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John Holcroft for Ambition Magazine. The artwork accompanies an article about entrepreneurs within companies whose job it is to move the company forward instead of stagnating.

John Holcroft

DI #30

Page 242

John Holcroft

illustration of conceptional, facebook,
illustration of cheese, conceptional, people, test, factory, people, men, woman, digital
illustration of factory, people, machine, cookie cutter, digital, men, women, outsource
illustration of city, families, life, sports, dining, street, sidewalk, people,
illustration of conceptional, match, fire,


John studied Graphic Design at Sheffield, England. It was in the mid 90s that he succumbed to the lure of illustration. He started out painting in acrylic on canvas and was influenced by David Cutter and Edward Hopper. Always trying to keep his work fresh, John has reinvented his style half a dozen times since. His latest incarnation is a screen print effect created digitally and inspired from old adverts and packaging from the 50s. John likes to experiment with different markets. The versatile nature of his style allows him to explore more avenues. Mainly working in editorial, John's past clients include: BBC, Reader's Digest, Financial Times and The Guardian.


Conceptual, Digital, Concept Art


Humor, Action, Editorial, Education, Family, Food, Industrial, People, Political, Scientific, Sports, Americana, Food/Beverage, Ethnic, Edgy, Environmental, Branding