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Jason Robinson

Hidden Skeletons 

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Duty Calls

illustration of Page from the short story,
Next illustration of Drawing of the 1960s version of Sue Storm, the Fantastic Four's

Invisible Girl

Page from the short story, "Charlie Finds A Friend," for the horror anthology comic book, SECRET COMICS PRESENTS — **superhero, superheroes, superheros, hero, heroes, heros, comics, comic, comic book, comic books, comicbook, comicbooks, comic strip, comic strips, cartoon, cartoons, cartooning, anime, animation, fantasy, action, adventure, marvel, dc, horror, EC, suspense, monsters, scary, kids, Goosebumps, skeleton, pop art

Keywords: Black & White, Cartoon, Graphic, Line, Pen & Ink, Action, Adventure, Children, Comic Book, Vintage / Retro

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