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The Anti Cruise

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Humorous look at alternative ( holistic) cruise. From my illustration vault.

jackie besteman

jackie besteman

illustration of Fashion Icons from familiar brands

branding, italian, gucci, dolce and gabbana, faberge, van cleef and arpels, alberta ferretti, icons, luxury
illustration of Berries Illustration
illustration of Woman sitting on the beach with dog and driftwood.
illustration of Woman in Bottega Veneta Bathing Suit.

swimsuit, fashion, bottega veneta, glamour, beautiful, shiny, necklace, style
illustration of Woman in exotic Spa

spa life, massage, pampering, beauty, tropical, relaxation
illustration of Sunset with bird and swimming pool.

landscape, tranquil, sunset, pool, bird, pink, australia
illustration of Fashionable Couple enjoying some Bubbly.

champagne party, bubbly, celebrate, people, fun, sexy, glamour, fashion, drinking
illustration of In the Spa getting an organic clay mask.

spa life, tropical, massage, facial, treatment, tranquil, therapeutic, relaxing, happy, peaceful
illustration of Cat on couch in floral landscape.

landscape, mysterious, decorative landscape, cat, driftwood, sky, mountains, wildflowers
illustration of Woman in jungle with Buddha statue and henna'd hands.

india, tropical, bird of paradise, buddha
peace, flowers, woman, lotus
illustration of Map of Italy illustartyed with modern icons like fashion and design and contemporary furniture.

italy map, furniture, architecture, scooter, vespa, prada, lamp, shoe, style
illustration of Helsinki train station during Covid.

Helsink Train Station and people.

helsinki, train station, covid, people, travellers, fashion, style, diversity, old, young, male, female
illustration of Woman with shears in garden in her expensive outfit.

gardener, garden, spring, birds, tulips, flowers, shears, chanel, blooming, fresh air
illustration of Romance in the City.

couple, man, woman, style, brownstone, chiclit, romance, dog,
illustration of Mystery woman in glamorous dress and gloves, cat and dead man are on the cover of Agatha Christie omnibus. ( mock up)
book cover, mystery, agatha christie, blonde, red dress, pattern, montage, photoshop, mystery. whodunnit
illustration of A mock book cover for the book Deep Water by Patricia Highsmith.
patricia highsmith, book cover, deep water, crime, relationships, woman, man, pool, jealousy, mystery, tension,
illustration of Book cover ( mock) for Patricia Highsmith novel.
illustration of This a mock book cover for Patricia Highsmith's great book The Talented Mr Ripley. 
patricia highsmith, mystery, dickie, ripley, marge, wealthy people, mysterious, fashionable, crime, drama, tension,
illustration of Moose in Flower Landscape.

landscape, moose, flowers, mountains, spring, water
illustration of Woman looking out over moonlit lake.

mystery, gucci, moon, owl, lake, nature, trees
illustration of Working from home during all the Seasons.

woman, working, computer, cat, flowers, window, peace, quiet
illustration of Conceptual illustration of three fashionable people on a terrace in Italy drinking proseco. Inspired by book by Simone de Beauvoir
illustration of Well dressed fashion people at The Four Seasons Centre for the Arts in Toronto during opera intermission
fashion, people, dressed up, opera, ballet, photoshop, patrons, dolce & gabbana, gucci, opera house, prada bag, gucci bag
illustration of Medley of fashionable New Yorkers on the street.

fashion, people, new york, red, orange, people walking, street new york, happy, streetlife, street style
illustration of Never be alone when you have a spunky cat .

cat, woman, home office, mac, working, stylish, happy, peaceful
illustration of Fashionable people shopping at the Eatons Centre shopping mall in Toronto.
fashion, people, shopping mall, people, happy, shopping, people scene
illustration of Fashion image of super model Adut Akech.

super model, fashion, beauty, pomelatto, pattern, style
illustration of Fashion woman wearing Miu Miu argyle coat and tiara

fashion, miu miu, argyle, photoshop, happy, luxury, style, fashion, prada, cool, street style, modern, luxury
illustration of Fashionable woman sleeping on couch with eyes open wearing a designer dress.

