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Anne Wertheim

Quiche and the Dead, Cozy Mystery 

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Pie Hard

illustration of Book cover for cozy mystery
Next illustration of Memory cards of  animals, tools and flowers for a memory board game.
Keywords: board game, memory, animals, tools, flowers, kids game, Ravensburger, icons, product, packaging, flowers, doe, butterfly, sheep, hare, clover, boar, fish, swan, turtle, anchor, treasure chest, shell, fox, wheat, eagle, boat, flash cards, dragonfly, advertising, picture book

Memory Game Cards

Book cover for cozy mystery "The Quiche and the Dead", published by Kensington, author: Kirsten Weiss Keywords: pie shop, pies, vintage, retro, diner, cat

Keywords: Realism, Stylized, Whimsical, Adventure, Animals, Book Covers, Food, Mystery, Americana, Vintage / Retro

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