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Character Design Concept for an Alphabet book.

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Character designs based on a client brief for an educational alphabet book.

Hanna Kenakkala

Hanna Kenakkala

illustration of A funny and whimsical cartoon character. Character. Characterdesign. Characterdevelopment. Dog. Woman. Hug. Whimsical. Characterdrawing. Glasses. Chubby. Lady. Cartoon. Cartooncharacter.
illustration of An illustration for an educational Alphabet book / ABC Book a few years ago. 6 characters, a crocodile, a bear, a moose, a beaver and a hedgehog.
illustration of Character development / concept design for an educational alphabet book / ABC book. 6 characters, a crocodile, a bear, a moose, a beaver and a hedgehog.
illustration of An illustration for a detective story/children's book where a boy and his friend a dog with the best nose in the world find missing things.
illustration of A Children's book cover illustration with a boy and his best friend a dog named Nuusku.
illustration of An illustration for a children's book, full spread with space allocated for text.
illustration of A full page spread illustration for a children's book. A messy teenager and his room being inspected by a boy detective and his dog.
illustration of The mystery is solved and it is time to celebrate with friends. Mom is serving ice cream and sausages. The cat has not been invited.
illustration of A dog chasing after a cat.
illustration of A little girl/toddler crying because her toy is missing. A vignette illustration.
illustration of A full spread illustration for a space themed children's book with alien characters, a humanoid bartender, a space squid, a cleaning robot etc.
illustration of A scary and hungry green alien character.
illustration of Children exploring the surface of Mars - The Red Planet - where gravity is different from earth.
illustration of An angry marsian bird.
illustration of A tiny and cute blue alien character with stripes, one big eye and 3 small eyes.
illustration of Neptune is a blue gas planet with constant wind blowing on the surface. It is inhabited by strange blue creatures.
illustration of A book cover illustration for a children's book about a boy and a girl who end up exploring strange alien planets.
illustration of Digital, Whimsical, Humor, Adventure, Children's Books
illustration of Digital, Children's Books
illustration of An illustration for a children's poem book. A hedgehog, mice and other forest creatures travelling.
illustration of Birds flying in the sky. Sun setting and tiny boats on the see.
illustration of A forest mouse in his home, in his comfy chair.
illustration of A Christmas card, A tiny elf character in the snow with blue background and snowfall.
illustration of A Christmas card. Snow, reindeer, elfs, gifts and a sleigh / sled / sledge.
illustration of A Christmas card illustration. A girl cross-country skiing with her dog.
illustration of A Christmas card. An elf, squirrel, gingerbread cookies, snow.
illustration of An owl and a mouse sleeping on Christmas night when there is peace on earth. Snow, sleigh, sled, gifts.
illustration of With the covid-19 / corona virus spreading around the world it is easy to feel isolated from your friends, family and the world. Like you were stranded on a deserted island. Thankfully modern technology and applications can help you connect again.
illustration of A black and white digital illustration. A girl with glasses reading a book.
illustration of A digital pencil drawing.
illustration of A caricature drawing of a man.
illustration of A black and white digital pencil drawing.
illustration of A cover illustration for a magazine.
illustration of An editorial for a web article. The image is based on Nordic / Scandinavian reindeer myths and mythology. The reindeer is constructed out of tree bark or thick, moss and stone.


"MY JOB IS TO HELP TELL STORIES AND BRING LIFE INTO THE IMAGINARY WORLDS THAT WE DREAM OF." I am a freelance illustrator and artist living in Finland. I’ve illustrated two children´s books, designed the look and feel of different characters and illustrated postcards and other printed materials. I do most of my drawing and painting digitally with Adobe Photoshop & my trusted wacom cintiq pen display. Sometimes I like to mix traditional sketching and textures into my work. I am passionate about illustration and storytelling. I love books, games and animations and would love to be a part of creating their unique visual worlds. I love imagining the world, events, history and culture where the characters are living. Finding out who they are and what motivates them. What their world looks like and how this affects the look of the characters. In short, how to build believable and unique characters and universes. The biggest influence in my development as an artist has been my teacher and mentor Glenn Vilppu who's teaching, feedback and overall generous attitude towards life, has been invaluable to me. Feel free to approach me with your project. I am looking forward to working with you. Hanna Kenakkala


Black & White, Caricature, Cartoon, Digital, Whimsical, Concept Art


Humor, Adventure, Animals, Book Covers, Character Development, Children, Children's Books, Computers, Editorial, Education, Family, Fantasy, Greeting Cards, Health, Holidays, Licensing, People, Sci-Fi, Web Illustration, Environmental