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Woodcut Dick Tracy

Dick Tracy watch communications poster comic comics graphic red woodcut ink color concept conceptual story future futuristic hero police cartoon detective police crime retro FaceTime

© Scott Snow

Woodcut Octopus

Woodcut style, colored

© Scott Snow

Woodcut, block print, Grand Canyon zipper

woodcut wood cut canyon zipper thumb style graphic artistic poster

© Scott Snow

Woodcut Cowboy

cowboy horse action adventure story american wild west jump leap pony pony express line scratchboard novel indian indians race attack chase run gallop escape storybook tale western gun guns charge away

© Scott Snow

Woodcut Magic Man

magic poster posterized electric humor children top hat preform performance stage theater mystical trick magician drama dramatic colorful graphic style stylized tux tuxedo man performer male trick allusion energy

© Scott Snow

Toy Boat - Wind & Obstacles

toy boat seater obstacle obstacles child innocent threat threatening sink water ocean imagine imagination sail wooden vessel whirlpool danger wind hurricane rocks sea sink adrift pastel childlike weather colorful bright opposite danger dangers sunk sinking raft child children imagination

© Scott Snow

Teen Girl Reading

teen girl young woman reading loner religion scripture book of mormon ponder light study holding book sitting close up portrait beauty face window window seal seat words thinking think reflective sacred religious novel pages study concentrate concentration learn learning education leisure relax reflection

© Scott Snow

Bookmark Snake

snake book bookmark read reading cover evil danger sinful bad danger animal harm literature pornography adult content edit words harm harmful colorful surprise concept conceptual reader creature ribbon serpent bite biting dangerous reader youth harmful

© Scott Snow

Teacher, classroom and Students

lecture students students learn learning university school college classroom class study listen instructor podium discussion educate education pupils instructor instruction lectern tutorial tutor teach teaching listen listening captivated engaged studying instruct high school youth young faces close closeup glasses light learned instruct listening

© Scott Snow

Anwar Sadat portrait

Anwar Sadat Egypt leader political peace Israel leadership famous assassinated middle east 1980 pastel portrait brown closeup close profile leadership Africa bust character historical history black egyptian nile biography uplifting inspiring influence good inspired inspiration look see chalk paper brown blue

© Scott Snow

Dollar Sign and Business

dollar sign business stipple acrylic businessmen crane rust lift lifting industrial profit old new renew replace change cooperation company incentive concept conceptual iconic progress businessmen businessman leader group profit incentive synergy gold decay collapse decay shinny

© Scott Snow

Business Race Against Time

business stipple race clock time profit effect success successful jump shirt tie businessmen businessman compete competition success advancement hurdle accomplish achieve time timekeeper finish succeed jump win beat finish winning hotdog timing industry editorial corporate environment acrylic achieve business women competitor

© Scott Snow

Businessmen Idea Framing

idea frame industry ideas team work business businessmen walk path create ideal concept conceptual creating framed portrait work industrial created develope teamwork annual report stylized stipple acrylic men money success successful walk walking shirt tie hill landscape imagine teamwork new

© Scott Snow

Businessmen Pushing Shape Barrels

shapes business businessmen barrel barrels wheel barrels obstacles obstacle uphill battle industry company corporate industrial success succeed comet competition women businesswomen shirt tie dress annual report corporation race challenge conceptual smoke factory horizon landscape primary difficult difficulty challenge racing hurry endure physical hardship trial challenge success win winning

© Scott Snow

Businessmen Unlocking Folders

business businessmen unlock lock corporate folders team teamwork tie shirt corporation computer folders organization organize concept conceptual businesswomen women people industry company reach success files folders paperwork stipple

© Scott Snow

pastel, teen, girl, science, imagination

pastel, realistic, girl, teen, science, student, space, universe, study, heavens, heroine, creativity, yellows, orbit, scholar, high school, seminary,

© Scott Snow

Young Man Prayer

pray, prayer, youth, religion, faith, young, man, teen, solitude, private, alone, contemplative, reflective, sacred, god, heaven, jesus, religion, mormon, catholic, baptist, protestant, church, repent, repentance, holy,

