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Gender Equality in the Workplace

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An editorial illustration created for an article written by a father of two daughters, sharing his perspective on gender equality in the workplace and whether or not it has gotten better or worse.

illustration of Cover illustration for Midwives magazine showing how the Royal College of Midwives raise their voices and demand equality for maternity workers.

Equal rights, Female, Maternity, Midwifery, Healthcare, NHS, Rights, Protest, Workplace, Puzzle, Portrait, Face, Medical, Science, digital, vector, conceptual, race, ethnicity, inequality
illustration of Created for Apple Books as part of the 'Further Reading' series. 

Sofa, library, media, television, isometric, web, plant, shadow, conceptual, figure, read, tv, technology, home, relax, person, vector, digital, graphic
illustration of Created for the British Heart Foundation's magazine, Heart Matters. The illustrated article talks about the repurposing of existing drugs to bring new treatments more quickly.

medicine, healthcare, drugs, pills, conceptual, editorial, hands, magic, scientist, cards, treatment, cure, condition, vector, digital, research
illustration of finance, financial, business, piggy bank, time, age, clock, lock, money, savings, 401k, pension, investment, invest.
illustration of financial, farmer, farming, dairy cow, animal, milk, agriculture, divident etf, investing, investment, investor, produce, food, drink, editorial, conceptual, narrative.
illustration of Created for the AEC industry's leading integrated knowledge and project management software company, Flo10. 

Flo10 is a smart intranet and project management solution, designed specifically for architects, engineers and construction consultants.

The illustration highlights the company's knowledge sharing and interactive capabilities whilst also integrating project tracking and management software.
illustration of Editorial, financial, conceptual, money, investment, cost, investor, retirement, ageing, hourglass
illustration of For an event looking at the circulatory system and how it can help climate change. 

Circular economy, reuse, recycle, earth, environment, carbon footprint, sustainability, eco-friendly, planet
illustration of 'Pioneering Care in Paediatric Cardiology' - created for the cover of Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals, Case Notes magazine.

The illustration highlights how the hospitals push boundaries and pioneer care using 3D MRI scans, virtual reality and the latest high-resolution ultrasound scanners.

heart, technology, advancement, magazine, purple, data, futuristic, midwifery, VR, organ, foetus, hologram, hospital, conceptual, pregnancy, maternal, child, baby, digital, vector
illustration of 'Time to Act' is a Siemens campaign that highlights the need for buildings to be modernised to comply with new European regulations. 

The aim of the campaign was to show how, as global leaders in innovation technology, Siemens are perfectly placed to help companies achieve and future proof their energy usage through smart automated technology.

Isometric, clock, watch, icons, future, animation, advertising
illustration of Created for Prospect magazine. The illustrated article talks about what happens when a body charged with ensuring fair play is beholden to the industry is oversees.

business, relax, businessman, suit, spy, magnifying glass, sunbathing, isometric, minimal, hammock, finance, investing, invest
illustration of An illustration for the cybersecurity section of The Wall Street Journal. The illustrated article looks at what cookie banners are as well as the problem with these pop ups and current data regulation. 

Data, cookies, privacy, cyber crime, cyber security, pop up, computer, keyboard, worker, online, web, digital, vector, conceptual, metaphor, security
illustration of Created for the cover of Midwives magazine. 
With research on Women's health being neglected, the illustration aims to bring women's health research to life and to show that everyone can get involved and talk about how important it is. 

Women's health, focus, neglected, clinical trials, midwifery, research, inequality, equality, DNA, improved service, female, medical, medicine, science, scientific, conceptual
illustration of medicine, medical care, healthcare, doctors, surgeons, hospital, editorial, conceptual, minimal, scientists
illustration of Created for the Wall Street Journal. How effective your VPN is at protecting your online data may depend on which one you're using and how you're using it.

security, cyber crime, cyber attack, cybersecurity, privacy, keyboard, lock, padlock, shield, protection, online, web, internet, digital, spy, conceptual, flat, isometric, vector
illustration of 'Should Older Patients be Screened Before an Endurance Event?' Created for the cover of Case Notes magazine. Endurance, screening, heartbeat, heart rate, marathon, running, exercise, fitness, heart, age, test, health check.
illustration of Created for London Business School about how business leaders are being called upon to find solutions to the big societal and environmental problems.

sustainability, earth, climate change, sustainable, environment, carbon footprint, business, briefcase, government, solar panels, nature, tree, wind turbines, globe, social media, communication, negative space, shadow
illustration of Created for Salesforce experts, Lane Four.

Sales, portrait, vector, digital, online, branding, hero, avatar, online, website, web, female
illustration of Created for Apple Books for a collection of iconic and unforgettable books that inspire and influence the worlds of art and culture.

reading, universe, world, earth, influence, youth, space, pattern, rock, person, conceptual, metaphor, flat, shapes
illustration of Created for AT magazine. How well do you know the latest research and design tax rules?

