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Steven Delmonte

illustration of This was for an article on truck skiing. ski skiing boots rope truck snow mud holes crash helmut crazy driver flying without wings ski boots water ski cord rope ski pants pickup trucks trees winter snow plow cold flurries snowfall pine trees sports fun funny
illustration of A greeting card illustration - a real Santa see himself  on a mall sign.  mall directory Santa holidays you are here long beard black boots Santa suit many mall Santas Christmas Holidays  gifts trees lights snow reindeer sleigh midnight run working all night delivery chimney rooftops Mrs Claus North Pole working once a year tax write offs travel expense department stores shopping mail orders wrapping gifts holiday happenings
illustration of A B/W article illustration. The article talks about hunters being welcome at a special motel but upon arrival - there are signs all around saying not welcome. black and white ink hunters hotels vacation shotguns plaid shirts hiking boots denim shotgun shells deer bear barbwire fields motel off the beaten path checkin check out keys keep out jeep mud tents hiking tree stand forest river lake hunting finding a place gear shooting big game
illustration of Ceredigan recreational boat users' code of conduct poster. peguins seagulls dolphins boats. people sight seeing vessels sailing boats bay water ocean eggs nesting caves motorboats inner tubes rocky shore paddle boats buoys bread feeding animals fish seals cliffs recreational conduct boaters signs restricted area
illustration of A piece for an article for Mid-Atlantic magazine. Done in ink and watercolors. Pirates, explorers, boats, ships, anchor, oceans, row boats, 1600's, periscopes, full sail.
illustration of This was done in pen and ink with watercolors for a kids website. The Hapless family took a road trip and came across a few challenges their journey.  Floods, jeep, car rides, road trips, snakes, kids, pets, road maps, cats, poor choices, weather, rain, raining, down pour, storms, travel advisory, perfect timing
illustration of This illustration was done in pen and ink with watercolors. It ran on a children's web site. The Hapless family took a road trip in the mid west. It so happened to be tornado season. What could go wrong? wind, tornados, rain, dark sky, road trips, cats, kitty, pets, snakes, children, coolers, packing up, video shoots, weather radios, jeeps, four wheel drives, sleeping bags, pots, pans, cooking stuff, teenagers, going home, wives, clueless husband
illustration of This illustration ran on a kids web site, this also was used as a greeting card. It is done in pen and ink with watercolors. Well, all know how much snakes love to eat birds, however in this case Mr. Snake is a bit under the weather. Lucky for Miss Bird! nature, snakes, birds, sick, feeling bad, under the weather, grass, trees, forest, meadows, friends, enemies, the balance of life, coughing, hacking, a cold, sneezing, runny nose, aches and pains, cold reliving,
illustration of An Illustration done in pen and ink with watercolors. This ran in a kids magazine - with an article on a big sister who has a chocolate crush. 
big sister, chocolate, malted milk balls, baby brother, family, forgiveness, kisses, treats,
illustration of A pen and ink drawing with watercolors done for an article in a kids magazine. School lunch, sandwich, lunch room, school, pears, fruit, milk, healthy food, milk lines, forgotten lunch, eating
breaks, lunch period, milk money, kids, sharing, taking care, grapes, peanut butter sandwich, apples, tables,chidren
illustration of A drawing for posters/flyers for a Ronald McDonald House charities. A place where families stay when there children are in the hospital. Done in pen and ink with watercolors.
