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Gregori Saavedra

animation of When The Mushroom Company, my agents in Spain called me to let me know that SCPF, the internationally awarded advertising agency, wanted me to direct and illustrate a tv commercial for El País, the global newspaper, I could not believe it. It was one of the most challenging projects I ever got. Fortunately I assembled an amazing team who made it possible.
illustration of New artwork for the Mini ONE model latest advertising campaign. A little bit of New York, some London, a pinch of Beijing, Paris, Moscow, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Tokyo, Mumbai, Berlin, Milano, Chicago, Marrakech, Barcelona,... A landscape made of hundred cities for a car made for any kind of city. Much more than a big image, a big challenge.
illustration of Brand new creative concept for this soft drink by Coca-Cola. Zero sugar, zero weight. Four words to be translated into a notorious image. Go as further as you like, Gregori - they said. Mmmmm... That was quite interesting. Get ready. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one,...
illustration of Tickets for the 2012 London Olympic Games were already out there. Also the posters to announce it everywhere. It was an unique opportunity to meet the best athletes in the world, the fastest ones, the strongest, the bravest. That was the brief for this powerful image about powerful people.
illustration of There is not much to say about Le Monde. One of the most respected newspapers in France and also worldwide. The first time they called me was because they had in mind an special issue about the dynamic, multicultural and eccentric city of London. There were four articles written by english authors they wanted me to illustrate. The second call was pretty interesting. Might you create the cover?- they asked. You can easily imagine my answer, don't you?
illustration of t happened to me that I was kept into the bottom of a dark cave. My mind was squashed under a mount of duties and worries. There was no room for any good idea. I was lost in that darkness. But one day I stepped out of that warren and walked up the stairs to the roof. That view was absolutely different. That new point of view changed everything. There was a new map over there.
illustration of The legacy of the Georgians is all around us, in the architecture, parks and streets of London and Britain’s provincial towns and cities. This vast exhibition at the British Library brought to life the trials and triumphs of the ordinary people who transformed Britain forever. To illustrate this chaotic and uncertain period, with extremes of everything, was not only a challenging experience but an enormous privilege.
illustration of Reality has its boring rules. Time, space, weight, bla, bla, bla. But in dreams anything goes. In dreams you do not need to be yourself. In dreams you can be anyone. Even a tinny big belly fisherman. In dreams you can spend hours under water. In dreams you do not need to breath. In dreams, sometimes, everything is just black and white.
illustration of They are the new kids on the block and they want to change the story. At least, the story of parcel services. They are APINYÓ, a new company with a powerful aim: any message goes faster on a bike. It was extremely funny to illustrate its adverts and take those famous fairy tales to another level, where the story is about to change thanks to these early delivered messages, warning that the apple is poison or a ferocious wolf awaits for you in your grandma's pyjamas.
illustration of There is a different London for each one of us. We all come to meet our own one. But we all know expectation leads to disappointment. Sooner or later we must face it. London is not the perfect choice we imagined. There is a bright side of London, and a dark one as well. So what? I must admit I am still in love with you sweet and tough London.


Gregori Saavedra was born in Barcelona (SPAIN) in 1968. Graduated in Information Sciences by the University of Barcelona (SPAIN) in 1992. His professional career started as copywriter in advertising agencies. Afterwards, in 2003, he decided to be freelance and explore some other disciplines like direction, illustration, design,... In 2007, the curators of ILLUSTRATIVE selected him as one of the most relevant illustrators worldwide. Later on, in 2009, UNESCO granted his CODE prize to Gregori Saavedra as one of the 20 BEST ILLUSTRATORS OF THE YEAR. Since 2010 he is stablished in London (UK).


Animation, Black & White, Collage, Design, Digital, Graphic, Lettering, Photoillustration, Realism, Floral


Humor, Action, Editorial, Fantasy, Historical, Mural, Nature, People, Posters, Sci-Fi, Sports, Travel, Vintage / Retro, Urban