fashion, whimsical, blue, pink, photoshop, peaceful, vibrant, luxury, woman, sleeping, style
illustration of Fashion woman with Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume and black dress( mock up)

fashion, purple, woman, perfume, luxury, marc jacobs, fashion woman, product
illustration of Different looks from the great designer Miuccia Prada.

prada, miu miu, luxury, brand, italian, style, bespoke, cool, glamour, fashion
illustration of Collage of woman in Versace jacket and Versace perfume 

fashion, woman, versace, alberta ferretti, luxury, clothes, yellow, gold, photoshop, pattern, opulence, stylish
illustration of A somewhat surrealist depiction of horse in landscape looking at 2 dogs.

horse, landscape, dogs, mountains, nature, freedom
illustration of Fashion image of woman in Versace dress with jungle motif.

fashion, happy, green, teal, jewels, versace, fashion woman, leisure woman,style,
illustration of Fashion woman in cafe wearing a Gucci Bow with dessert.
fashion, gucci woman, gucci bow, pink black,
dessert, coffee, cafe, happy
illustration of Fashion woman sitting on pouf wearing shiny dress with leopard pattern background.

fashion, bottega veneta, blue, leopard pattern, peaceful, woman, style, photoshop,
illustration of Fashion woman in nature wearing Chanel dress and bag.

fashion, woman, chanel dress, chanel purse, landscape, evening, nature, bird
illustration of Young Woman with Beats earphones wearing Gucci pink fur. 

fashion, whimsical, happy, pink, profile, luxurious, gucci, carefree, beats
illustration of Fashion woman wearing Bella Freud sweater and Prada sunglasses.

fashion, woman, bella freud, sweater, sunglasses, pink, black, red
illustration of Fashion twins wearing black Fendi dresses.

fashion, twins, blue, black pattern, holding hands, women, style, fendi, black dresses
illustration of Fashion woman wearing Miu Miu dress, necklace and Gucci purse

fashion, woman, gucci, prada, bird, necklace, pink, blue, elegant woman, pink, style, photoshop
illustration of Portrait of make up artist Lucia Pica lounging on couch with pillows and plant

fashion, woman, make up, make up artist, beauty, luxury, artistry, cosmetics, beauty,
style maker, stylish
illustration of Blondie with blue beret and polka black dot yellow dress and jewel necklace

fashion, woman, yellow, blue, photoshop, happy, necklace, blondie, style
illustration of Pattern Prada Shoe and sock.

fashion, prada, shoe, pattern, sock, style, italian
illustration of Fashion blonde woman wearing patterned Louis Vuitton coat on her travels.

fashion, woman, luxury, louis vuitton, pattern coat, black, brown, style, photoshop
illustration of Fashionista and instagram influencer Chrisa Pappas in her fashion wonderland.

fashion, woman, influencer, fashionista, sees margin coat, luxury, pattern, decorative,
illustration of Twin fashion women in vintage flowery bathing suits. Inspired by Miu miu ad.

fashion, twins, bathing suits, flowery, black, blue, photoshop, vintage, italian style
illustration of Fashion woman wearing Gucci dress and jewellery and holding Starbucks coffee

fashion, woman, gucci dress, starbucks coffee, coffee, drinking coffee, style, photoshop
illustration of La Traviata poster ( mock up)

opera image, la traviata, red, blue, red dress, modern, violetta, poster, violetta, photoshop
illustration of Masked people in ballgowns and tuxedo partying after a performance of A Masked Ball.

masked people, opera goers, fashion, night at the opera, drinking, proseco, intermission, fancy dresses, tuxedo
illustration of Fashion people with luggage drinking coffee, sitting and moving in Airport Terminal

fashion, travel, people, well dressed people, airport lounge, red, orange, fashion, street style
illustration of Fashionable couple in New York street with yellow taxi

street style, street, yellow cab, fashion, couple, romance, new york
illustration of Fashionable woman on Manhattan street with people from all ethnic backgrounds

fashion, woman, new york street, vivian maier, etnic, suits, red, grey, street style,
illustration of Collection of people from all walks of life at Yonge and Dundas subway

subway scene, people waiting, platform, toronto subway, people scene, toronto, subway train
illustration of Young beautiful people having a picnic with food and dogs and wine in summer.