illustration of For an article on running and how not to attract bears. running shoes nike grizzly bear cow bells nylon shorts athletic socks attracting attention newly invented shoes springs sprint run dash race bear hungry food shoes laces funny 60 yard dash outdoors fresh air bear claws editorial artist author  under armor sneakers track nike
illustration of A soccer ball feeling kicked around too much. Feeling under appreciated.  soccer ball headaches   aspirin psychiatrist psycho sports office worry wart felling inferior being kicked around grey blue the couch teams coach field of dreams goal goalkeeper
illustration of Just an article drawing for a big dinner. family friends mom dad uncle Charlie aunt Betty menu waiters servers specials food dinner dessert restaurant napkins Scots tissue special of the day al a cart items one from column a one from column b granddad grandma pies Sarah lee cheesecake spoons silverware plates plate up  breakfast service lunch specials for today
illustration of Another article in the series about ski lodge protocol. skiing hostess drinking wifi ski googles broken legs crutches ski boots red hair color iPhones scarfs ski lodge warming up skiing rest stop large boobs no bra attractive bringing people in a comfy place to chill out fun drinking games bright colors
illustration of This is the second piece for an article on truck skiing. ski skiing boots rope truck snow mud holes crash helmut crazy driver flying without wings ski boots water ski cord rope ski pants pickup trucks trees winter snow plow cold flurries snowfall pine trees sports fun funny hitting a tree animated fear with a fun side bindings wool coats scrafs leather gloves
illustration of This was for an article on Ice Fishing follies. teasing feathers hooks lures fishing poles camping out on ice TV dish leather coats wool coats down jackets hooks bobbers ice drill fishing hut mountain boots shovels ski caps hats sleeping bags sports ice fishing  winter sports water fish ice funny adventure a vacation to remember pranks
illustration of This was for and article on texting while riding a bike and the things that could happen while your not paying attention. bikes, pedals post office letters stamps kids children mobil phones accidents mishaps people mom dads not paying attention funny sidewalk surprises stamps looking out blue letters packages calling talk on phone
illustration of A spot cartoon for AdBusters magazine out of Vancouver B.C. Canada. And yes - the art director put it on a wrinkled page on purpose. Funny right?? HR Employment office moral flexibility cognitive thinking getting a job hiring working skills workers desk paper work say anything headhunters b/w ink drawing
illustration of A 6x9 softcover perfect bound book of cartoons in B/W and color. The book was released in July of 2017. Some of these works appeared in various publications within the last 4 years. cartoons publishing apartment lease funnel hand drill tools clever solutions couch furniture laughing fun funny people problems solved thinking outside the box books readers pocket full of fun portable travel laughs unlimited brighten your day laughter is the best medicine
illustration of A piece for Kidney Architects to be used as advertising on a post card. A mail campaign ran one year and brought in work for the company. schools principal overworked school district files papers stress learning office work parents teachers, textbooks desks getting things done working fast workload postcard advertising file keeping untidy needs help organization management work well teeth grinding
illustration of This image was part of a 2003 Cat-A-Day calendar.
The calendar contained 365 cartoons about -
well cats! The illustration was done in pen and ink
with a black watercolor wash. As with all pirates running amok, pillaging and what not - they are simply no match for a cat! pirates scratching wooden leg habits belts three cornered hat cats felines kitty nails grey wash striped shirts clothing makes the man buccaneer
illustration of A simple B/W spot for VFW magazine. This spot mixes travel with Christmas and losing your luggage. Planes, travel and the occasional truth
sneak out in this piece. plane ticket baggage  luggage travel plans airlines holy berries flight personnel flying in a plane seats coats hats uniforms holidays seeing family home for the holidays
illustration of This image was done for a magazine but has since been used on a greeting card too. therapist psychiatrist couch leather couch forgetting coming in on your day off fabric chair office appointment delusional safe place business suit windows paper pads writer wallpaper funny losing it woke up morning starting your day yellow walls paint
illustration of This piece was done for Outside Bozeman magazine on what not to do while fishing. fishing, salmon selfie fishing equipment proud moment fish out of water rod and reel  tackle box lures fishing line canvas shirt outdoors hiking boots jeans red denim iPhone facebook twitter snapchat
social media friends sharing pictures likes
illustration of A editorial piece done for Outside Bozeman magazine - for an article on women trying to get the attention of sport fisherman. fish getting someones attention waiters reel and rod fishing gear throwing a wet fish in love suspenders rubber pants stream fly fishing water attraction gills fins redhead blond hair shirtless sunshine stones riverbed
illustration of A drawing for an article on camping. carry in carry out raccoon iPod park tents camping pup outdoor gear walking stick watercolors backpack headphones wilderness nature animal friends fun trees grass walking paths hiking woodier camp site sports shorts t-shirts green grass outdoor like living off the land cast iron skillet
illustration of The was an editorial piece for a magazine. It was also turned into a greeting card. dermatologist skin doctor medicines rash decisions appointments office medical suit doctors cool colors purple doors waist jacket slip on shoes creams ointments light treatments nurse skin tags pimples acne
illustration of This is a collection of rather large breasted cartoons for a book in full color. It's 6
illustration of This was for an article on alternative ways of catching fish. Done in watercolor wash over ink and pencil on Arches 90 lb. cold press.  fishing line outdoor gear rod reel nose ring dock hippie shaved head punk rocker fish sport outdoors lake water relaxing day teeshirts jeans denim canvas shirt worms fishing hook tackle box
illustration of One of three holiday drawings completed for this year. The obsessive compulsive Santa visiting his psychiatrist and learning how to cope with holiday stress. Done with watercolors, pencil and ink on 90 lb. Arches watercolor paper.
