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Toby Leigh

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Central Illustration
17b Perseverance Works
38 Kingsland Road
London, E2 8DD
United Kingdom


Toby leigh is a sharp, funny guy with the ability to turn the mundane or peculiar into comic genius. Growing up in London has helped hone his observational wit, drawing upon his encounters with odd people and characters, overheard conversation on public transport and ramblings with local shopkeepers. With such a delicious colour palette and his refined pen line, it's no wonder he's had such interest from clients.... The Times, The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Independent, Sony, FHM, Vodaphone, Channel 4, Volkswagon and V&A.


Caricature, Cartoon, Conceptual, Design, Digital, Graphic, Lettering, Storyboards, Stylized, Texture, Type Design


Humor, Character Development, Comic Book, Editorial, Food, Icons, Maps, Music, Nature, People, Portrait, Posters, Sports, Lifestyle, Youth, Edgy