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modern Fairytales-Swan Lake 

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Modern Fairytales-Snow White

illustration of the article ''modern fairytales''
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Travel. Bestie. BFF. Picnic. Travellight. Beer. Journey. Tipsy. Visual identity. Suitcase. Play. Fun. Sweet. Illustration. Design. Surreal. Colorful. Hand drawn. Board game.

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the article ''modern fairytales'' Illustration for "Modern Fairy Tales" feature article. The article talks about some performing arts which reinterpret fairy tales to discuss contemporary social issues, such as depression, hierarchy, materialistic society and the gap between rich and poor... Poetic. Colorful. Object. Metaphor. Delicate. Line. Hand drawn. Surreal. Fairytales. Dark. Black. Swan Lake. Rich . Pool.

Keywords: Acrylic, Design, Pencil, Concept Art, Humor, Character Development, Editorial, Fantasy, Mystery, Spiritual

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