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Violet Hum - Music Video for the Arthur Brothers 

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Helping Hands

Next animation of Animated explainer for an online marketing research company, based on multi-award winning corporate illustrations that I created for them earlier. Forward-looking illustrative identity supporting brand’s existing visual language. Advanced analytics, Survey Customization, fun, strange creatures, whimsical, funky, branding, infographic.

Zappi - Animated Explainer

Official Animated Music Video for the Arthur Brothers, London indie band. Whimsical worlds of giant goddesses, giant fish, messy abstract subconscious states of mind, chaos and cosmos collide, travelling, adventure of the discovery of self, trickster, wizard, treasure, journey, quirky, extravagant, stop motion, rotoscoping, frame by frame, psychedelic sixties, dream state, bardo, Hero’s path, a call from the unknown, mythical Odyssey, deep sea, Yellow Submarine

Keywords: Animation, Collage, Digital, Mixed Media, Film/Entertainment, Motion, Adventure, Music, Vintage / Retro

Anastasia Beltyukova