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Anne Wertheim

Celestial Seasonings, Caramel Apple Tea 

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Eclipse Display

illustration of Illustration for Celestial Seasonings tea box
Next illustration of Clif Organic Fruit & Veggie ZBar.
Clif kid riding through a fruit and vegetable fantasy landscape. 3 flavors: Awesome Orange, Keen Green and Purple Power
Keywords: packaging, product, advertising, kids, character development, character design, blueberries, figs, fig, blueberry, beets, strawberry, scooter, healthy eating, health, oats, fresh, children, edible landscape, green

Clif Bar

Illustration for Celestial Seasonings tea box "caramel apple" Keywords: food landscape, chipmunks, apples, caramel river, tea, packaging, product, poster, fairy land, fairy tale, character design, character development, advertising, Seasonal, Holidays,

Keywords: Realism, Stylized, Whimsical, Adventure, Animals, Fantasy, Food, Landscape, Packaging, Agriculture

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