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Del Taco

Del Taco Safety Cartoon

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cooking food kitchen safety educational information gloves hat woman ethnic stove boiling pot utensil fire hot danger burner restaurant fast food fryer metal stainless steel

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Alex Rennie has won numerous awards for his designs and art, and has been published in books as well as corporate cartoons and posters. Alex has cartooned for the Chicago Tribune as well as created designs for Hallmark Cards. He excels at corporate cartooning, editorials and character art of pop-culture icons. Alex enjoys finding a way to bring humor and heart to his cartooning style, with a unique ability to make people laugh (or at least crack a smile).


Caricature, Cartoon, Conceptual, Line with Color, Realism, Whimsical, Film/Entertainment, Motion


Humor, Action, Adventure, Animals, Annual Report, Celebrities, Character Development, Children, Children's Books, Comic Book, Computers, Corporate, Editorial, Education, Family, Fantasy, Fashion/Cosmetics, Food, Futuristic, Health, Historical, Icons, Industrial, Landscape, Leisure, Maps, Medical, Music, Mystery, Nature, Packaging, People, Political, Posters, Product, Religious, Romance, Science, Scientific, Sci-Fi, Sports, Technology, Toys & Games, Transportation, Travel, Wildlife, Americana, Agriculture, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro, Feminine, Masculine, Spiritual, Youth, Ethnic, Game, Edgy, Environmental, Grunge, Urban, Branding, Logos