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TV Craft

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Iain Macarthur was commissioned to create an intricately detailed poster for BAFTA for their 2017 awards - TV Craft.

Iain Macarthur
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David Bowie

Tribute to David Bowie

Keywords: Conceptual, Fine Art, Line, Pen & Ink, Realism, Stylized, Celebrities, People, Portrait

© Iain Macarthur
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Wolf Head

Hand drawn illustration for a UK based Realtor's Magazine with intricate details within the Wolf's head.

Keywords: Line, Stylized, Whimsical, Concept Art, Animals, Botanical, Editorial, Wildlife

© Iain Macarthur
207981 207981

BAFTA TV Craft Award

Commissioned by Bafta's to create an illustration incorporating all the elements of the award for TV Craft. The illustration was painstakingly hand drawn by Iain.

Keywords: Abstract, Caricature, Cartoon, Conceptual, Design, Pen & Ink, Pencil, Character Development, Information Graphics, People

© Iain Macarthur
207983 207983

Gothic Portrait

Intricate hand drawn portrait and pencil and ink

Keywords: Conceptual, Fine Art, Line, Realism, Fantasy, People, Portrait

© Iain Macarthur
207984 207984


Hand drawn intricate detail of wintery scenes and animals within a human head

Keywords: Black & White, Fine Art, Line, Stylized, Concept Art, Animals, Botanical, Nature, People, Portrait

© Iain Macarthur
207986 207986

Street Eagle

Hand drawn illustration of an Eagle

Keywords: Line, Pen & Ink, Stylized, Decorative, Concept Art, Animals

© Iain Macarthur
207987 207987


Hand drawn illustration of girl's face with intricate detailing

Keywords: Line, Pen & Ink, Stylized, Concept Art, People, Portrait, Edgy

© Iain Macarthur
207989 207989

Warrioress Portrait

hand drawn intricate Warrioress

Keywords: Black & White, Line, Stylized, Decorative, Concept Art, Fantasy, People, Portrait

© Iain Macarthur
207990 207990

Bangal Tiger

hand drawn illustration of a Bengal Tiger with tribal markings

Keywords: Abstract, Black & White, Line, Stylized, Concept Art, Animals, Wildlife, Ethnic

© Iain Macarthur
208100 208100

Grim Reaper

hand drawn illustration in colour of the Grim reaper

Keywords: Line, Stylized, Decorative, Fantasy, Youth, Edgy

© Iain Macarthur

Iain Macarthur

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Using a combination of pen and pencil, Iain Macarthur creates beautiful and elaborate hand-drawn works. His intricate pieces centre around portraiture, nature and wildlife, all depicted in a subtly surreal and unique way. Iain works for a diverse range of clients including Nike, Front Magazine, The Telegraph, Rook clothing and All Saints. Voted one of Lürzers Archive 200 Best Illustrators 2016/17


Abstract, Black & White, Caricature, Cartoon, Conceptual, Design, Fine Art, Line, Pen & Ink, Pencil, Realism, Stylized, Decorative, Whimsical, Concept Art


Animals, Botanical, Celebrities, Character Development, Editorial, Fantasy, Information Graphics, Nature, People, Portrait, Wildlife, Youth, Ethnic, Edgy