illustration of One of three holiday drawings completed for this year.  Santa gained a little weight at the north pole. Rudolph, being tech savvy takes advantage of the situation! It's all in good fun! Done with watercolors, pencil and ink on 90 lb. Arches watercolor paper. Santa suit Rudolph chimney
stuck again toys facebook iPhone snapchat roof snow night time job sack of gifts holiday spirit midnight ride work delivery by morning bells flying from house to house
illustration of This was for an article about a man scared of everything. One day on a walk a dog pops out and scares the living day lights out of him - the last draw! dog scaring people dog hound jumping out surprise hat beach shirt sandals bowling shirt fencing ivy bushes surprises shock taking a walk sport sandals claws barking biting people tropical climate island living
illustration of B/W line art with a wash for a book called Diet Cults. 
The surprising fallacy at the core of nutrition fads and a guide to healthy eating. losing weight not eating enough skeletons fasting medical missteps conditions taking thing too far arm chairs knitting medical yarn knitting needles floor lamps carpeting making a scarf sweaters bones jaws talking skeleton fast work shock dismay unbelievable
illustration of B/W line art with a wash for a book called Diet Cults. 
The surprising fallacy at the core of nutrition fads and a guide to healthy eating. gluten free time capsule pancake mix mayor people digging up a capsule towns cities buried citizens ceremony looking toward the future suits ties sport coats sneakers kids children hair band perms turtle neck sweaters concrete Springfield American midwest time traveler left behind olden days past
illustration of B/W line art with a wash for a book called Diet Cults. 
The surprising fallacy at the core of nutrition fads and a guide to healthy eating. muscle men skinny guys boys protein mega shake body building beach towels suntan lotion coolers by the water sandals rubber beach shoes straws lifting weights barbells fitness equipment workout fitness routine gym excirse gym membership beach blank bingo muscle head over doing it obsessed body building


I am an award winning humorous illustrator whose work has appeared in Outside Bozeman, Woman's World, Penthouse, McCall's, Saturday Evening Post, National Enquirer, Barron's, Scholastic, Readers Digest. I have also appeared in several publications in Italy, France, Ireland as well as England and Scotland.


Black & White, Cartoon, Colored Pencil, Figurative, Graphic, Impressionistic, Line, Line with Color, Mixed Media, Painterly, Pen & Ink, Realism, Stylized, Watercolor, Whimsical, Concept Art, Motion


Humor, Adventure, Animals, Architecture, Book Covers, Children, Children's Books, Comic Book, Corporate, Editorial, Education, Family, Fantasy, Greeting Cards, Health, Historical, Holidays, Landscape, Leisure, Medical, Music, Nature, People, Posters, Product, Science, Scientific, Sports, Travel, Web Illustration, Wildlife, Americana, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Youth, Edgy