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Fabrics based on your pet

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Illustration for fabric based on your pet used on a chair for Stir magazine

Eleanor Grosch

Eleanor Grosch

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illustration of Mushrooms ___________________________________________________________________________________________ fungus, button, chanterelle, toadstool, mushroom hunting, shiitake, enoki, amanita, porcini, foraging
illustration of Unpublished - Wizard of Oz ___________________________________________________________________________________________ book, dustjacket, book cover, scarlet slippers, shoes, Dorothy, magic slippers, literature, green
illustration of Hello Pride!
___________________________________________________________________________________________ LGBTQ2S, LGBT, gay, homosexuality, equality, self-affirmation, rights, gay marriage, rainbow flag, pride flag, pride month
illustration of Mother's Day Swan ___________________________________________________________________________________________ mom, blue, card, love, duckling
illustration of Martin Luther King Jr ___________________________________________________________________________________________ modern, activist, BLM, hero, icon, civil rights, minister, blue
illustration of Playing outdoors for a nationally recognized hospital
___________________________________________________________________________________________ park, outdoors, diversity, children
illustration of Unpublished - Jane Eyre ___________________________________________________________________________________________ book, dustjacket, book cover, birdcage, cage, bird, caged bird, free, freedom, dove, pigeon, literature, red
illustration of Social Media Campaign illustration for the U of IL's Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology 'Student Innovators' competitors. 
___________________________________________________________________________________________ science, university, research, competition
illustration of Amanda Gorman ___________________________________________________________________________________________ activist, political, BHM, BLM, poet, poetry, unity
illustration of The Knight of Swords card from the Everyday Tarot Deck for Running Press
___________________________________________________________________________________________ tarot, cards, deck, Running Press, Knight, Knight of Swords, sword, horse
illustration of Toucan in a tree
___________________________________________________________________________________________ toucan, bird, tropical, tree, nature, animal
illustration of Sleipnir ___________________________________________________________________________________________ horse, eight-legged, mythology, Norse, Odin, galloping, wild, equestrian
illustration of Unpublished - Pride and Prejudice ___________________________________________________________________________________________ book, dustjacket, book cover, vase, flowers, literature, blue
illustration of Dog Portrait ___________________________________________________________________________________________ dog, canine, modern, boxer, terrier, mastiff, bull, hound, pup, green
illustration of Colin Kaepernick ___________________________________________________________________________________________ BLM, activist, take a knee, afro, controversy, football, athlete, racial inequality, police brutality, NFL, 49ers
illustration of Red poppy in vase
___________________________________________________________________________________________ floral, poppy, vase, still life, flower, red
illustration of Irish Wolf ___________________________________________________________________________________________ modern, wolf, moon, black and white, howling
illustration of The Hobbit
___________________________________________________________________________________________ hobbit, nature, pipe, whimsical
illustration of Hidden Reef for the California Academy of Sciences
___________________________________________________________________________________________ seahorse, ocean, reef, California Academy of Sciences, marine life, coral reef
illustration of Reaching out for a nationally recognized hospital
___________________________________________________________________________________________ park, outdoors, diversity, children


Originally from Florida, Eleanor studied at the University of South Florida, receiving a B.A. in Fine Art before relocating to Philadelphia. Best known for her mid-century minimalist animal, sports, travel and portrait illustrations, she has worked with an impressive group of clients that includes the American Museum of Natural History, Stella Artois, Microsoft, Chronicle Books, California Academy of Sciences, Urban Outfitters, San Diego Zoo, Macy's, Keds, Running Press, Better Homes & Gardens, Guideposts, Papyrus and The Los Angeles Times. Her award-winning illustrations have been honored by Society of Illustrators, Communication Arts and in Print Magazine, where as a new graduate she was recognized a New Visual Artist of the Year. Speaking engagements include the HOW Design Conference.


Digital, Figurative, Graphic, Stylized, Floral, Whimsical


Animals, Book Covers, Botanical, Celebrities, Children, Education, Family, Fantasy, Greeting Cards, Historical, Holidays, Nature, People, Political, Portrait, Product, Scientific, Sports, Still Life, Lifestyle, Feminine, Ethnic, Game, Environmental, Urban