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Gennifer Wagayen

Book of Esther, 13-16 

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Book of Esther, 9-12

illustration of Continuation of
Next illustration of The last and concluding illustration of 'The Book of Esther' project. In this artwork the joy and freedom of the Jewish are symbolised, decorated with hebrew, the temple and the dove for peace. symbol, emblem, freedom, peace, bird, crown, temple, rose, jewish, symbolic. icon, grapes, elements, frames.


Continuation of "The Book of Esther', in this narrative sequence it reaches towards a happy end as Haman is hung for scheming to rid of the Jews, and the latter rejoices and celebrates. Culture, history, biblical, narrative, sequence, frames, ladder, crowns, symbols, dancing.

Keywords: Black & White, Design, Engraving, Woodcut, Decorative, Icons, People, Spiritual, Environmental

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