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Anne Wertheim

Dingo the Mule 

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Happy to be a Horse

illustration of Spread from the picture book
Next illustration of A cozy mystery cover, published by Kensington Publishing.
Keywords: Halloween, pumpkins, corn maze, spooky, scary, drone, scare crow, cat, bat, packaging, still life, urban, nature, landscape, environmental editorial

Gourd to Death - Cozy Mystery book cover

Spread from the picture book "Dingo the Mule" in which a mule believes he is a horse. Keywords: horses, horse, mule, mules, animals, farm, children's book, cow, sheep, pig, piglet, geese, goose, landscape, adventure

Keywords: Cartoon, Stylized, Character Development, Education, Fantasy, Packaging, Toys & Games, Agriculture, Game, Environmental

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