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Cindy Salans Rosenheim

illustration of Quick character marker sketch of Dr Anthony Fauci of the Coronavirus Task Force. Black and colored markers with green digital backround and hand lettering. From the series
illustration of Women's hand-blown glass bead necklace from Murano, Italy. Jewelry, women, pearls, necklace, elegant, elegance, glamour, fashion model, woman style art, beauty, glamorous, fashion illustration
illustration of Basket containing fancy dessert dishes of lemon sorbet with figs and pistachios. Hand lettering, pen and ink and watercolor, gouache. Illustration for cookbook,
illustration of Architectural wonder, Santa Maria della Salute church ,in Venice, Italy. 
On-site sketch in black and white pen and ink with watercolor highlights. Hand lettering in pen and ink.
illustration of An historic street of charming architectural buildings and shops in old town Alexandria, Virginia. A pen & ink and watercolor illustration of colorful old buildings, lamp posts, plants, trees and ornamental store signage.
illustration of Sketch of hand made, creative women's high heels with red fringe wing from Venice, Italy. Fashion, shoes, women's shoes, pen and ink, watercolor, pen and ink and color.
illustration of On-site pen and ink sketch of neighborhood public library and architectural landmark. Hand lettering. architecture, mixed media, trees, clouds, building, house, architectural design, beautiful buildings. 
Reading is a joy here!
illustration of Illustrated and hand-lettered map of activities offered on a Texas canyon trail. Biking, hiking, horseback riding through canyons and caves. Buffalo, lizards, bats, birds, cactus and sage brush, rivers and puffy clouds complete the image. Full spectrum of color in yellows, blues, reds, oranges and greens. 
Gouache and watercolor.
Texas Highways Magazine, client.
illustration of On-site pen and ink drawing of the coffee lines at the favourite local coffee house.  Men, women, reading the paper, on their phones; and barristers serving cappuccinos and lattes, all make up the morning coffee fix.  Black and white, quick draw sketch. Hand lettering in ink and chalk.
illustration of Still life of an abundant bouquet of pink , rose, white, and yellow, flowers and deep green foliage, along with flowering herbs in an antique silver vase on small table. Shadows of rich blues and purples throughout. 
A pen and ink, gouache and watercolor painting
illustration of Pen&ink and watercolor illustration of dining in the garden. Table, chairs, wine, bread and olive oil/vinegar dip complete the outdoor snack. The romantic Italian garden of delights is filled with flowering plants and rock walls. A perfect retreat to wine and dine! One of 50 illustrations for the cookbook,
illustration of Luscious wine soaked pears with saffron on fancy decorative Italianate platter Gold, cherry red fruit on purple and blue ceramic plate.  
Pen and ink and watercolor lllustration for cook book,
illustration of Pen & Ink and watercolor caricature of outgoing company administrator with very thick hair. Women portrait, women caricatures, pen & ink, black line with color, watercolor, humor, editorial, people, whimsical cartoon, cartoon , hair, big hair, women in suits,
illustration of Pen and ink, gouache and watercolor illustration of a chaise lounge in an Italian garden. Umbrella, table with beverage, and plants and flowers surround the relaxing spring scene. Pink, purple and green colors abound.
illustration of Quick, live-scribed 5 minute fashionista sketch of female customer at Ferragamo event.  Black and colored markers and pencils on event postcards at point of purchase.  Fashion illustration on-site--fast fashion illustration on site!
illustration of Quick markers drawing of Rep. Adam Schiff leading House Impeachment, from collection,
illustration of Quick marker portrait sketch of candidate Joe Biden with stars from series
illustration of Quick markers caricature sketch of Mitch McConnell in Impeachment Trial , from the series, SketchingFromMyTV. Quick sketch, marker art, politics, political portrait, men portraits, portraits, editorial, line art
illustration of Map designating a tourist walk in Venice, Italy. Watercolor, pen and ink. Maps, pen and ink and color, watercolor, people, lettering, hand lettering, Italy, whimsical
illustration of Map of Pt Molate, Ca for historical district book. Painting in watercolor and gouache of castle winery, coastline, island inn, botanicals and wildlife. Hand lettering and calligraphy. Cindy Salans Rosenheim illustration.
illustration of Quick drawing of Mike Pence from Coronavirus news briefings. From series, SketchingFromMyTV.
Black marker with colored markers added in the studio and hand lettering.
illustration of Quick sketch of Chief Justice John Roberts as he presides over contentious Senate Impeachment Hearings. From the series,
illustration of Fresh fava beans from the garden in antique colander. One of 50 illustrations for cookbook,
illustration of Quick markers black line and color sketch of Speaker Pelosi at Impeachment Hearings from series,
illustration of Quick on-site marker sketch of Beto O'Rourke from political debates, 2019. From the collection SketchingFromMyTV. Political profile, candidates, men, portrait, political portrait, quick sketch, on-site sketch, marker art, markers, politicians, 
Beto O'Rourke
illustration of Pen and ink, watercolor and chalk drawing form a fictional story of a father's dying dreams. His passions were for civil rights and for football; Colin Kaepernick embodying both. 
A collage of portraits including a sleepy old man resting on hands and Colin Kaepernick; plus a kneeling black activist and sports football plays.
Illustration for Kaepernick-themed book by Eric Burin, Univ of North Dakota Press
illustration of Seema Verma, head of Medicare , bills taxpayers for heavy PR and glamour consults. Quick marker sketch in black and white and color, Hand lettering. From the political profiles series,
illustration of Attorney General Bill Barr at the Coronavirus Task Force meeting. Barr resigned after the electoral college voted Joe Biden the winner pof the 2020 election. Super quick sketch in black and colored markers with hand lettering added in the studio. From series, SketchingFromMyTV.
illustration of Quick caricature drawing of Mark Esper, former Secretary of Defense, speaking at Coronavirus Task Force meeting. From series, SketchingFromMyTV. Portrait and hand lettering in black marker with reds, pinks, greens and yellow marker. Digital additions in studio. tank, explosion, Simpsons, military, military men, rugged, war, combat, gun
illustration of Quick on-site markers drawing of candidate Warren from the collection, SketchingFromMyTV. Women, political portraits, Elizabeth Warren, candidates, politics, portraits, markers, marker art, quick sketching, sketch artist
illustration of Elevator wallpaper mural linig 10 elevators in new Silicon Valley condo development. Black and white chalkboard style montage of street scenes from the 1960's. 
Pen and ink reversed to white on black with green dancers as highlight. 18'w x 9'h. Cindy Salans Rosenheim, illustration.
illustration of Live quick sketch of Bernie Sanders during town hall. From the series, SketchingFromMyTV. Black marker with colored markers :reds, yellows, blues and hand lettering added in the studio.
illustration of Candidate Tom Steyer at Democratic debate. Quick black marker sketch while watching the political show. From the series SketchingFromMyTV. Hand lettering, yellow and light brown markers and red plaid digital design added in the studio.
illustration of Quick cartoon sketch of Speaker McConnell as
illustration of Assistant to Pence, Fiona Hill , on Impeachment.
illustration of Quick markers drawing from the Impeachment Hearings and the collection of SketchingFromMyTV. Political portraits, politics, marker art, quick sketch, political sketching, men, men portraits
illustration of 11' tall L-shaped chalkboard wall featuring a montage of urban contemporary life in black and white line. Included are animated men, women, dogs, birds, There are waiters, diners, cyclists, dog walkers, laptop techies, children, and adolescents. they are hang gliding, dining in cafes, sitting in parks, reading, taking buses and checking phones. There are samples of fanciful urban architecture, bridges and oceans, and stylized trees, plants and flowers. 
illustration of Quick on-site markers sketch of Marie Yovanovitch, US ambassador to Ukraine, from the collection, SketchingFromMyTV. Politics, political portraits, women portraits, markers, marker art, quick sketch, sketch artist
illustration of Italian fashion silk slippers in orange, blue, green and pink. Fancy calligraphy. Pen and ink and gouache illustration and hand lettering by Cindy Salans Rosenheim.
illustration of Quick marker sketch of Colonel Vinman at Impeachment Hearings, from series,
illustration of Outdoor wall chalkboard, 8' x 8', advertising bike rentals. San Francisco. chalkboard, chalkboard art, wall art, black and white, signage, hand lettering, calligraphy, vintage design, vintage lettering, bikes, bicycles
illustration of Quick sketch of Professor Pamela Karlan in testimony at Impeachment trial. From the series, SketchingFromMyTV. Fast drawing in black marker with marker flesh tones and hand lettering added in the studio.
illustration of Jim Jordan, trumping for the defense! Quick marker sketch from
illustration of Michael Gerhardt testifies for the prosecution in Impeachment. A quick drawing in markers from series, SketchingFromMyTV. Politics, political portrait, markers, marker art, sketch artist
illustration of Quick marker drawing of Gordon Sondland in Impeachment testimony. From the series SketchingFromMyTV. Black marker sketch on site, marker blues and pinks and hand lettering added in the studio. Some digital.
illustration of Quick sketch of Ambassador Taylor on Impeachment. On-site drawing from the series, SketchingFromMyTV. Black marker quickdraw with hand lettering and blue, pink and green markers added later in the studio.
illustration of Quick marker drawing of diplomat Volker from the series, SketchingFromMyTV
illustration of Watercolor and pen&ink portrait of outgoing headmaster and school mascot. Caricature of a white-haired, cheerful, preppy middle-aged man and his school's animated cartoon-like tiger.
Blue blazer and khaki pants, red tie, and blue and yellow striped tiger
illustration of Quick sketch while watching Trump Impeachment Hearings. From the series, SketchingFromMyTV. Black marker drawing with red, yellow and blue marker, digital and hand lettering added in the studio.
illustration of Quick marker sketch of Patrick Philbin, arguing for the defense in Impeachment trial, from the series,
illustration of Cipollone, Trump lawyer in Impeachment Hearings. Quick marker sketch of political portrait from series,
illustration of Bearded white male model in motion with jeans and racer black leather jacket. Black marker and black watercolor wash . Fashion illustration by Cindy Salans Rosenheim.


