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Ad Astra

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This an illustration for the movie Ad Astra starring Brad Pitt

richard a chance

Richard A Chance

illustration of A Google doodle for Martin Luther King Day
illustration of Illustration for The Pros Closet online editorial magazine. A image of the cyclist Josie Fouts
illustration of New York Times illustration, couples moving in due to the pandemic
illustration of Illustration for Kin, portraits of black entrepreneurs
illustration of Essence article about modern dating apps
illustration of Illustration for MIT Review, illustrating the astronauts exiting artemis  1
illustration of Created a Gif for Giphy about things done in the office. Office, 2D, Pranks, Gif, Airbrushed, Animated
illustration of Illustration for Morning Brew, about the rise of NFTs
illustration of The Surfers Journals article on the surfer Kalani Lattanzi
illustration of Illustration for Bloomberg about companies keeping employees before a job change
illustration of Illustration for Mother Jones about CPS effects on communities
illustration of Illustartion for forummag, and article about students having open dialog about their differences
illustration of New York Times illustration about simultaneously being a parent while working from home
illustration of An illustration for New Times. Unhealthy foods aren’t just bad for you, They may also be addictive
illustration of I did an Illustration for WealthSimple Magazine
illustration of Will Facebook Stop Climate Myths and Misinformation? This is about Mark Zuckerberg's dilemma with misinformation on Facebook
illustration of An illustration for the New Yorker, for Dua Lipa's new album Future Nostalgia
illustration of An illustration for investor institution
illustration of Illustration for Fatherly about infant sensitive senses
illustration of An Illustration for the movie Ad Astra. Shown in the New Yorker. Sci Fi, Space, Brad Pitt, Mind, Portrait
illustration of Illustration of work relations in the workplace. Work, Medium, Snake, Red, Flower, Hands
illustration of An illustration for Refinery 29
illustration of An illustration for Working Not Working
illustration of A Gif of a Figi bottle pouring water
illustration of I created a sequential set of images to help display friends making dinner from the box of food, that's being advertised.


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