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How Much Protein Do You Really Need?

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Next illustration of “If you’ve ever served on a board, you know the feeling: The regular meeting has ended, you have lots you still need to talk about, but the next meeting isn’t for months. Maybe you need to discuss sensitive information that can’t be shared with the whole board. Maybe you just want a reality check on something. Whatever it is, you feel it can’t wait, so you do what members of a team always do in this situation: You start having conversations on the side.” Client: Harvard Business Review

Back Channels In The Boardroom

"These days, when you hear people talking about “the vaccine,” there’s no doubt what they’re referring to. But when you think about it, all the vaccines you get at the doctor’s office, teach your body’s immune system to recognize and fight off diseases without you actually getting sick, are pretty incredible. And they were actually thrilling news stories in their time, too." Client: The New York Times

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