Having earned degrees in French and History, Cindy was at a loss for what to do with them. So she became an illustrator. The daughter of a painter and granddaughter of an architect, Cindy used her inherited gifts to cobble together a portfolio of illustration pieces. That portfolio landed her a coveted job at Hallmark Cards (after she crashed a college recruitment fair), where she immersed herself in learning commercial art and developing her vibrant, whimsical style. Out on her own, Cindy expanded into the publishing and marketing sectors, building a thriving freelance business that today includes high profile clients like Random House, the New York Times, American Girl, Hasbro, Hermès and Ferragamo. Cindy is also a successful commercial actor, so if you feel like you already know her when you meet her, you just may be right.


Black & White, Calligraphy, Caricature, Cartoon, Colored Pencil, Digital, Figurative, Gouache, Graphic, Lettering, Line, Line with Color, Mixed Media, Montage, Pen & Ink, Stylized, Watercolor, Decorative, Floral, Whimsical, Installations, Chalkboard, Live Scribing


Humor, Animals, Architecture, Botanical, Celebrities, Corporate, Editorial, Fashion/Cosmetics, Food, Health, Historical, Landscape, Leisure, Maps, Medical, Nature, Packaging, People, Political, Portrait, Romance, Science, Sports, Still Life, Travel, Americana, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro, Feminine, Masculine, Ethnic, Urban