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illustration of The Art of Listening
(The Bridge, Messiah University)

In a noisy world among a yearlong pandemic, political divisiveness, social media and a 24- hour news cycle, listening continues to be a
lost art. 

Keywords: Bird, Botanical, Ear, Flower, Leaves, Listening
illustration of The Art of Listening

Conductors are trained to listen to entire rooms of singers and musicians, making sure everyone performs at their best. 

Keywords: Birds, Conductor, Listening, Music, Musician
illustration of The Art of Listening
(The Bridge, Messiah University)

Singers learn from each other just by listening. Listening becomes a team sport, and they collaborate that way.

Keywords: Birds, Music, Song, Voice, Listening
illustration of The Art of Listening
(The Bridge, Messiah University)

There’s a lot of noise in our lives. Part of listening as a counselor is really attending to what is going on.
illustration of The Art of Listening
(The Bridge, Messiah University)

Sometimes, listening involves little or no sound at all. How do you listen if you’re deaf and/or hard of hearing. 

Keywords: Bird, Deaf, Ear, Hand, Hearing, Listening,
illustration of Spring Cover for Cricket Magazine
(Cricket Media)

Cricket magazine is an award-winning literary magazine for young readers ages 9 to 14.

Keywords: Birds, Blossoms, Eggs, Flowers, Frog, Nest, Spring
illustration of Spring Contents Page for Cricket Magazine
(Cricket Media)

Cricket magazine is an award-winning literary magazine for young readers ages 9 to 14.
illustration of Ilhan Omar and the Pollitics of ‘Radical Love’
(The Progressive Magazine)

The Minnesota Congresswoman wants to redefine U.S foreign policy as we know it.

Keywords: American, Bird, Botanical, Floral, Flowers, Leaves, Organic, Pattern, Profile
illustration of The Youngest Person in Concord (National Endowment for the Humanities)

An imagined portrait of Mary Moody Emerson in full intellectual ferment. She was a thinker, a writer, and an inspiration to all who knew her.

Keywords: American, Bird, Botanical, Floral, Flowers, Leaves, Organic, Pattern, Profile, History
illustration of Season’s Greetings from Cottage Country (The West Parry Sound Health Centre Foundation)

Christmas Greeting to Donors.

Keywords: Bird, Environmental, Tree, Nature,  Rocks, Water, Wildlife
illustration of Season’s Greetings from Cottage Country (The West Parry Sound Health Centre Foundation)

Christmas Greeting to Donors.

Keywords: Bird, Environmental, Tree, Nature,  Tern, Wildlife, Feathers, Rock, Water
illustration of Season’s Greetings from Cottage Country (The West Parry Sound Health Centre Foundation)

Christmas Greeting to Donors.

Keywords: Bird, Environmental, Flowers, Nature,  Wildlife
illustration of Therapeutic Organ Engineering

The 8th International Wyss Symposium will focus on innovations in Therapeutic Organ Engineering, with the goal of sharing recent advances in 3D organ engineering, materials fabrication, and vascular integration that are leading to new organ transplant and regenerative medicine approaches.

Keywords: 3D Printing, Biology, Blood Vessel, Engineering, Heart, Kidney, Lungs, Organs, Science
illustration of Reaching $1 Billion (Vancouver Foundation)

A foundation that offers charities a centralized hub through which they can distribute donations.

Keywords: Botanical, Floral, Flowers, Garden, Giving, Growth, Hands, Leaves, Nurture, Organic, Philanthropy, Plant
illustration of Determined to Serve (Military Officer, Military Officers Association of America) 

Stories of six women who took up arms in America’s earliest wars. Women have fought alongside men in battle since the Revolutionary War days. Some did it openly; others concealed their identities until their death.

Keywords: American, Battle, Disguise, History, Historical, Uniform, War
illustration of Festival of the Sound
A summer chamber music festival on Georgian Bay celebrates their 40th Anniversary!

Keywords: Music, Festival, Musical Instruments
illustration of The Legend of Pope Joan (St. Anthony Messenger, Franciscan Media)

Though she never existed, the myth persists for a reason.