Bulb, negative space, conceptual, minimal, finance, money, financial, business, hand, worker, suit, online, digital, vector, editorial, tax, research
illustration of Created for Financial Accountant magazine.

maths, accounting, calculator, business, small business, laptop, computer, technology, shadow, isometric, editorial, conceptual, digital, vector, online, web, tax
illustration of Created for AAT, the UK's leading professional body offering skills-based accountancy and financial qualifications. The illustration focuses on delivering quality output on time.

accountancy, business, clock, conceptual, conceptual illustration, corporate, digital, digital illustration, editorial, finance, financial, flat, goal setting, goals, graphic, isometric, adobe, job, learning, education, minimal, online, web, organisation, people, professional, staff, target, time, vector, worker
illustration of Created for Slack. Aimed at banking IT and tech leaders, I created an e-book cover illustration that highlights Slack's capabilities and tools to help organisations reinvent themselves fro the inside out.

tools, bank, magnifying glass, documents, padlock, emoji, social media, phone, app, communication, message, online banking, tool box, organisation, business, company, isometric, negative space, branding
illustration of In honour of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

Royalty, royal family, britain, UK, monarch, church of england, crown, pearls, flat, minimal
illustration of Created for Prospect magazine for the article 'The Age Divide' which talks about age having replaced class as the dividing political line in the UK.

Age, pension, youth, divide, see-saw, adult, teenager, depression, mental health, finance, financial, blue, orange, sun, relaxation, sunbathing.
illustration of Part of the Siemens 'Time to Act' campaign - a smart home interior that fulfils the new European obligation to modernise buildings.

isometric, building, home, smart home, technology, garage, car, boiler, heating, phone, animation, figure, kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, sustainable, sustainability, climate change, environmental, earth
illustration of Feature opener for Think magazine. 

Future, work, coronavirus, work from home, person, woman, keyboard, desk, office, home office, worker, job, covid-19, covid, pandemic, lockdown, business, isometric, editorial, web, magazine, online, cover, shadow, minimal, flat, metaphor, conceptual, small business, communication
illustration of 'Remote Health Care', created for the cover of Case Notes magazine. Mobile, home, pandemic, coronavirus, Covid-19, technology, app, phone, doctor, medical, fitness, smart watch, health, cloud, wifi, medication, prescription.
illustration of Created for the Cybersecurity section of the Wall Street Journal.

hand, mobile, privacy, blinds, security, phone, social media, internet, online, cybercrime, cyber attack, cybersecurity, business, finance, eyes, stalker, spy, protection, vpn, data, cookies
illustration of Created for Harvard Business Review on social justice and speaking out against racial issues within sports. Basketball, megaphone, speaker, sports, editorial, conceptual, orange, hoop, social justice, racial justice, NBA.
illustration of Created for Financial Accountant magazine.

cybercrime, security, cybersecurity, finance, business, shield, padlock, businessman, vpn, cyber attack, adobe, vector, conceptual, online, digital, web, data, privacy
illustration of Created for the cover of Nation's Restaurant News. The illustrated feature talks about how restaurants can attempt to do it all for the post-pandemic future.

Restaurant, dining, food, drink, noodles, takeaway, takeout, town, village, home, eating, drinking, drive-thru, app, street, house, magazine, isometric, isometric illustration, garden, car, trees, coronavirus, covid, covid-19
illustration of Created as part of the 'Further Reading' series for Apple Books.

Nature, world, politics, news, current affairs, globe, education, isometric, earth, balance, ladder, conceptual, vector, digital
illustration of Created for Salesforce experts, Lane Four.

Sales, portrait, vector, digital, online, branding, hero, avatar, man, online, website, web, beard, glasses
illustration of Could you be infected? Coronavirus, pandemic, Covid, lockdown, infection, scientific, purple, lips, mouth, conceptual, social media
illustration of Created for Harvard Business Review, the article talks about the compulsive monitoring of presidential news through digital platforms. Editorial, cinema, presidential, president, social media, digital, laptop, internet, blue, conceptual, spotlight, public, obsession.
illustration of An editorial created for British Airways on the benefits of getting more sleep and 'recharging'. Editorial, sleep, conceptual, battery, vector, flat colour, room, recharge, technology, business.
illustration of Part of a series of illustrations for Think magazine about how we work post-pandemic.

Line, draw, business, imagination, digital, pencil, paper, worker, job, work, innovation, design, pandemic, coronavirus, home working, lockdown, self employed, covid, covid-19
illustration of Created as part of the 'Further Reading' series for Apple Books.

Sports, olympics, news, trees, outdoors, nature, reading, race, swimming, tennis, library, fitness, health, running, isometric, conceptual, vector
illustration of Created for Think magazine in relation to home working.

