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How To Learn Spanish by Maria Blanco

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Students from England, Japan, Belgium, and India speaking to each other in Spanish. Full-page intro illustration for the book How To Learn Spanish.

illustration of Friendly Viking is ready to lend his sword for a noble cause! action, cute, kid-friendly, boys, funny, spot illustration, helmet, armor, horns, red beard
illustration of Cover art for children’s book, Chicken Feathers, written by Stephanie Cameron. Lissy is a fashionista with a thrill for reuniting lost dogs and their owners. 

fashionista; chapter book; children's book; dog rescue; bullying; children's illustration, character design, girl power, winter, back to school, winter coat, fashion, lost dog, stray dog
illustration of Some of the best outdoor places for biking, hiking, or swimming are off the beaten path and not on any map. giant, nature trail, outdoor, beer, pine trees, mountains, mountain bike, cooler, exploring, explore, adventure, discovery, Nike
illustration of Dracula taking a moonlit mountain bike ride along a spooky forest trail. Editorial illustration for Utah Adventure Journal.

Cartoon, Digital, Humor, vampire, outdoor, exercise, bats, haunted house, full moon, ghosts, fog, mist, spiderweb, trees, cape, fangs, bike light, Children's Books, Children's Products, Transylvania, character design
illustration of A black and white spotted dog runs and jumps on an outdoor adventure among the mountains, trees, and streams with his owner.

Editorial illustration for Utah Adventure Journal. 

collie, pets, mountain lake, forest, hiking, trail, summer day, woods, animal lover, dog lover, pet care, health, exercise, walking, rei, nature, environment, park, national park, camping, puppy, backcountry, eastern mountain sports, dick's sporting goods, gouache, digital, spot illustration
illustration of A ladybug finds two romantic bumblebees sharing a kiss inside a pink Spring blossom.

romantic, springtime, spring fever, floral, love, romance, bees, insects, bugs, animals, wildlife, nature, sweet, cute, pink flower, busy bee, pollen, nectar, honey bee, queen bee
illustration of A cute little bumblebee is intoxicated by his job of collecting pollen from flowers.

floral, bee, character development
illustration of Sleeping bee nestled in a flower as lightning bugs float lazily by. Fun fact: bees sometimes stay out too long to fly home safely, so they sleep on flowers overnight. I’m sure it looks exactly like this when they do! bumblebee, nightshade, firefly, fireflies, cute, summer, night, bedtime, glow, peaceful, serene, vignette, picturebook, petal, insects, bugs, antennae, spot illustration, garden, white flower, pollen, busy bee, nectar, honey bee, queen bee, humour
illustration of This fun throw pillow features an adorable little bee asleep on a white flower under the glow of cheerful fireflies. floral, cute, bumblebee, home decor, pattern, white flower, busy bee, pollen, nectar, honey bee, queen bee, humour
illustration of A pair of smart monkeys enjoy reading books while hanging from jungle vines. Bookmark design for the Society of Children's Bookwriters and Illustrators (SCBWI) Read Local program. literacy, book store, library, barnes and noble, glasses, funny, cute, tail, swing
illustration of Desert cactus admires his friend's beautiful pink bloom. romantic, love, sweet, couple, greeting card.

romantic, flower, blossom, character development
illustration of Children playing and working in a garden that grows letters to help them learn the alphabet. rabbits, bunnies, bees, snails, frogs, ducklings, duck, board book, butterflies, turtle, baby bunny, letters, learning, education, reading, school, kindergarten, spring, summer
illustration of Illustration of the Easter Day Parade on Monument Avenue in Richmond, Virginia. From the children's book Short Pump Bump, written by Angie Miles and published by Belle Isle Books. unicycle, juggler, balloons, chicken suit, bunny ears, dog, viking, diversity, people, children, drumming, marching, multicultural
illustration of A purring, orange house cat rubs up against his owner's legs hoping to be pet. retro, 50's, cartoon, shoes
illustration of A set of twelve illustrated numbers in a superhero comic-book style. For a SCBWI article on twelve tips for writing graphic novels. ironman, fantastic four, the thing, slime, human torch, batman, superman, nightcrawler, dragon scales
illustration of Cover art for a children's audiobook of Rudyard Kipling's Just So Stories, narrated by award-winning storyteller Jim Weiss. Published by Well-Trained Mind Press. whale, ocean, rhinoceros, baby elephant, camel, crocodile, alligator, armadillo, kangaroo, leopard, blowhole, family-friendly
illustration of Cover art for children's book Dreamwalker and Chloe published by Heavy Crown Press. Written by Callie Michael. Illustrated by Scott DuBar. A story of a young horse who is taken away from his mother before he can learn the life lessons that every horse needs to live in this world.