people having picnic, summer, happy, eating, drinking, joyful, gathering, green red, blue, photoshop, dogs,
illustration of Flight attendants and travellers at busy chinese airport terminal.

people, airport, hong kong, travel, asian, flight attendants, people scene, travellers, luggage, crowd, people
illustration of Croissant and coffee and flowers in Paris.

croissant, cappuccino, flower vase, pattern, bespoke, hotel, restaurant, breakfast
illustration of Portrait of Lorraine Klaasen with african icons. She is a  jazz singer and Miriam Makeba interpreter.

portrait, face, african, woman, singer, celebrity, landscape, miriam makeba, lorraine klaasen, african landscape, nature, wildlife,
illustration of Portrait of iconic fashion editor Diana Vreeland with jewellery and red pattern background.

portrait, diana vreeland, likeness, pattern, red, black, photoshop, fashion, style icon,
illustration of Portrait of iconic folk singer Buffy Ste Marie in her typcal leather jacket with wildflowers and nature background.

buffy ste marie, portrait, likeness, nature, symbols, landscape, beads, blue, black, nature, the land, icon, celebrity
illustration of Portrait of iconic sixties supermodel Twiggy with vintage sixties pattern background.

twiggy, portrait, photoshop, celebrity, sixties, super model, sixties icon
illustration of Mezzo Soprano Isabel Leonard in designer dress and opera icons 

isabel leonard, portrait,  mezzo soprano, met opera, singer, star, fashion, celebrity, photoshop, illustration
illustration of Portrait of Joni Mitchell with Canadian prairie icons.

joni mitchell, portrait, barn, starry sky, canadian, icon, jazz, folk, genius, songwriter, legend
illustration of Portrait of Pat Nixon with vintage bird pattern wallpaper

pat nixon, portrait, bird pattern, lettering, red, yellow, happy, holding bird
illustration of Portrait of soprano Maria Callas with opera icons.

maria callas, portrait, soprano, la scala, pink, gold, black, super star, diva, greek italian, singer, world famous, famous, celebrity
illustration of Portrait of musician/fashionista Ace Harper with italian icons, Gucci dress and french bulldog.

ace harper, portrait, gucci dress,  fashion, dog, florence, italy, jewellery, proseco, lifestyle, luxury, fashionista
illustration of Conceptual illustration about inviting people to your home who would otherwise be alone. People of all ages, ethnic backgrounds, sexes wearing red antlers and eating and drinking wine.

conceptual illustration, gathering, people, drinking, eating, partying, christmas, fun, happy, photoshop, christmas dinner
illustration of Whimsical map of Boston with travel icons and architectural icons.

map, boston, whimsical, yellow, blue, photoshop,, icons
illustration of The Ballerina Portrait Series.

Maria Kowroski, Heather Ogden, Alina Somova
illustration of Alice in Wonderland ballerina ballet poster with icons from the ballet  as well as the cheshire cat.

ballet, poster, photoshop, alice's adventures in wonderland, royal ballet, national ballet of canada, mega hit, ballerina, 3 act ballet, christopher wheeldon, jobi talbot
illustration of Teen with fashion icons like jewellery, clothes, perfume, flowers, shopping bag.

stuff, shopper, shopaholic, fashionista, teen girl
illustration of Indian Goddess in Landscape.

landscape, hindu goddess, meditating, peacock, nature, flowers, botanicals, rainbow
illustration of Young beautiful girl in flower dress arranging flowers with delicate pattern background.

flowers, decorative, woman, arranging flowers
illustration of Nature Girl Floria in Summer with icons like tiger, flowers, bees, plants.

nature, animals, wildlife, plants, flowers, gems, decorative, fun, whimsical, young girl, girls,girl art
illustration of Nature Girl in Winter Wonderland

nature, animals, wildlife, plants, flowers, gems, decorative, fun, whimsical, young girl, girls,girl art
illustration of Nature girl Floria in Fall with icons like fox, acorn, bugs, leaves, hawk, deer

nature, animals, wildlife, plants, flowers, gems, decorative, fun, whimsical, young girl, girls,girl art
illustration of Vintage bird pattern with assortment of birds.

birds, north american birds
illustration of Warbler Bird pattern with lettering.

warblers, birds
illustration of Realistic bird pattern.

