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Illustration for the article for "How my dumbphone made me smarter" for The Globe and Mail newspaper.

Graham Roumieu

Graham Roumieu

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illustration of Time for Fall
___________________________________________________________________________________________ humor, falling, Fall, people, ghost, pumpkin
illustration of After Covid office for Bloomberg Digital
___________________________________________________________________________________________ covid, office, Bloomberg digital
illustration of Cochlet for Food & Wine Magazine
___________________________________________________________________________________________ food & wine magazine, wine, wine glass, rooster
illustration of Swimming Dogs for Cottage Life
___________________________________________________________________________________________ swimming, ocean. cottage life, dogs
illustration of Essay about a man's uncle who actively prepares for apocalyptic level disaster for The Walrus
___________________________________________________________________________________________ safe, crisis, paint, plan, underground, bunker, emergency, kit, ridiculous, absurd, funny,
illustration of The surprising cost of funeral arrangements  for Maisonneuve Magazine.
___________________________________________________________________________________________ ghost, invoice, bill, charges, expensive, shock, dead, death, coffin, price, prepare, ridiculous, absurd, funny,
illustration of The Big Q: What lost treasure would you most like to find? for The Atlantic
___________________________________________________________________________________________ man on the moon, moon, tv, The Atlantic
illustration of Somewhat Less Shitty
___________________________________________________________________________________________ castle, humor, people, flags
illustration of Half Empty Environment for The Globe and Mail
___________________________________________________________________________________________ glass, half empty, conceptual, Globe and Mail
illustration of Spiral Reality Hair
___________________________________________________________________________________________ spiral hair, hair
illustration of How criminals are being found through family DNA in public genealogy testing databases for Bloomberg BusinessWeek
___________________________________________________________________________________________ felon, mask, hiding, hide, frame, photo, online, law, enforcement, detective, solve, crime, results
illustration of The Big Q: What is the most significant sports victory of all time? for The Atlantic
___________________________________________________________________________________________ hockey, sports, The Atlantic, sports victory
illustration of What's Your Wine America? for Food and Wine
___________________________________________________________________________________________ wine, editorial, Food and Wine, man, wine glass
illustration of What's Your Wine America? for Food and Wine
___________________________________________________________________________________________ wine, editorial, Food and Wine, man, ladder
illustration of Vacationing With A Disney-Obsessed Spouse for Travel + Leisure
___________________________________________________________________________________________ Disney, vacation, Travel + Leisure, humor
illustration of Idiom Parade by Globe and Mail
___________________________________________________________________________________________ Globe and Mail, parade, flying pig, tree
illustration of Astronaut Mowing
___________________________________________________________________________________________ humor, Astronaut, mowing, fish
illustration of The Hares of Crawley Hall for University Affairs
___________________________________________________________________________________________ humor, hare, university


Graham's signature linework and off-beat wit has appeared in advertising, magazines, newspapers and character development. He has illustrated six books, 'Some Really Super Poems About Squirrels' (Andrews McMeel), '101 Ways to Kill Your Boss' (Plume), 'Cat & Gnome' (Blue Q Books), and the Bigfoot series - 'In Me Own Words: the Autobiography of Bigfoot' (Manic D Press), 'Me Write Book: It Bigfoot Memoir' (Plume), and 'Bigfoot: I Not Dead' (Plume). Graham recently collaborated with famed Canadian author, Douglas Coupland, on 'Box of Pain Presents: Highly Inappropriate Tales for Young People' (Random House). His work has been honored by American Illustration, Communication Arts, Society of Illustrators, Applied Arts, the HOW International Design Awards, D&AD, the Advertising & Design Club of Canada, the Coupe International Design Competition, the SPD Spots Annual, and the National Magazine Awards. Graham was a jury member for the Society of Illustrators of New York 53rd Annual Exhibition and he has worked as an instructor at the Ontario College of Art and Design. He is currently working on his seventh book.


Conceptual, Figurative, Line with Color, Painterly, Stylized, Watercolor, Whimsical, Concept Art


Humor, Animals, Book Covers, Editorial, Family, Health, People, Political, Sports, Travel, Food/Beverage, Masculine, Edgy, Financial