Pastel, Pen & Ink, Pencil, Scratchboard, Stipple, Texture, Woodcut, Pattern, Whimsical, Concept Art


Humor, Action, Adventure, Animals, Annual Report, Book Covers, Celebrities, Character Development, Charts, Children, Children's Books, Computers, Corporate, Editorial, Education, Family, Fantasy, Fashion/Cosmetics, Food, Futuristic, Health, Historical, Holidays, Icons, Industrial, Information Graphics, Landscape, Leisure, Licensing, Medical, Music, Mystery, Nature, Packaging, People, Political, Portrait, Product, Religious, Science, Scientific, Sci-Fi, Sports, Still Life, Technology, Textiles, Toys & Games, Transportation, Travel, Americana, Agriculture, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Feminine, Masculine, Youth, Ethnic, Game, Edgy, Environmental, Financial, Urban, Branding