Keywords: Portrait, Religiion, Religious
illustration of St. Anthony Messenger. 
Client: St. Anthony Messenger, Franciscan Media.

Cover illustration of St. Anthony celebrating the 125th Anniversary of the publication.

Keywords: Church, Lily, Monk, Religious, Religion
illustration of Building On Our Northern Experience (Dowland Contracting Magazine)

Dowland Contracting is a design-build specialist, providing expertise and innovative solutions to the unique challenges of the North.

Keywords: Build, Builder, Engineering,  Helmet, Industrial, Gloves, Labor, Laborer, Steel, Worker
illustration of Small Company CFOs: Strategic Partners or Scorekeepers? (Strategic Finance Magazine, IMA)

New roles emerge for CFOs operating as strategic partners and trusted collaborators with CEOs.

Keywords: Business, Businessman, Chairman, Collaboration, Corporate, Executive, Hat, Leadership, Moustache, Partnership
illustration of Tone at the Top (Strategic Finance Magazine, IMA)

When senior management’s ethical tone is deficient, the company fares poorly, often resulting in fraud and abuse .

Keywords: Bankruptcy, Business, Crime, Corruption, Damage, Evil, Fraud, Horns
illustration of Whistleblowers (Strategic Finance Magazine, IMA)

People who have blown the whistle on illegal practices of individuals and organizations.

Keywords: Business, Businessmen, Crime, Corruption, Fraud, Theif
illustration of To Ed.D or Not? (Peabody Reflector, Vanderbilt University)

A debate about the Education Doctorate degree’s worthiness as a tool for producing leaders.

Keywords: Boss, Circus, Feet, Leader, Leadership, Performer, Ringleader, Shoes
illustration of The Embattled Teacher
(Peabody Reflector, Vanderbilt University)

Fighting a many-headed monster in order to teach. Teachers face high-stakes testing, new evaluation processes, a new licensing landscape, combative public debates on unionization and limits to collective bargaining.

Keywords: Animals, Dragon, Horse, Warrior
illustration of Old Dogs New Tricks (Profit Magazine, Rogers Media Inc.)

No matter how evolved your enterprise is, 
there is always a new way to take your company higher.

Keywords: Balancing Act, Beagle, Bulldog, Circus, Husky, Performance, Poodle, Terrier
illustration of Arctic & Antartica Animals (Harcourt School Publishers)

Book cover for Grade 5 Reading.

Keywords: Antarctica, Crane, Diversity, Fish, Fox, Musk Ox, Owl, Penguin, Polar Bear, Rabbit, Reindeer, Seal, Walrus, Whale
illustration of Confronting a Perfect Pension Storm (CA Magazine, Chartered Accountants of Canada)

Are pooled retirement pension plans the answer? Evidence suggests if something is not done soon, we may have to break out the lifeboats.

Keywords: Animals, Antelope, Noah’s Ark, Biblical, Boat, Diversity, Elephant, Giraffe, Lifesaver, Monkey, Zoo
illustration of Keywords: Antelope, Bird, Cat, Cow, Dog, Elephant, Frog, Giraffe, Insect, Lizard, Monkey, Rabbit, Toucan
illustration of Find Me the Money (CA Magazine, Chartered Accountants of Canada)

Locating and recovering assets has always been an integral part of fraud investigations, but today that’s the new mantra.

Keywords: Business, Crime, Detective, Dog, Dollar Sign, Hat, Nose, Sherlock, Watchdog
illustration of Policy on Children (International Criminal Court) 
The Office of the Prosecutor’s Policy on Children.

Keywords: African, Asian, Botanical, Care, Children, Diversity, Faces, Floral, Flowers, Growth, Hands, Leaves, Organic
illustration of How to Ace the College Essay (The Lawrentian, The Lawrenceville School)

Keywords: Boy, Child, Essay, Lettering, Student, Writing, Teenager
illustration of Dragon Dreams (Cricket Magazine)
Illustrations for a poem by Laura Purdie Salas.
Keywords: Beast, Dragon, Dreams, Fangs, Fire, Mythology, Reptile, Serpent, Sleep, Smoke
illustration of Ulysses S. Grant, The Reluctant Memoirist (Humanities Magazine, National Endowment for the Humanities)

How and why he began writing about the war.
illustration of What Drives Francis (The Washington Post)

A new biography examines the personal and political forces animating the Argentine Pope.