green jay, woodpecker, kingfisher, sparrow
illustration of Twin pattern.

decorative, twins, girls, whimsical
illustration of Balanchine The Four Temperaments ballet pattern  with ballerinas and male dancers in black leotards

dancers, balanchine, black and white, black leotards, ballerinas, male dancers, pas de deux, pas de quattre
illustration of Flower, fan, rose, beads pattern.

flower pattern, flowers
illustration of Milan fashion and city icon pattern.

chandelier, shoes, plane, duomo, rose, coat
illustration of Colourful gem pattern

 topaz, moonstone, ruby, emerald, amethyst, citrine, peridot
illustration of Lifestyle icons 

cupcake, dog, earrings, cappucino, bird, rose, suitcase, cellphone, flower, avocado, brooch
illustration of Pattern of diverse people

 nurse, cop, old woman, wheelchair, fashionista, dogwalker, girl, old man, fashionistas,
illustration of Illustrations of birds and blue woman with icons for Collective Brewing beer 

collective brewing, canadian, beer, art
illustration of Girls nature girl knapsack.

 flowers, girl with bunny ears, rabbit, bird nest, lamb, daffodil, diamond( mock up), GG logo, gucci
illustration of Red Crested Cardinal illustration for Absolut Vodka ( mock up)

red crested cardinal, bird, bird art
illustration of Woman in the city in chartreuse suit ready for an adventure. White wine packaging

packaging, wine, wine label, fresh adventures, woman, city style
illustration of Woman in the midst of skyscrapers ready for adventure.  For wine label.
illustration of Bird Illustration. Mountain Bluebird perched on Vintage Barbie

red, blue, mountain bluebird, vintage barbie, bird art, barbie
illustration of Bird Illustration. Blue Jay Bird perched on Ruby.

bird art, realistic, blue jay art, blue, red, black, bird illustration
illustration of Bird illustration. Crow perched on Gucci Purse.

red, grey, black, crow, gucci purse, fashion, wildlife, bird
illustration of Bird Illustration. European Goldfinch perched on Ruby. 

bird, european goldfinch, ruby, bird art, blue, red, photoshop, realistic


BIOGRAPHY I was born in Canada but raised in Holland and South Africa before settling in Toronto. Drawing and colouring has been part of my life since I was very young and drew me to study at The Ontario College of Art. I love being a freelance illustrator- being asked to illustrate an article or poster is always an exciting new challenge. Making images that pop and that communicate immediately with he viewer is always my goal. I have recently started adding motion to my images which is a lot of fun. Lifestyle and fashion are my favourite themes and I love to interpret the people in my work as well as tactile objects in a unique way by using vibrant color, texture and detail. I am very inspired by People, Fashion, Opera, Ballet, Yoga, Animals, Nature, Cities and my ( vast) collection of magazines ( which I would rescue first if our house was on fire). Oh wait first the cat. In the last few years I have also started painting birds on a surprising objects like a Warbler on a Rolleiflex camera or a Starling on a Kokeshi doll. I love mixing up the digital ( illustration) with real paint on wood. My husband and I are now empty nesters and share our space with our old cat Sam. In Jan I was named as one of 30 inspiring illustrators to watch for in 2021 by Creative Boom ( Directory of Illustration) My work has been recognized by Print Magazine, The Art Director's Club of Canada and my image "Charlotte" at the Nutcracker was chosen to be featured on the web gallery of American Illustration. My Bird paintings were recently featured in Flow Magazine.


Calligraphy, Collage, Conceptual, Design, Digital, Figurative, Fine Art, Lettering, Line with Color, Montage, Painterly, Realism, Stylized, Decorative, Floral, Pattern, Whimsical, Motion


Adventure, Animals, Book Covers, Botanical, Celebrities, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Corporate, Editorial, Family, Fashion/Cosmetics, Food, Greeting Cards, Health, Holidays, Icons, Landscape, Leisure, Licensing, Maps, Music, Mystery, Nature, Packaging, People, Portrait, Posters, Product, Romance, Still Life, Textiles, Travel, Web Illustration, Wildlife, Americana, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro, Feminine, Masculine, Spiritual, Youth, Ethnic, Urban, Surface Design