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Liebana Goni

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Liébana Goñi's images are quite yet strong. Colorful, graphic and full of emotion. They often hide a deeper message in their beauty. Her works have been in fanzines and published several books aimed at children. Her book entitled 'Zerua Gris dago' (The Sky is Gray) won the Etxepare Prize for illustrated children's book in June 2016 and was also a finalist in the Literary Awards of Euskadi 2017. In recent years, her work has been seen in exhibitions and activities related to art and illustration. Liébana Goñi also loves coffee in the morning, meteorological phenomena and the sun warming her head on cold days. What she really loves the most is to draw, create and imagine.


Conceptual, Digital, Graphic, Motion


Adventure, Animals, Book Covers, Botanical, Character Development, Charts, Children's Books, Corporate, Editorial, Education, Fantasy, Health, Landscape, Medical, Nature, People, Science, Scientific, Technology, Travel, Wildlife, Youth, Environmental, Urban