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Conagra Brands Inc.

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Conagra Corporate Cartoon, humor, man, map, business, consumer, marketing, silly, funny, dopey, corporation, big business, black and white, line art, digital, comic, work

Conagra Brands Inc.
illustration of Pope 4 wheeling off-road dirt mud  jump extreme sports helmet religion religious religion Catholic priest holy church Vatican City Francis crucifix action adventure credit-card fun funny humor humorous Yamaha Honda quad four wheeler ATV equad tires auto driving drive jumping extreme sport sports x-games flying stunt driving racing dangerous exciting goggles safety hat robes  celebrity crazy famous spiritual leader
illustration of muscles golf cart green comic book hero monster rage outside putt sports leisure calm angry golfing ball outdoors outside grass nature drive putting super hero comic book comics famous celebrity Marvel comics funny humor humorous goofy cartoon action adventure tongue concentration concentrate happy barefoot big large tattered purple toenails golf club crazy
illustration of humor nature King Kong Ape hunters guns camouflage shoot tree eating vests men bush outside hiding laser monster WWF poachers zoo animal rescue monkey primate endangered species chimpanzee travel wildlife nature outdoors sports shotgun killing death biology vegetarian herbivore animal rescue conservation AWF African PAWS wildlife alliance
illustration of Handyman plumber van saw amputation medical roofing mustache walking trees houses driveway construction repairs cartoon color doctor nurse housecall home repair hat baseball cap safety rescue license plate home house suburbs trees outside fence neighborhood small town driveway walking help fix fixit man humor funny silly ridiculous home improvement
illustration of bear nature woods poop mountains forest outhouse grass wilderness bathroom grizzly brown bear outdoors animal human toilet pathway mountains WWF wildlife conservation endangered species furry door wood thinking contemplation joke famous deciding nature calls break humor silly hiking grass bathroom
illustration of Michael Jordan basketball Chicago bulls knitting celebrity tongue Air Jordan gym shoes sports famous the best greatest focus bald African American muscles athlete action ball needles yarn jersey shorts shoes tall popular superstar sitting game prepare calm happy zone
illustration of death murder humor cartoon police detective outdoors leisure marriage married gun vest feet sweat old lady elderly fence lawn dart stab glasses uniform law badge stab dead kill funny humor joke elderly grey hair retired arrest insurance policy sweating guilty people talking
illustration of Man hole in head drill accident work safety speaker crowd stage injury funny humor silly bald hardware crowd audience people carpenter construction plaid talking help motivational accident OSHA WSIB CCOHS occupational hazard   health workplace labor labour national safety council NSC
illustration of Catheter band rock guitar manager mohawk beard long hair table chairs meeting bald suit glasses music poster punk business group men women guitarist singer touring performing performer business group famous musicians drumming drum stage leather sunglasses crazy
illustration of Hamster cat cage room house pets family table tube glass plastic wheel bedroom rat mouse gerbil tank habitrail nest hallway rug daughter plan thinking question sitting danger death kill eat food animals colorful color escape
illustration of Everything is back to normal in the city.
Hazmat suits, hot dogs, commute to work Covid 19 Corona virus health public breathe protection toxic work corporation fast food people eating commuting briefcase air tank masks employment boots yellow restaurant window shopping morning rush hour safety health OSHA
illustration of Waldo Flamingo. Striped clothing.
illustration of First date, online dating, restaurant, spiders, clowns, romantic meal, tarantula, wine, woman
illustration of lobster, Aquaman, Super Hero, under water, ocean, trap, rocket science, fish, star fish, sand, sitting, swimming
illustration of Six million dollar man, old, elderly, walker, retirement, old person's home, jumping, leaping, wall, jumpsuit, red track suit, bald,
illustration of Nazi Germany, World War 2, army, military, goose step, spitting snake, tongue, helmets, soldiers, officer, war, fatigues, marching
illustration of cows, coffee, espresso, farm, circle, herd, horns, udders, milk,
illustration of nurses, hospital, masks, Covid 19, Corona virus, Storm Trooper, hockey mask, welding mask, wrestling mask, doctor, health care
illustration of Edward Scissorhands, Pilsbury Dough Boy, table, blades, dough, tickle, scissors, funny
illustration of plastic surgery, mirror, woman, Pablo Picasso, doctor, abstract, angry
illustration of Albert Einstein drinking, chemicals, physicist, science, crazy hair, mustache, turtleneck sweater, plaid pants, hand in pocket, professor, scientist, library, study, cheers, caricature