© Scott Snow

Girl in Field

pastel, religious, ponder, reflect, cast, gaze, look, contemplate, think, young, teen, teenager, faith, personal, private, reflect, heart, love, warmth, hat, bright, sunny, hope, feminine, thinker, see, long hair, beautiful, innocence, virtue, virtuous, harvest, field, outdoors, open, space, landscape,

© Scott Snow

Woman With Bicycle

pastel, woman, model, bike, bicycle, sunglasses, pose, wheel, handlebars, tube top, leaning, 1940, 1950, 1960, retro, relax, relaxed, ponder, stationary, blue, golden, editorial, cool, hip, pedal, look, stop, stopped, transportation, arms, girl, sexy, art, art class, sketch,

© Scott Snow

Painting Barn

barn, paint, repair, fix, fix up, trees, childrens, style, tractor, buckets, ladder, overalls, man, farm, childlike, rooster, horse, fun, childrens, clouds, summer, loft, hay, stable, gate, farmer, chore, chores, tire, fence, style, red barn,

© Scott Snow

Office Bubble

office, bubble, stipple, environment, protective, isolated, cloud, floating, workers, work, desk, employee, employees, computer, cables, connect, connective, stylized, conceptual, float, drift, economy, business, clerical, clerk, busy, network, clever, whimsical, imagine, imagination, future, glass dome,

© Scott Snow

Light Bulb Idea

concept, pastel, man, think, thinker, brilliant, idea, light, lightbulb, thought, eureka, bow tie, lid, head, top, remove, business, man, character, abstract, moment, yes, ideas, colorful, corporate,

© Scott Snow

Cost Shelves

pastel, pencil, airbrush, man, price, economy, budget, overwhelmed, stunned, shocked, gaze, gazing, wall, walls, shelves, shelf, prices, numbers, numbering, stance, yellow, blue, blues, purple, business, shop, store, shopping, puzzled, ponder, react, reactive, cost, costly, economic, economics, whimsical, stylized,

© Scott Snow

Cowboy Singing Playing Guitar Mouse

stipple, concept, commuter, mouse, cowboy, cartoon, character, hat, brim, western, microphone, west, redneck, electronic, singing, preform, stage, glitter, star, record, music, performer, perform, song, compeer screen, boots, scarf, play, guitar, instrument, imagination, spotlight, theater, stage, strumming, play, instrument, computerized, business, 10 gallon,

© Scott Snow

Pig Bank Phone

pig, piggy, bank, save, comical, whimsical, saving, economic, economical, thrifty, pastel, call, message, pink, coin, frugal, slot, money, dollar, coins, connect, talk, telephone, phone, coed, blue, thrifty,

© Scott Snow

Scott Snow

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Scott Snow has years of experience as a nationally recognized illustrator, courtroom artist and designer. Snow is a member of the prestigious New York Society of Illustrators, working for top publishers including: Time, Kirchhoff Wolborg, Troll, Harcourt, Scholastic, Simon Schuster. Courtroom art includes: JonBenet Ramsey, Elizabeth Smart, Unibomber, US Olympic trial, Supreme Court & others, earning many BDA Gold Awards. He has taught Illustration at U of Utah and earned an ADDY for his work.


Abstract, Acrylic, Airbrush, Caricature, Cartoon, Conceptual, Engraving, Figurative, Fine Art, Graphic, Line with Color, Mixed Media, Pastel, Pen & Ink, Pencil, Realism, Scratchboard, Stipple, Stylized, Texture, Woodcut, Whimsical, Concept Art


Humor, Action, Adventure, Animals, Annual Report, Book Covers, Celebrities, Children, Children's Books, Comic Book, Computers, Corporate, Editorial, Education, Family, Fantasy, Historical, Industrial, Landscape, Leisure, People, Political, Portrait, Posters, Religious, Romance, Science, Technology, Transportation, Americana, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro, Feminine, Spiritual, Youth, Financial, Urban