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Hoffmann Vineyards

Hoffmann Vineyards wine label

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Front wine label design (there is a rear label design as well) showing the Andes mountain range, where the run off from the mountains along with abundant sunshine produces the best Malbec grapes! Logo design as well as illustration done by Vicky Enright.

Vicky Enright Designs

Victoria Enright

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illustration of Logo illustrated and designed for a dog walking company. There was a Boston area logo design contest, and I won. dogs, walking, walking dogs, two dogs, two dogs and a stick, graphic illustration, illustrator, dog logo
illustration of Monogram (hand drawn) with lily pads and flowers in blue (brides colors) used for invitation suite and theme of wedding. logo, monogram, hand drawn monogram, inspiration, lily pads, flowers, navy, hand drawn, lake weeds, crest, botanical, decor, design, illustration, illustrator
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illustration of A Crane & Company card where juniper and a silver bow were the requirements. juniper, bows, juniper berries, Christmas card design, illustration, illustrator, decor, botanical, floral art inspiration, greeting card, blue berries, striped bow
illustration of A Crane & Company card, it's a rather unusual but tasteful end of autumn, beginning of the holiday season card. holidays, Christmas, Christmas cards, wheat bouquet, wheat and bow, seasonal, inspiration, wheat stalks, white weeds, bow cord, illustration illustrator
illustration of Something about all the decorations that appear in December give most of us joy, which I put simply in this greeting card. wreath, Christmas, holidays, bow, greeting card, Christmas card, joy, illustration, illustrator, hand lettering
illustration of Crane & Company Christmas Tree. watercolor Christmas tree glass ornaments gold accents illustration illustrator design
illustration of A Crane & Company pre holidays card using the most beautiful autumnal flowers. bouquet, autumnal flowers, formal, gold accents, copper accents, floral, illustrator, illustration, design, eucalyptus, chrysanthemum, purple fountain grass
illustration of A Crane & Company Christmas card using hand lettering and holly bouquet. holly bouquet, greetings, hand lettering, design, illustration, illustrator, traditional with a twist, Christmas card
illustration of A Crane and Company traditional wreath, Christmas wreath holly gold magnolia leaves holly berries gold accents gold berries Christmas card illustration illustrator design big red bow
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illustration of Children's book about different types of mother's and what they would consider a
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illustration of The first night of an overnight camp can be sleepless, but most kids adjust. camping, overnight camp, kids, children, boys, blankets, summer camp, pre Covid summer, boys cabin, illustrator, illustration
illustration of A craft book for kids based on favorite children's books, bear, cat, rooster, children's book, frog
illustration of A page in one of my children's books, called
illustration of In Illustrated Bible verses for preschoolers, this picture shows how much God loves and knows, even all the hairs on our head...or quills of a porcupine. porcupine, bird feeder, daffodils, reflection, blue birds, illustration, illustrator, anthropomorphism
illustration of Although one of a series of craft books I did long ago, there is a vintage quality I love about them. craft book, summertime activities, kids, making crafts from stuff around the house, illustrator, illustration, hand lettering, design, crafts, summer season
illustration of An illustration to teach kids about thankfulness, squirrels, acorns, berries, hanging pot, holly berries, illustration, illustrator, design, anthropomorphism, thankfulness
illustration of Illustration for a children's magazine article., ice fishing, dad and daughter, black Labrador, ice, beret, girl with beret, fishing hole, illustration, illustrator
illustration of Illustration showing how siblings can help and hurt each other., owls, illustrated owls, crying, anthropomorphism, owls in a tree, night, illustrator, illustration, autumn evening
illustration of A greeting card for a very young child, like mine, when he was young!, panda, cake, birthday card, bamboo, forest, illustrator, illustration, eating a cake by myself
illustration of Waiting isn't always easy, especially when it has to do with your pet. pets, dogs, veterinarian, waiting room, cat in a pet carrier, beagle, asian child, veterinarian waiting room, illustration, illustrator
illustration of A verse on patience is illustrated with a busy mom and a bunny needing a playmate. rabbits, bunnies,  nature, anthropomorphism, toy cars, wooden toys, wooden track, pine trees, bunnies, illustrated bunnies, illustrator, illustration
illustration of A child pretending to be a warrior, lacrosse, pretending, child, robin, backyard, warrior, illustration, illustrator, illustrated lacrosse stick
illustration of A spot drawing from one of my children's craft books I've always loved. mice, singing mice, Supremes, anthropomorphism, microphone, illustration, illustration, illustrator, crafts, craft books
illustration of A birthday card for a one year old. elephant, cake, birthday, cute elephant, illustrator, illustration, design, elephant on a stool, bouquet, slice of cake, anthropomorphism, deliciousness
illustration of This client had very distinct ideas of what she wanted, which we accomplished! wine store logo, safari, elephant, fauna, tropical, flowers, women and wine graphic, illustration, design, circular logo, wine company logo, wine store logo
illustration of A logo designed for a baby clothing company. baby, logo, baby logo, striped baby pajamas, holding a baby, illustrator, illustration, design, graphic baby
illustration of A logo using my simplest illustration, for a wine bar., wine bar, restaurant logo, design, wine glass, wine logo glass, illustration, design, illustrator
illustration of This is the actual logo that was chosen for a year long celebration of the first planned community in the US. circular logo, town logo, map, vintage, logo design
illustration of A logo for a photographer who asked to depict a vintage camera. logo vintage camera design black and white logo graphic illustration illustrator
illustration of When I was told by groom that his bride loves the ocean, I knew I needed to create a monogram with that feel., monogram, hand painted, ocean, watercolor, blues, custom art, thank you cards, hand lettering, inspiration, illustrator, illustration, design, swirls, letters with watercolor, gradation


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