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Cindy Salans Rosenheim

Marker sketch: Ms. Hill testifiies on Impeachment 

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Quick drawing of Mitch Mcconnell as "Moscow Mitch"

illustration of Assistant to Pence, Fiona Hill , on Impeachment.
Next illustration of Quick markers drawing from the Impeachment Hearings and the collection of SketchingFromMyTV. Political portraits, politics, marker art, quick sketch, political sketching, men, men portraits

Quick sketch of Jerry Nadler

Assistant to Pence, Fiona Hill , on Impeachment. "SketchingFromMyTV", a quick sketch in markers. Marker art, quick sketch, sketch artist, portrait, political portrait, women portraits, political caricatures, profiles

Keywords: Caricature, Digital, Lettering, Line, Line with Color, Live Scribing, Editorial, People, Political, Portrait

Cindy Salans Rosenheim