Keywords: Catholic, Pope, Portrait, Religious, Religion
illustration of An Opera Appetizer (The Washington Post)

A list the top 25 operas to own for your home entertainment centre.

Keywords: Costume, Helmet, Music, Musician, Opera Singer, Singing, Woman, Viking
illustration of Changing places (Emdash LLC) 

An article about preparing for elders. 

Keywords: Acorns, Aging, Care, Birdhouse, Birds, Botanical, Hand, Leaves, Nest, Nest Egg, Organic, Retirement, Tree
illustration of Slow Is Beautiful (Christianity Today)

Book review of C. Christopher Smith’s “Slow Church: Cultivating Community in the Patient Way of Jesus.
illustration of Prime Time to Transfer Assets (On Wall Street Magazine, Source Media)

Family members’ assets are pooled in a “Family Limited Partnership” to reduce manager fees and meet account minimums.

Keywords: Bird, Business, Eggs, Diversity, Investments, Nest, Nest Egg, Money
illustration of Solving the Puzzle (Pharmacy Practice Magazine)

How to help patients cope with multidrug therapies for acute coronary syndromes.

Keywords: Drugs, Health, Heart, Medical, Medicine, Medication, Pills, Puzzle
illustration of Healthy Body, Healthy Mind
(Registered Nurse Journal)

Keywords: Heal, Health, Mental Health
illustration of Call to Faith (Harcourt Religion Publishers)

A religion program for Grade 6 Catholic students features this image of the Burning Bush on the cover.

Keywords: Flames, Leaves, Religion, Religious, Tree
illustration of Are We Headed for a Fall? (Strategic Finance Magazine, IMA)

How management accountants handle the global economic turmoil.

Keywords: Business, Money, Globe, Humpty Dumpty, Falling
illustration of What We Don’t Know Might Hurt Us  (Corporate Counsel Magazine, American Lawyer Media)

Fear of the unknown is very real as GCs fret about bad economic times.

Keywords: Balancing Act, Blindfold, Circus, Danger, Lion, Performer, Ringleader, Risk
illustration of Whatever It Takes – To do good you must be shrewd (Global Brief)

Machiavelli is misunderstood. All new-century princes – public and private alike – will have to be shrewd to achieve important goals in a precarious world.

Keywords: Fox, Sly, Costume, Governance
illustration of Laying Down the Land (Alberta Venture Magazine, Venture Publishing Inc.)

Development in the province’s hinterland sits at a critical crossroad.

Keywords: Agriculture, Cattle, Cow, Golf, Sport, Rural, Real Estate, Recreation, Urban


Since graduating from Ontario College of Art, Sara has worked for over 35 years as illustrator and graphic designer. This dual role as a professional increased her understanding of the function of illustration in communication arts and made her a thoughtful problem solver. Her figures occupy highly organized spaces, with shape, texture, contrast and colour all playing important parts in her concepts. Illustration clients include American Lawyer Media, Canada Post Corporation (Molly Brant: 1986), Global Brief Magazine, Hampton-Brown Company, Harcourt Publishers, Harvard Business Review, McGraw-Hill Ryerson, National Endowment for the Humanities, Pacific Opera Victoria, Penguin Group (Canada), Smithsonian Magazine, Vancouver Foundation Magazine, Vanderbilt University and The Washington Post.


Acrylic, Caricature, Cartoon, Conceptual, Figurative, Stylized, Texture, Floral, Whimsical, Concept Art, Film/Entertainment


Humor, Action, Adventure, Animals, Book Covers, Botanical, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Corporate, Editorial, Education, Fantasy, Greeting Cards, Health, Historical, Industrial, Landscape, Medical, Music, Nature, People, Political, Portrait, Religious, Science, Sports, Still Life, Technology, Toys & Games, Wildlife, Americana, Agriculture, Lifestyle, Feminine, Masculine, Spiritual, Youth, Ethnic, Edgy, Environmental, Financial