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Invention of the Computer Mouse

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The computer mouse was invented in the early 1960s. However, it did not begin its triumphal advance until two decades later. Hence its inventor, Douglas C. Engelbart, no longer had much to do with this success story. But a certain Steve Jobs did.

Adela Li

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Spinning Yarn
United States

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illustration of Conceptual, Digital, Action, Adventure, Animals, Book Covers, Children, Children's Books, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
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Adela is a San Francisco based illustrator who is originally from China. Her designs are influenced by contemporary art and Chinese line drawing. In addition to traditional artwork, Adela also creates illustration for magazines, published books, advertisements, product packaging, corporate and institutions, and anything else that requires a visual enhancement. She graduated from Academy of Art University with publications and advertising projects seen by the world. Her illustration clients have included the Golden State Warriors' Lunar New Year poster, Facebook Supply Chain logo and Cell journal cover. She has also worked on educational, package and design projects with companies like Ann Williams (United States) and YiBang (San Francisco, Beijing, Shanghai). In addition, she will be publishing a children’s book titled Flying Fish.


Conceptual, Design, Digital, Graphic, Film/Entertainment


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