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Jason Robinson

WEBROOT Threat Cadets Splash Page 

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The Beer Diet

illustration of Page from WEBROOT's
Next illustration of Parody of the TV show, THE BRADY BUNCH, using the characters from the Doc Savage pulp stories. — ** superhero, superheroes, superheros, hero, heroes, heros, heroine, comics, comic, comic book, comic books, comicbook, comicbooks, comic strip, comic strips, cartoon, cartoons, cartooning, anime, animation, fantasy, action, adventure, marvel, dc, Doc Savage, Man of Bronze, pulps, pulp fiction, adventure, Brady Bunch, parody, spoof, graphic novel

The Savage Bunch

Page from WEBROOT's "Threat Cadet" comic book, promoting its anti-virus software — ** superhero, superheroes, superheros, hero, heroes, heros, comics, comic, comic book, comicbook, comic books, comicbooks, cartoon, cartoons, cartooning, animation, fantasy, action, adventure, corporate, advertising, computers, computer, marvel, dc, comic strip, comic strips, technology, tech, tech support, IT, men, women, students, college, high school, school, software, virus, heroic, pop art, graphic novel

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