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Pepijn Schermer

Initiate Dawn 

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Map of Nueva Tenochtitlan

Next illustration of First page of No Fuel For The Soul graphic novel. Starting of an unsettling and mysterious story about amnesia and questioning morality. face. skull. android. gray. dark. brain. soul. metallic. mind. artificial intelligence. AI.

No Fuel For The Soul page 1

Promotional new year animation. dawn, woman, skyscraper, highrise, neon, glow, electric, future, city, view, balcony, lighting, cyberpunk, artificial, intelligence, rich, wealthy, elites, class, divide, metropolis, computer, horizon, skyline, program, urban, perspective, buildings, champagne, red, magenta, yellow,

Keywords: Animation, Digital, Mixed Media, Pencil, Anime, Futuristic, Posters, Sci-Fi, Technology, Urban

Pepijn Schermer