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A. A. Greyling

The Book of All Things, Cover Illustration

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Full-color illustration of book cover design for 'The Book of All Things', an upcoming magical fantasy children's novel by author A. A. Greyling. The story follows a group of 12 children as they travel through the magical realm in search of pages of an ancient tome written by a dragon to defeat the growing, evil realm.

Gennifer Wagayen

Gennifer Wagayen

illustration of Wunderkammer illustration entry. The concept is Hercules capturing the cerynitian hind mythology, and Artemis and Apollo watching from afar. Deer, mountains, folklore, mythical, print, purple, orange, yellow, simple, detail, frame.
illustration of Promotional, advertising poster design for NIX&KIX Ltd. which was used for a Drinks Festival event. Fireworks, Red, Fizzy, Surfing, Chilli, Cayene, island, celebration.
illustration of Illustration for Wave Project Exhibition in Newquay, Cornwall. Promoting water sports as a therapeutic way to deal with stress and mental illnesses for youths. Surfing, Water, Sports, Lifestyle, Promotional, Bubbles, Crystals, Girl.
illustration of A part of an illustrated poster set based on the most favored fruits of the Philippines. Fruit, mango, leaves, stem, plant, yellow, blue, botanical.
illustration of Illustrated piece for a set of 3 fruit posters based on the most favoured fruits of the Philippines. Banana, heart, plant, fruit, stem, abstract, pattern, maroon, red, green, yellow, poster design.
illustration of Personal project of poster designs celebrating the most beloved fruits of the Philippines. culture, fruit, coconut, fresh, leaves, drinks, south east, print.
illustration of Another illustration entry for my personal project based on the Chinese Animal Zodiacs. Rat, digital illustration, concept art, poster, folklore, mythology, red, eastern, asian, flowers, culture, temple.
illustration of Part of an illustrated series based on the Chinese folklore of the Animal Zodiacs. Snake, flowers, lotus, water, mountain, waterfall, lantern, cultural.
illustration of Personal project based on a series of Chinese Zodiac Animals. Digital art, mixed media, traditional line art, colorful, oriental, detail, tiger, mountains, lantern, conceptual work, mythology, folklore.
illustration of Another illustrative entry to a personal project dedicated to the Chinese Animal Zodiacs. chariot, flower, vase, curtains, lanterns, coin, ceremony, peaceful.
illustration of Illustrative work of the Rat Zodiac, based on the Chinese folklore of the Zodiac Banquet. temple, rabbits, statue, marigold, flowers, lantern, building, shrine, culture.
illustration of Book cover illustration for the self-published children's fantasy novel, The Book of All Things by A. A. Greyling.
illustration of Full cover illustration, including dusk jacket, for children's fantasy novel The Book of All Things by A. A. Greyling. The novel is heavily inspired by Celtic Mythology.
illustration of Wide, inner illustration for CAFOD Charity's email campaign celebrating their harvesting season for El Salvador, with a fairytale-theme.
illustration of Front artwork for CAFOD's fairytale-theme, harvesting story campaign on El Salvador farmers for their mailing project. Seeds, editorial, advertising, marketing, design, field, mountains, grass, land, culture.
illustration of Illustrated packaging design for CAFOD Charity's harvest seed packet, distributed to their subscribers via mail. Mail, campaign, packaging, corn, farming, donation, native, marketing.
illustration of Set of 3 christmas card illustration designs. stationary, greetings card, card design, festive, tree, angel, celebration, print.
illustration of Greetings card design for Christmas, a part of 3 illustrations. horse, elf, christmas, decoration, snowflake, green, carousel, holly, print.
illustration of Part of illustrated christmas greetings card, showcasing a nutcracker and a ballerina in a decorative, snowy wreath. deer, house, moon, bell, ribbon, flower, stars, snow, festive, season, winter.


Gennifer Wagayen is a British-Filipino illustrator based in the UK. Her work is inspired by mythologies and Art Nouveau, with colour and detail having impact on her artwork. Her areas of work spread into book illustrations, editorials, poster designs, advertisement as well as packaging. She has worked with companies such as NIX&KIX Drinks, CAFOD Charity, St. Austell Printing Co., Falmouth University as well as various commissions from clients around the world.


Abstract, Conceptual, Design, Digital, Graphic, Line with Color, Mixed Media, Pen & Ink, Stylized, Decorative, Floral, Pattern, Whimsical, Concept Art, Motion, Vector


Animals, Architecture, Book Covers, Children, Children's Books, Editorial, Family, Fantasy, Food, Greeting Cards, Health, Historical, Holidays, Landscape, Leisure, Mystery, Nature, People, Posters, Product, Sports, Wildlife, Agriculture, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Spiritual, Ethnic, Environmental