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Hoffmann Vineyards

Hoffmann Vineyards wine label

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Front wine label design (there is a rear label design as well) showing the Andes mountain range, where the run off from the mountains along with abundant sunshine produces the best Malbec grapes! Logo design as well as illustration done by Vicky Enright.

Vicky Enright Designs

Victoria Enright

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illustration of A Crane & Company card where juniper and a silver bow were the requirements. juniper, bows, juniper berries, Christmas card design, illustration, illustrator, decor, botanical, floral art inspiration, greeting card, blue berries, striped bow
illustration of Decorative Ornament design for Christmas card, 2021 #Christmas, #Christmas card, #ornament, #decorative ornament, #bow, #ribbon, #designer, #illustrator
illustration of A Crane & Company card, it's a rather unusual but tasteful end of autumn, beginning of the holiday season card. holidays, Christmas, Christmas cards, wheat bouquet, wheat and bow, seasonal, inspiration, wheat stalks, white weeds, bow cord, illustration illustrator
illustration of Something about all the decorations that appear in December give most of us joy, which I put simply in this greeting card. wreath, Christmas, holidays, bow, greeting card, Christmas card, joy, illustration, illustrator, hand lettering
illustration of Crane & Company Christmas Tree. watercolor Christmas tree glass ornaments gold accents illustration illustrator design
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