illustration of Conagra Foods, man looking at map, business man, corporate cartoon, thinking, hand on chin, perplexed, frumpy, sketchy, land map, studying, funny looking, humor
illustration of Conagra Foods, female manager speaking to crowd, podium, audience, silhouette, business woman, corporate cartoon, glasses, hand raised, frumpy, sketchy, funny looking, humor
illustration of Conagra Foods, man and woman shaking hands, business man, corporate cartoon, business woman, skirt, ponytail, tie, bald man, frumpy, sketchy, land map, studying, funny looking, humor
illustration of Conagra Foods corporate cartoon, chef speaking on telephone to customer service representative with headset, man, woman, chef hat, funny
illustration of Dreamgate Comic Book Cover, samurai, sword, warriors, aliens, god vs. evil, Dalai Lama, soldiers, science fiction, portal, backlit, super hero, weapons, gun, women, men, strong, tough, space, stars, pony tail, monster, spiritual
illustration of Slow Down and safely drive the forklift safety cartoon, Oregon Spice, fast, slow, man, ethnic man, earphones, ear buds, music, crazy speed, action, forklift, boxes, warehouse, safety, driving, name tag, hair blowing
illustration of Voodoo, Witch Doctor, female, magician, magic, skull, lightning, vortex, spiral, knife, necklace, mask, ritual, medicine bag, warrior woman, night, dark magic
illustration of sodier, super hero, Captain Awesome, surfing, dolphins, air force, navy pilot, top gun, fighter plane, fighter jet, military, combat, combat boots, fatigues, American flag patriotism, sunglasses, pilot, helmet, muscles, rainbow, ocean wave, manly. heroic, thumbs up
illustration of sword fight, ninja, warriors, falling, high-rise, city, cars, street, flying, fighting, action shot, sleepwear, robe, knives, blades, shining, night, street at night, street lights, buildings, aerial view, broken window, glass, falling from skyscraper, blocking the blow, man, woman, people watching,
illustration of Godzilla, Tyrannosaurus Rex, dinosaur, fight, teeth, claws, unfair,
illustration of elephant, walking, man, poop, bag, nature, shovel, business, niche, street, sad, angry, stinky, dirty
illustration of Covid 19, Corona Virus, teenagers, boy, messy, computer, sword, food, dark, gaming, fantasy, headphones, bedroom, isolation, angry, nerd, geeky, laundry,
illustration of marriage, bride, groom, mask, priest, zoom call, computer, wedding, Covid 19, Corona Virus, safety, helmet, bumping heads, outside, nature, tree, kiss the bride,
illustration of praying mantis, speed dating, microphone, speaker, table, chairs, dating, love
illustration of Friday the 13th, Jason Vorhees, murder, horror, horror movie, job interview, desk, computer, knife, hockey mask, slaughterhouse, nerd, machete, pop culture, retro 80's, funny,
illustration of beach bodies, man, woman, sexy, beach, ocean, safety masks, tan, tan lives, towels, swim suits, bikini, sun, sand, water
illustration of alchemy, plane crash, jet plane, fire, smoke, funny,
illustration of owl, teacher, school, desks, chalk board, birds, spitball, goofing off, learning, math, teaching,
illustration of hawks, helmet, pilot, barn, farm, hunters, hunting, birds of prey, target, stupid, vision
illustration of toilet paper, guru, mountain climber, spiritual. Covid 19, Corona Virus, mountain peak, robe, bald, beard, flannel, rope
illustration of nude, naked, art school, class, drawing, life drawing, man, woman, butts, easels, paper, stage, art, ethnic,
illustration of dance, pop stars, mimes, silent lip syncing, retro 80's, top hat, ethnic, street dancing, singing, gloves, face paint, clowns, suspenders
illustration of Donald Duck, Frankenstein, Bigfoot, Hobbit, Q Bert, large feet, stomp, dance, perform, tryouts, pipe, hat, monsters, animals, vitage
illustration of Storm Troopers, Star Wars, Sith lord, light saber, evil, science fiction, space, Darth Maul, dancing, line dancing, Lord of the Dance, Irish Dancing, red face, soldiers


Alex Rennie has won numerous awards for his designs and art, and has been published in books as well as corporate cartoons and posters, including the Chicago Tribune. He excels at corporate cartooning, editorials and character art of pop-culture icons - placing them in unusual and funny action sequences & poses. Alex always finds a way to bring humor and heart to his cartooning style, with a unique ability to make people laugh (or at least crack a smile).


Caricature, Cartoon, Conceptual, Line with Color, Whimsical, Motion


Humor, Action, Adventure, Animals, Annual Report, Book Covers, Celebrities, Character Development, Children, Comic Book, Computers, Corporate, Editorial, Education, Family, Fantasy, Fashion/Cosmetics, Food, Futuristic, Health, Historical, Icons, Industrial, Landscape, Leisure, Maps, Medical, Music, Mystery, Nature, Packaging, People, Political, Posters, Product, Religious, Romance, Science, Scientific, Sci-Fi, Sports, Still Life, Technology, Toys & Games, Transportation, Travel, Wildlife, Americana, Agriculture, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro, Feminine, Masculine, Spiritual, Ethnic, Game, Edgy, Environmental, Grunge, Urban, Branding, Logos