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Illustration for ForbesWoman 

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ForbesWoman. Misogyny between women

illustration of
Next illustration of ‘The wild book’ by Juan Villoro. Book cover illustration, lettering and design. This book cover was shortlisted at World Illustration Award 2020.
“The Wild book” tells us about mystery of reading and how cosmic it can be. It tells us about friendship and growing up, about a child who grows up and, remaining close with family, finds his own pride and his own way. But first of all it is about the magic of reading.

‘The wild book’. Book cover illustration

"8 March street: What a city should be like to be comfortable enough for women". Illustration series for the Forbes Woman Russia magazine

Keywords: Conceptual, Figurative, Editorial, Family, Futuristic, Landscape, Maps, People, Lifestyle, Feminine

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