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Alfred Duryea

Antique car, transportation, historical,people, Americana. Main Street

PCS, MBI, Inc.

Red Baron/Fokker Triplane

Red Baron, Fokker triplane, Word War One, biplane, aerial warfare, war, clouds, landscape, engraving, historical, action

© Stephen Harrington

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ralph Waldo Emerson, portrait, historical, author, philosopher, poet, Americana, 1800's, Transcendentalist, essayist

© Stephen Harrington

Chain Gang

African-Americans, prisoners, jail, chain gang, South, Civil Rights, US History, Americana, prisons

© Stephen Harrington

Oranges, almonds

Still-life, English tea, orange, almonds, nuts, beverage, packaging, botanical, lifestyle, relaxation

© Bigelow, Inc.

Benjamin Franklin

Montage, Ben Franklin, inventions, historic, Americana, Declaration of Independence, American Revolution, Founding Father, portrait

PCS, MBI, Inc.

Bessie Coleman

Pilot, Bessie Coleman, airplane, biplane, flying, farmland, Americana, 1920s

Wright Grp/Mcgraw Hill

Cranberries, apples

Botanical, cranberries, apples, cranberry, fruit, packaging, beverage

Bigelow, Inc.

Sherman tank

tank, Sherman tank, weapon, transportation, World War Two, Allies, Nazis, historical, war

© Stephen Harrington

Vanilla Chai

Botanical, vanilla, vanilla chai, cinnamon, cinnamon stick, beverage, packaging

Bigelow, Inc.

Hibiscus, rosehips

Botanical, hibiscus, rosehips, flowers, fruit, beverage, packaging

Bigelow Inc.

Barcelona windows

Barcelona, Spain, windows, balcony, architecture, pen and ink. B&W

© Yale University Pres

Walt Disney

Portrait, montage, Walt Disney, vintage, movie, film, director, animation, cartoon, filmmaking Americana

PCS, MBI, Inc.

US National Parks

US National Parks, hiking, bison, buffalo, landscapes, outdoors, backpacking, mountains, lake, Yosemite

©PCS, MBI, Inc.


Botanical, pomegranate, fruit, beverage, packaging

Bigelow, Inc.

Barack Obama

Portrait, President Obama, Barack Obama, politics, Democrat, Democratic party, African-American, personality, celebrity

© Danbury Mint, MBI

Hamilton/Burr Duel

Montage, Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr, duel, historic, portrait, Americana, pistols, gunfight, Founding Fathers, American Revolution

© PCS, MBI, Inc.

Arnold 12 Grain bread comp

Comp, Arnold bread, sales brochure, still life, grains, bread, food, packaging

© Stephen Harrington

Arnold Hamburger and Hot Dog Rolls

Comp, Arnold Bread, hamburger rolls , hot dog rolls, hamburger, hot dog, sales brochure, food, still life, packaging, condiments, potato chips

© Stephen Harrington

John Wayne

Montage, portrait, actor, John Wayne, Wild West, Westerns, film, filmmaking, Americana, movies, Hollywood, movie camera

© PCS, MBI, Inc.

South American lighthouse

Lighthouse, seashore, nautical, South America, ships, boating

©PCS, MBI, Inc.

Baby buggy

baby buggy, baby, transportation, Americana, historical, Victorian, lifestyle

© Stephen Harrington

Maine lighthouse

Lighthouse, Maine, nautical, seashore, ships, boating, storms, architecture

© PCS, MBI, Inc.

Holy Family, Nativity

Holy family, Nativity, baby Jesus, Joseph, Virgin Mary, Bethlehem, manger, Christmas

© PCS, MBI, Inc.

Horned Owl

horned owl, animals, nature, flying, woodcut, engraving, stipple

© Stephen Harrington

Lucille Ball

Portrait, montage, comedienne, Lucille Ball, television, 1950s, Americana

© PCS, MBI, Inc.

Olympic skier

Olympics, skier, skiing, winter, winter sports, slalom, mountains

PCS, MBI, Inc.


Oranges, fruit, packaging, food

© Bigelow, Inc.

1800's Train

1800's, train, steam locomotive, transportation, Americana

© PCS, MBI, Inc.


Peaches, peach, fruit, packaging, food

© Bigelow, Inc.


Penquins, birds, nature, Antarctic, snow, animals

© PCS, MBI, Inc.

Purely Peppermint

Peppermint, tea, beverages, packaging, food, snow, mountains, lifestyle

© Bigelow, Inc


guillotine, French Revolution, political, Louis XVI, Paris, Versailles, Bastille, historical

© Stephen Harrington


Raspberry, tea, packaging, beverages, fruit, raspberries, food

© Bigelow, Inc

South African birds

Birds, South Africa, nature, animals, travel, forests, mountains

© PCS, MBI, Inc.

Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty, New York, New York City,1900's, Americana, immigration, travel, historical

© PCS, MBI, Inc.


Seabirds, nature, animals, seashore, beach, palm trees

© PCS, MBI, Inc.