horse, horses, horse farm, character design, children's book, chapter book; colt; mare; chestnut; appaloosa; gelding; paddock; kidlit; children's illustration
illustration of A little boy eagerly fills his days with painting, writing, and learning in the poem Opportunity Time. From the children's book Short Pump Bump, written by Angie Miles and published by Belle Isle Books. painting, beret, smock, easel, present, gift, positive thinking, sunny day, writing, jumping out of bed
illustration of “New gear always leads to more new gear.” Editorial illustration for an article about how buying just one piece of new ski gear can spiral out of control.

Client: Ascent Backcountry Snow Journal.
skis; ski skins; ski gloves; ski helmet; backpack; ski goggles; carbon fiber Pebax Franken ski boots, retro, trippy, swirl, vortex, shopping, spot illustration, swirl
illustration of Large green snake coiled in a jungle tree.
illustration of Bunny rabbits competing in an exciting game of soccer. jerseys, running, kicking, playing, ball, kid-friendly, sports, team, soccer field, goal
illustration of Part three of a six-part ad campaign for Nest Realty. Heather Griffith had been nominated for Best Realtor in C-ville Magazine's yearly Best of Charlottesville issue and wanted a series of ads to promote her nomination and to encourage readers to vote for her. Since her son was a big fan of Captain Underpants, she wanted to go with a superhero theme.

costume, cape, real estate, agent, termites, mold, radon gas, finance, home equity, renovation, fight, punch, flying, negotiate
illustration of A drunken desert bike ride leads to a magical sushi bar experience, but did it really happen at all? hallucination, pink rabbit, ipa, beer, chef, mountain bike, bicycle helmet, dream, acid trip, lsd, psychedelic, hungry, fish, chop, drinking, drunk, intoxicated, sushi roll, sushi plate, Nike
illustration of Rock star jams on his classic Les Paul guitar while flying downhill on snow skis. sunglasses, long hair, 60's, 70's, bell bottoms, hippie, cigarette, smoking, musician, scruffy, skiing, mountains, rock and roll, music, rocker, rock star
illustration of Editorial illustration for an article on the appeal of entering mountain bike races just for the Burning Man type parties. Includes many of the colorful characters from the article, like the guy in a gorilla suit, the metal heads, and even a Taiko drummer. 

bike racing,  burning man, party,  outdoor,  hula hoop,  gorilla suit,  Viking,  beer, bottle,  metalhead, taiko, drummer, stuntman, drums, desert, fire, bonfire, sunset, character design
illustration of Swimming through freezing cold water covered in algae, sticks, and dead bugs while hiking in Egypt 3 Canyon, Utah. hiking, outdoor, nature, backpack, camping, desert, endurance, character design, editorial illustration, humor, active, lifestyle
illustration of Mountain biking in Salt Lake City, Utah can't be rushed as early Spring can quickly revert to Winter during a single bike ride. bicycle, trail, hail, lightning, snow, cold, cityscape, bad weather, frozen, chilly, Marin Hawkhill 3, Cannondale Habit Carbon 3, bike helmet, Nike
illustration of Outdoor enthusiast reluctantly adds creature comforts to the family camping trip for the sake of his newborn baby and wife. Editorial illustration for Utah Adventure Journal, pickup truck, camper, RV, baby stroller, utah, mountain, picnic, mini fridge, beer, lawn chairs, lake, summer, road trip, vacation, new parents, parenting
illustration of University of Alabama fans dressed in Crimson Tide gear tailgating on the golf course from the back of their golf cart. One football fan serves up hamburgers on the barbeque grill, while the other sits in a lawn chair next to a cooler of beer.

