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'Short + Sweet Theatre Festival' - Hamza Merchant

Once Upon A Time

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Illustrated poster design with hand lettering for this short play. A twist on the classic nursery rhyme story of Jack and Jill who get bored of falling down the hill every day and head out to the big modern city.

Hamza Merchant, Chineme Prince, Leilani Coughlan

Leilani Coughlan

illustration of Nerd Bird loves reading books. Character design of this cute, quirky, bookish little guy with glasses who makes being nerdy, cool.
illustration of Marshmallow Fox can't stop eating these sweet treats. A cute, friendly character design.
illustration of Cute rabbit character design who loves to exercise and work out. She hits the gym on the daily with a happy, bright smile.
illustration of The ocean is a big place and this cute squid wants to be your friend.
illustration of Robot Cat is a kitty who likes to get into mischief. Quirky, fun, character design, cheeky.
illustration of Bright colorful ocean scene of dog creature character playing the ukulele on a sunny day out at sea on a little boat. Beachy, happy-go-lucky, musical vibes.
illustration of Cute happy cricket riding a tumbleweed. The life of insects is a funny one. Simple, minimal and clean graphic character design.
illustration of Bright, friendly rooster playing the guitar and singing on a pinata. Charming mascot character poster design.
illustration of Cute yet twisted concept of your friendly neighbourhood fruit, a banana eating a monkey. Monkeys are a nutritious food, right (do monkeys contain potassium)? Bright colors, quirky character design should make you smile.
illustration of  Onion Barbarian, Supa-Mato the tomato and Ninja Garlic. The ultimate saucy cooking superhero team! They'll make any recipe delicious and full of flavor. Cute vegetable character designs for the kitchen cook book.
illustration of Cute yet macabre decorative illustration of girl being boiled in oil, with some line art vegetables. This cooking concept is fun, but a little bit twisted.
illustration of This poor sailor in the ocean being keelhauled in a funny turn of events. Fun, quirky and cute, yet twisted and slightly macabre.
illustration of This boy scout isn't having fun by the campfire. The cute forest animals are having a fun party with dancing and music, however. Quirky, funny and a bit twisted and macabre.
illustration of Unhappy man buried in the desert with rocks thrown at him. The cute desert fox is curious as to what is going on. Bright colors with a dark twist and modern style.
illustration of Ouch, these cuts hurt. Minimal character design of cute girl.
illustration of Cute girl character celebrating her country's national day.
illustration of Cute boy character design, waving flag, happy, arabic, kids.
illustration of Illustration for the Kurt Schwitters Fable
illustration of Black & white character design vignette of sassy burger diner waitress with hamburger.
illustration of Whimsical illustration of a cute surfer boy riding a wave. Surf, sea, sun, beach, ocean, funny.
illustration of Cute kids playing with friends. Toys in the playroom, imagination, children.
illustration of Handlettering poster design for a dubai-based comedy show. Handwriting, minimal, hand-drawn design.
illustration of Poster for the Short + Sweet Theatre Festival 2019 short play
illustration of Step into the land of imagination when playing videogames. Gamer girl, gaming, daydream, magical.
illustration of Childrens book illustration and book cover design for Expi Elephant.
illustration of Brush pen vignette illustration of peas. Plants, gardening, garden, vegetables, nature, grow, growing, seeds.
illustration of Brush pen vignette illustration of a damask rose. Plants, gardening, garden, flowers, roses, nature, grow, growing, seeds.
illustration of Brush pen vignette illustration of moringa flowers. Plants, gardening, garden, vegetables, flowers, nature, grow, growing, seeds.
illustration of Brush pen vignette illustration of oranges. Plants, gardening, garden, fruits, citrus, orange, satsuma, branch, leaves, nature, grow, growing, seeds.
illustration of Brush pen vignette illustration of citrus fruits. Plants, gardening, garden, fruits, citrus, orange, satsuma, lime, lemon, kumquat, nature, grow, growing, seeds.


Hello, I'm Leilani. An illustrator from the UK, currently living and working in Dubai, UAE. I have produced illustrations for a wide variety of awesome projects that include childrens books, posters, mascot characters, branded products & live sketching events. I LOVE to create quirky characters, be they human, animal or vegetable. I also co-founded creative collective, 'supermeeps', where we design quirky characters for t-shirts, pins, stickers and other cool limited edition art pieces and merchandise. In my spare time I like to garden on my balcony, play videogames and get outdoors to practice my plein air painting!


Black & White, Cartoon, Design, Digital, Figurative, Graphic, Lettering, Line with Color, Mixed Media, Pen & Ink, Stylized, Decorative, Floral, Whimsical, Film/Entertainment, Vector


Humor, Action, Adventure, Animals, Book Covers, Botanical, Character Development, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Comic Book, Editorial, Education, Fantasy, Food, Greeting Cards, Historical, Holidays, Information Graphics, Mystery, Nature, Packaging, People, Posters, Sports, Technology, Toys & Games, Travel, Wildlife, Americana, Agriculture, Feminine, Ethnic, Game, Environmental