Vaclav Klaus

Portrait, Vaclav Klaus, Czech Republic, Czech flag, Europe, politician, president

© Stephen Harrington

Thomas' English Muffins, Brownberry Bread

food, english muffins, bread, sandwich, lunch, breakfast, jam, jelly, still-life, B&W, stipple

© Stephen Harrington


Vanilla, plant,flower, spice, food, packaging

© Bigelow, Inc

Christmas Memories

Christmas, skating, Americana, winter, pond, winter sports, Christmas lights

© Danbury Mint, MBI

Betty Boop

Betty Boop, cartoons, animation, sex symbol

© Danbury Mint

Braiding Onions

Onions, vegetables, gardening, food, organic

© Stephen Harrington

Betty Boop under garden arch

Betty Boop, garden arch, cartoons, animation, sex symbol

© Danbury Mint

Wine and vineyard

Wine, vineyard, beverages, food, France, mountains, landscape, Europe

© PCS, MBI, Inc.

Burning bra

burning bra, bra, 1960's, trends, historical, fads, feminism, women

© Stephen Harrington

Benny Goodman

Montage, Big Bands, music, Benny Goodman, jazz, 1940s, orchestra, portrait

PCS, MBI, Inc.

Winnie the Pooh- spring

Winnie the Pooh, spring, picnic, cartoons, animation

© Danbury Mint

Soda Jerk

soda jerk, soda fountain, 1950's, diner, ice cream, banana split, desserts, nostalgia, Americana, root beer float, B&W, woodcut

© Stephen Harrington

Winnie the Pooh-summer

Winnie the Pooh, summer, cartoons, animation, umbrella, river

© Danbury Mint


Nativity, baby Jesus, Holy Family, Joseph, Virgin Mary, Christmas, religion, Christianity, Bethlehem

© Danbury Mint

Mark Twain

Mark Twain, portrait, author, humorist, celebrity, Americana, writer

© PCS, MBI, Inc.

Arnold Rye Bread

Comp, Arnold, rye bread, sales brochure, bread, packaging, sandwiches, deli, lunch

© Stephen Harrington


Dolphins, animals, nature, undersea, ocean

©PCS, MBI, Inc

Sahara Pita Bread

Comp, pita bread, sales brochure, food, lunch, sandwich, packaging

© Stephen Harrington


Amaryllis, flower, nature, botanical

© Stephen Harrington

Shrub propagation

Shrubs, nature, gardening, botanical, dirt

© Stephen Harrington


bluebird, bird, in flight, flying, nature, animals, apple blossom, leaves, songbird

© Danbury Mint, MBI

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Portrait, Dwight D. Eisenhower, US President, historical, celebrity, Americana, 20th Century, Cold War, 1950's, B&W, engraving

© Stephen Harrington

Cardinal, blue jay

cardinal, blue jay, nature, apple blossoms, songbirds, birds, animals

© Danbury Mint, MBI

Robin, warbler

robin, warbler, nature, songbirds, animals, apple blossoms, leaves

© Danbury Mint, MBI

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson, Declaration of Independence, American Revolution, Americana, portrait, 1700's, Founding Fathers, Monticello

© PCS, MBI, Inc.


Montage, dove, earth, peace, globe, olive branch, bird, nature, animals

© PCS, MBI, Inc.

Stonewall Jackson

Stonewall Jackson, Civil War, portrait, Confederacy, soldier, nighttime, historical, general, Army

© Stephen Harrington

Red Badge of Courage

Historical, portrait, soldier, Civil War, Stephen Crane, fear, warfare, Union, battle, bandage, wound

© Stephen Harrington

Deo Vindice map

map, United States, South, Confederacy, Civil War. Reconstruction. alternative history, US history, geography

© Stephen Harrington

Kids, ice cream

kids, children, ice cream, ice cream cones, summer, ice cream truck, Americana, nostalgia, street scene

© Stephen Harrington

Deo Vindice Great Seal

great seal, US history, African-American, Civil War, slavery, Liberty, Lady Liberty, torch, sunrise, alternative history

© Stephen Harrington

Cow jumping over the moon

cow, moon, stars, nursery rhyme, children's story

© Stephen Harrington

Little Bo Peep

Little Bo Peep, nursery rhyme, children's story, girl, sheep, staff, flowers, clouds

© Stephen Harrington

1903 World Series

Sports, montage,1900s, World Series, baseball, pitcher, batter, Americana, Boston Red Sox, historic

PCS, MBI, Inc.

Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

Eiffel Tower, Paris, France, landmark, architecture, cityscape, Europe

© PCS, MBI, Inc.

Missing the Bend

Missing the Bend, teenagers, young adults, park, magic, illusion

© Scientific American

Church Bells

Church Bells, illusion, magic, teenager, youth, bedroom, girl

Scientific American

Goldfinch, chickadee

goldfinch, chickadee, black-capped chickadee, nature, apple blossoms, songbird, leaves, animals

© Stephen Harrington

Floating Arms

Floating Arms, trick, illusion, magic, youth, people, playground, teenagers

© Scientific American

Yosemite/John Muir

Yosemite, national park, landscape, John Muir, environmentalist, environment, nature, clouds. America, California, woodcut, stylized

© Stephen Harrington

Santa Claus, racoon

Santa Claus, racoon, cardinal, Christmas, holidays, winter, Christmas tree, line with color, woodcut

© Stephen Harrington

Air Force pinup

Pinup, Air Force, armed services, female model, uniform, jet, B&W, engraving, woodcut

© Stephen Harrington

St. Peter's, Rome, Italy

St. Peter's, Rome, Italy, basilica, Catholicism, architecture, Vatican, Pope

© PCS, MBI, Inc.


Baseball, sports, still-life, helmet, bat, ball, Americana

©PCS, MBI, Inc.

Boys Town

Boys Town, Father Flanagan, Depression, US History, portrait, children, orphanage, Nebraska

© Stephen Harrington

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