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The Royal Society of Chemistry

"Does the Drug Work or not?"

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The difficulties encountered by scientists to find a cure for Coronavirus.

Beth Goody
illustration of An illustration depicting the difficulty for scientists to find a vaccine for Coronavirus. Created for the Royal Society of Chemistry's, Chemistry World magazine. Editorial, coronavirus, conceptual, scientist, maze, red, torch, pandemic, digital, vector, graphic, flat colour.
illustration of Could you be infected? Coronavirus, pandemic, Covid, lockdown, infection, scientific, purple, lips, mouth, conceptual, social media
illustration of Absolut UK combined their love for cocktails and art, commissioning me to create an illustration for their iconic bottle. Using the classic Expresso Martini as inspiration, I created a bold, rich and indulgent illustration to reflect the signature serve. cocktail, alcohol, drink, butler, wine, moustache, negative space, yellow, bow tie, vodka.
illustration of Created to raise awareness during the toilet roll hoarding phase of the coronavirus pandemic. Conceptual, toilet roll, toilet paper, pig, humour, greed, hoarding, pink, vector, flat colour.
illustration of An editorial created for British Airways on the benefits of getting more sleep and 'recharging'. Editorial, sleep, conceptual, battery, vector, flat colour, room, recharge, technology, business.
illustration of Lockdown, coronavirus, mental health, loneliness, isolation, female, yellow, depression, geometric, flat colour, vector
illustration of Editorial illustration for 'How the tiger uses its stripes to camouflage from prey'. conceptual, Editorial, geometric, tiger, orange, deer.
illustration of Editorial created for the cover of the Royal Society of Chemistry's Education in Chemistry magazine. The main feature explores the links between scientists and musicians. Editorial, music, conceptual, Laboratory, science, musical instruments, guitar, trumpet, drums, chemistry.
illustration of Lockdown, isolation, coronavirus, man, purple, depression, geometric, flat colour, vector, lonely, mental health
illustration of Editorial for National Geographic, Traveller magazine. I illustrated 8 animal species to cover a double page features on 'All Creatures Great and Small'. Editorial, animals, whale, geometric, colour, whale shark, kangaroo, lizard, blue whale
illustration of Created for interior design book, 'In With The Interior Design Crowd'. A full page illustration for the chapter, 'Negotiating a Salary'. Book, editorial, negotiating, credit card, salary, conceptual, pink, blue, flat colour, vector.
illustration of Illustration based on the Joker movie. Mask, movie, film, poster, green, DC, fantasy
illustration of Created for interior design book, 'In With The Interior Design Crowd'. A full page illustration for the chapter, 'Freelancing'. Book, design, freelance, editorial, pencil, diving board, swimming pool, conceptual, artist, pink, blue.
illustration of Creating for an online article on coming to terms with divorce. Editorial, conceptual, digital, vector, divorce.
illustration of Editorial created for British Airways, Business Life magazine to accompany the article ' Launch Your Business'. Editorial, rocket, business, tie, suit, financial, start up, red.
illustration of 'Dopamine'. Social media, addiction, gym, weights, strong, purple, workout, instagram, facebook, dumbell.
illustration of Created for interior design book, 'In With The Interior Design Crowd'. A full page illustration for the chapter, 'Your CV is the Underdog'. Book, editorial, dog, pink, blue, CV, job, interview, corporate, business, design, paper.
illustration of Created as part of a series of posters raising awareness during the Coronavirus pandemic. poster, Coronavirus, Covid, stay at home, gaming, video game, television, warrior, dwarf, knight, sword, console.
illustration of editorial, negative space, cat, dog, black and white, silhouette, minimal, graphic
illustration of Robot, blue, red, character, childrens, technology, futuristic.
illustration of Created for interior design book, 'In With The Interior Design Crowd'. A full page illustration for the chapter, 'Interview Preparation'. Book, editorial, female, pink, CV, job, interview, corporate, business, design.
illustration of Illustrated for British Airways, Business Life magazine. The article talks about transparency in the workplace. Editorial, office, workplace, building, corporate, business, financial.


As a conceptual illustrator, Beth's work is primarily about solving problems. She creates one-of-a-kind illustrations that express an understandable concept in a bold and exciting way. She has a degree in Illustration and a natural flair for graphic design, which strongly influences her work and minimal approach. Her field of work spreads from editorial and book illustration to commercial and advertising illustration, having produced work for clients around the world. Selected Clients: Absolut Vodka / National Geographic / British Airways / Coca Cola / c2c Rail / Business Edge Magazine / Amazon Audible / Royal Society of Chemistry / Starbucks


Conceptual, Design, Digital, Figurative, Graphic, Silhouette, Stylized, Film/Entertainment, Vector


Humor, Action, Adventure, Animals, Architecture, Book Covers, Children, Comic Book, Corporate, Editorial, Education, Fantasy, Futuristic, Health, Industrial, Information Graphics, Leisure, Medical, Music, Mystery, Nature, People, Political, Portrait, Posters, Romance, Science, Scientific, Sports, Technology, Toys & Games, Web Illustration, Wildlife, Agriculture, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Environmental, Financial