Glue, creative, office, work, working, worker, window, flat, computer, communication, business, company, organisation, metaphor, flat, pandemic, future, post-pandemic, coronavirus, editorial, covid, covid-19, lockdown, change
illustration of A school interior that fulfils the new European obligation to modernise buildings. Created for Siemens.

School, isometric, building, architecture, interior, boiler, heating, smart technology, automated, automation, sustainable, sustainability, books, reading, library, education, learning, classroom, student, teacher, climate change, people, storyboard, animation
illustration of An illustration created for Chemistry World magazine about the difficulties encountered by scientists to find a cure for Coronavirus. Maze, editorial, scientist, science, medical, treatment, cure, vaccine, red, coronavirus, Covid 19, pandemic, digital.
illustration of The article sorts through the evolving world of automated investment services, from the lower cost basic advisor to the more expensive service that offer a human touch.

robo-advisor, investment, business, finance, financial, money, dollar, bank, minimal, conceptual, editorial
illustration of Cover illustration for the new issue of Think magazine by the London Business School. The main feature compares how we work now vs how we used to work pre-pandemic. Isometric, pandemic, working from home, office, studio, building, coronavirus, covid19, job, interior, learning, creative.
illustration of Created to raise awareness during the toilet roll hoarding phase of the coronavirus pandemic. Conceptual, toilet roll, toilet paper, pig, humour, greed, hoarding, pink, vector, flat colour.
illustration of The launch cover illustration for the newly rebranded Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospitals case notes magazine. The illustration depicts the feature article within the magazine, 'Our COVID-19 Response' and describes how the hospital kept their patients safe. Covid19, pandemic, hospital, medical, doctor, Coronavirus, protection, digital, conceptual.
illustration of Created for Prospect magazine, the full page opening illustration portrays how Covid19 has shone a light on the issues around care homes.

Pandemic, editorial, vector, Covid19, coronavirus, sun, bookshelf, elderly, care, window, room, chair, isometric.
illustration of Absolut UK combined their love for cocktails and art, commissioning me to create an illustration for their iconic bottle. Using the classic Expresso Martini as inspiration, I created a bold, rich and indulgent illustration to reflect the signature serve. cocktail, alcohol, drink, butler, wine, moustache, negative space, yellow, bow tie, vodka.
illustration of Lockdown, isolation, coronavirus, man, purple, depression, geometric, flat colour, vector, lonely, mental health
illustration of An illustration to represent the second wave of the Covid19 pandemic. Mask, facemask, boat, wave, pandemic, blue, coronavirus, Covid19, isolation, lockdown, social distancing, editorial, news, political, conceptual, digital, vector.
illustration of Created for interior design book, 'In With The Interior Design Crowd'. A full page illustration for the chapter, 'Negotiating a Salary'. Book, editorial, negotiating, credit card, salary, conceptual, pink, blue, flat colour, vector.
illustration of How we can find middle ground between white collar and blue collar jobs in the US? Created for Harvard Business Review.

business, finance, tools, diy, diary, notebook, documents, folder, briefcase, negative space, minimal, isometric, isometric illustration, orange, worker, work, equality, pay, salary
illustration of Lockdown, coronavirus, mental health, loneliness, isolation, female, yellow, depression, geometric, flat colour, vector
illustration of Created for interior design book, 'In With The Interior Design Crowd'. A full page illustration for the chapter, 'Freelancing'. Book, design, freelance, editorial, pencil, diving board, swimming pool, conceptual, artist, pink, blue.
illustration of Created for Qindle about how AI can integrate design to provide real value for clients.

Robotics, robot, AI, adobe, adobe illustrator, vector, coffee, art, drawing, figure, clock, pencil, sketching, technology, data, design, value, automation, automated, innovation


As a conceptual illustrator, Beth's work is primarily about solving problems. She creates one-of-a-kind illustrations that express an understandable concept in a bold and exciting way. She has a degree in Illustration and a natural flair for graphic design, which strongly influences her work and minimal approach. Her field of work spreads from editorial and book illustration to commercial and advertising illustration, having produced work for clients around the world. Selected Clients: Google Fiber / Slack / Absolut Vodka / National Geographic / British Airways / Harvard Business Review / Coca Cola / Kiplinger / c2c Rail / Barclays / Amazon Audible / Prospect Magazine / Royal Society of Chemistry / Property Week / Starbucks


Abstract, Conceptual, Design, Digital, Figurative, Graphic, Silhouette, Storyboards, Stylized, Technical, Concept Art, Film/Entertainment, Vector, Apps/Mobile


Humor, Action, Animals, Book Covers, Computers, Corporate, Editorial, Education, Family, Food, Futuristic, Health, Historical, Industrial, Information Graphics, Leisure, Medical, Nature, People, Political, Portrait, Religious, Science, Scientific, Sports, Technology, Web Illustration, Agriculture, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Youth, Ethnic, Environmental, Financial, Branding