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Anne Wertheim

Shoes of Destiny - Cherry Bomb Series 

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Molded for Murder

illustration of Book cover
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Keywords: Hawaii, soldiers, female soldier, werewolf, werewolves, jungle, moon, character development, character design, children's book, book cover, novel cover, advertising, product, packaging,  poster, licensing, young adult, hero, heroes, heroine, night time, scary, adult novel, moon, jungle, suspense, foliage, ocean

Hounds of Paradise

Book cover "Shoes of Destiny" part of the Cherry Bomb Series, published by Llewellyn Keywords: cozy mystery, book cover, jewelry, glitz, pearls, diamonds, vintage, shoes, character development, novel cover, advertising, product, packaging, celebration, picture book, poster, book series,

Keywords: Realism, Stylized, Book Covers, Editorial, Fashion/Cosmetics, Mystery, Product, Still Life, Vintage / Retro, Feminine

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