Client: Integrity Golf

golf, football, crimson tide, roll tide, University of Alabama, golf course, golf cart, beer stein, foam finger, sports, sports fans, sand trap, sandpit, country club, college football, burgers, drinking, celebrating, humor
illustration of Game of Thrones characters Daenerys Targaryen, Jon Snow, his direwolf Ghost, one of the dragons, and the three-eyed raven are harbingers of the end of pumpkin spice latte season and the beginning of ski season. Autumn, leaves, coffee, coffee house, cafe, flip-flops, Starbucks, skiing
illustration of A perfectly innocent pre-ski season ritual/party gone wrong, where a bunch of drunken white dudes with tiki torches burn an effigy of their soon-to-be-married friend, Sean. Hilarity ensues. bonfire, fire, wildfire, forest fire, skis, ski poles, ski gear, beer, drunk, drinking, bachelor, K2, Rossignol, Volkl
illustration of Editorial illustration for Ascent Backcounrty Snow Journal. A skier finds that he is no more helpful in a ski emergency than the mythical Saint Bernard with a keg of whiskey around his neck.

rescue dog, rescue helicopter, broken leg, mountain, injury, accident, drinking, humor, funny, Utah, outdoor, sport, cartoon
illustration of Packaging illustration for a limited-edition drink from Mike's HARDER called Tiger's Blood. A feirce tiger dives into the water, fangs and claws bared, to attack a juicy watermelon. strawberry, coconut, alcohol, drink, marketing, branding
illustration of Package illustration for a drink called Passion Fruit by Mike's HARDER. Tropical tiki statues watch as island volcanoes erupt with passion fruit under a fiery sky. lava, alcohol, beverage, Hawaii, coconut tree, ocean, Pacific, Polynesian, tribal, ancient, surf, surfing. surfer
illustration of Spot illustrations of a friendly librarian and Benjamin Franklin for the Pennsylvania Department of Education Power Kids e-library. lightning bolt, electricity, learning, reading, American history, founding fathers, diversity, women, grade school, public school, online learning, workplace, teacher, chat, help
illustration of Editorial illustration for Ascent Backcountry Snow Journal. An avid ski enthusiast imagines a magazine for middle-aged skiers. 

ski; skiing; wasatch; utah; meadow skipper; family; kids; ski resort; magazine cover; snow, mountains, parent, parenting, sports, outdoor, nature, funny, humor
illustration of Lissy gets teased for her fashion choice by a bully at school. Interior illustration from the children's book, Chicken Feathers.

fashionista; kidlit; kidlitart; chapter book; children's book; dog rescue; bullying; children's illustration
illustration of Lissy models her new winter coat for her dad and their three chihuahuas.

fashionista; kidlit; kidlitart; chapter book; children's book; dog rescue; bullying; children's illustration; chihuahua, character design
illustration of Students from England, Japan, Belgium, and India speaking to each other in Spanish. Full-page intro illustration for the book How To Learn Spanish. Written by Maria Blanco. Published by Hikari Press.

character design, diversity, travel, learning, language, Japanese, cultural, global
illustration of Bigfoot takes a stroll through the forest. monster, cute, grumpy, angry, furry, hairy, fangs, yeti, Sasquatch, missing link, washington, sighting, recreation, camper, rv, hunter, expedition, oregon


Scott DuBar is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Charlottesville, Virginia. His vibrant and humorous work appears regularly on websites and in magazines across the country. In 2016, his illustration Underwater Tiger appeared on a limited-edition drink, Tiger’s Blood, from Mike’s HARDER. Scott’s first illustrated children’s book, Short Pump Bump, was released December 2017 from Belle Isle Books.


Black & White, Cartoon, Digital, Lettering, Line with Color, Mixed Media, Painterly, Storyboards


Humor, Action, Adventure, Animals, Book Covers, Botanical, Celebrities, Character Development, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Comic Book, Corporate, Editorial, Education, Family, Fantasy, Fashion/Cosmetics, Greeting Cards, Historical, Icons, Landscape, Leisure, Licensing, Maps, Music, Nature, Packaging, People, Product, Sports, Textiles, Toys & Games, Travel, Web Illustration, Wildlife, Americana, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro, Feminine, Masculine, Youth, Ethnic, Edgy, Environmental, Financial, Branding