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Happy Birthday!

Greeting card, 2016.

© Glen Mullaly

Captain Colorbeard

Captain Colorbeard's Almanac of Amusements: coloring, puzzle, sketching, activity book 2016.

© Glen Mullaly

Coloring Book Sample

A coloring page from "Captain Colorbeard's Almanac of Amusements" coloring / puzzle / activity / sketch book.

© Glen Mullaly

2035: Comic Infographic Sample

Sample from a four page infographic on aging illustrated in a vintage comic book / Sunday strip style. Click on enlarge image to see full page.

© Glen Mullaly

Out of This World

Valentine's Day illustration. Ink gouache, watercolor on vintage kraft paper.

© Glen Mullaly


Illustration for a greeting card. Ink and white gouache with hand lettering. Click on extra large image to see full illustration.

© Glen Mullaly


Book cover illustration. Pencil, gouache and digital colors.

© Glen Mullaly


Spot illustration for an educational puzzle and game feature on measuring and measurements. ink on paper emulating simple color separations.

© Glen Mullaly

Classroom Burp

Spot illustration for Yikes magazine on embarrassing middle school classroom stories. Pen and ink with digital colors.

© Glen Mullaly

Dog Walker

Spot illustration for a 1950s spy non-fiction article in a children's magazine. Ink on paper emulating simple color separations.

© Glen Mullaly

Thinking Outside the Mailbox

Detail from web infographic in both a graphic novel / comic strip and slideshow format for health care think tank The Commonwealth Fund. Fall 2015. Adaption, art and lettering by Glen Mullaly. click on "Enlarge Image" to see more. Full comic at...

©The Commonwealth Fund

Mother Mother Poster

2015 music festival poster for the band Mother Mother. Hand drawn, inked and lettered - digitally painted colors.

© Glen Mullaly

Character Carousel

Illustrations for 6 foot high, rotating "flip book" style interactive display for an outdoor art festival. Images are attached to 2 foot by 2 foot square cubes and can be rotated to create a mix and matched array of strange creatures. Click "Enlarge Image" to see full image.

© Glen Mullaly

My Teacher is an Alien

One of four wraparound hardcover and trade paperback covers designed and illustrated for this bestselling series, with hand lettering. Aladdin / Simon and Schuster.

© Glen Mullaly

Tweet & Whistle

Detail from McDonald's Fun Times magazine "Fire Safety" issue, July 2015. Agency: DDB Canada.

© McDonalds Corp

Jawas ATC

Star Wars themed ATC (Artist Trading Card) created in response to demand for Star Wars original art from fans of my Star Wars comic book work for Darkhorse Comics. Original pencil, ink, and gouache illustration on illustration board, 2.5" x 3.5".

© Lucasfilm / Disney


Children's book cover adapted into a print. Pen and ink with gouache and digital colors.

© Glen Mullaly

Mr Fitzroy's Toy Delivery

Detail from web "How it Works" infographic in retro comic book style for an online toy delivery company. Click "Enlarge Image" for full page.

© Glen Mullaly


Fine art print and greeting card. Pencil, gouache and digital colors.

© Glen Mullaly

The Princess

Detail from a school reader story in graphic novel / comic book form. Art, lettering and adaption by Glen Mullaly.

© Triumph Learning

Middle School

Sample illustration for a middle school book series. Click "extra large image" to see illustration.

© Little, Brown and Co

Beware of Smoke

Detail from fully illustrated 12 page Fire Safety 2015 booklet distributed through McDonalds franchises across North America.

© McDonalds Corp


Children's book cover detail.

© Glen Mullaly

Cold War Classrom

Magazine non-fiction illustration, Kayak (history) magazine.

© Glen Mullaly

The King's Meal

A page from a children's reader done in graphic novel / comic book style for Triumph Learning. Layouts, lettering and word balloons by me as well.

© Triumph Learning

Astro Kid

Gouache stock illustration on black illo board. Also available as a print.

© Glen Mullaly

Happy Birthday Man

Front of "Happy Birthday Man" greeting card for Peaceable Kingdom. Alternate version. Word balloons and lettering placement by me.

© Glen Mullaly

Leaking Septic Tank

Illustration (one of ten) for DiY Television Network website series on home renovations gone wrong.

© Glen Mullaly

Gawking Gargoyles

Double page spread children's magazine puzzle. Design, layout and puzzle by myself as well as the illustration of course!

© Glen Mullaly

Dragon Card

Greeting card illustration.

© Glen Mullaly

A World Away

YA book cover.

© Glen Mullaly

McDonald's Pumpkin Patch

Detail from a puzzle illustration, from McDonald's Fun Times magazine, Halloween issue. Agency: DDB Canada.

© McDonalds Corp

Vince the Vampire

Valentine's Day greeting card.

© Glen Mullaly

Seeing Shadows

Groundhog Day themed, 2 page puzzle for chickaDEE children's magazine.

© Glen Mullaly


Modified detail from a magazine illustration.

© Glen Mullaly

Blowdried Combover

Spot illustration for a mass market trade paperback.

© Glen Mullaly

Space Santa

Christmas card.

© Glen Mullaly


Greeting card, also available as a high quality print.

© Glen Mullaly

Fun Times Flip Book

McDonald's Fun Times magazine puzzle illustration.

© McDonalds Corp

Cow Plow

Spot illustration for a children's magazine puzzle page.

© Glen Mullaly

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Glen Mullaly


Award-winning illustrator Glen Mullaly draws neato pictures for kids of all ages. His retro-styled illustration and comic book work has found it's way into children's and young adult books and eBooks, greeting cards, advertising and educational publications, magazines, album cover and just about anywhere else you think of. Clients from across the publishing and business spectrum include Simon and Schuster, Dark Horse Comics, McDonald's, DIY Network, Oxford University Press, Peaceable Kingdom and hundreds of others. His work on numerous Star Wars children's titles includes two serialized stories with Ken Steacy for Dark Horse comics reprinted in the recent "Star Wars Omnibus: Wild Space Vols 1 and 2" graphic novels. His wraparound covers for the 25th anniversary editions of Simon and Schuster's million selling “My Teacher is an Alien” series of young adult books were released in 2014.


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