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Jeremy Booth was tasked to create a direct homage to Edward Hopper’s "Nighthawks,” a piece in The Art Institute of Chicago’s permanent collection, via a local institution called Johnnie’s Beef for the cover of CHICAGO magazine. Jeremy created an image of the exterior of Johnnie’s, complete with a couple of characters inside, while also pushing his beautiful use of color and shadows to create a vibrant cover. He also pushed the boundaries of color while also keeping the spirit of Hopper.

Jeremy Booth

Jeremy Booth

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Jeremy Booth was born and raised in Louisville Kentucky, where he still lives. His fascination with drawing began as a young boy, through the years his creative interests resurfaced as he pursued graphic design. Jeremy spent half of his twenties teaching himself how to design. While learning and working through his design career he was introduced to digital illustration and found he connected with it. He has turned that exploration into a profession. Being an admirer of photography, Jeremy spends a lot of time studying light and harsh shadows. His work is inspired by his admiration and some have come to call his work “Vector Noir.”