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Sri Tech Engineering

Typical Engineer

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Humorous cartoon designed for Sri Tech Engineering corporation relating to poor customer service. Computer, technician, cubicle, desk, corporate office, manager, engineer

Sri Tech Engineering
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Alex Rennie has won numerous awards for his designs and art, and has been published in books as well as corporate cartoons and posters, including the Chicago Tribune. He excels at corporate cartooning, editorials and character art of pop-culture icons - placing them in unusual and funny action sequences & poses. Alex always finds a way to bring humor and heart to his cartooning style, with a unique ability to make people laugh (or at least crack a smile).


Conceptual, Motion, Cartoon, Whimsical, Caricature, Line with Color


Americana, Nature, Corporate, Food, Adventure, Product, Technology, Lifestyle, Family, Masculine, Transportation, Political, Comic Book, Grunge, Music, Wildlife, Landscape, Spiritual, Sports, Travel, Celebrities, Edgy, Packaging, Editorial, Maps, Children, Humor, Health, Icons, Science, Medical, Environmental, Fantasy, Vintage / Retro, Feminine, Industrial, Book Covers, Toys & Games, Ethnic, Scientific, Agriculture, Leisure, Futuristic, Animals, Historical, Still Life, Character Development, Logos, Religious, Food/Beverage, People, Education, Annual Report, Romance, Computers, Mystery, Urban, Branding, Sci-Fi, Posters, Game, Action