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Outdoor Scratch Maps

Paris Map

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Paris scratch-off map for outdoor scratch maps. City, paris, maps, ediotiral, travel.

Outdoor Scratch Maps

Stella Isaac Illustration

illustration of Paris map, maps, editorial, travel, place, culture, food, drink, lettering, city illustration, flowers, buildings
illustration of Birthday card, lettering, colourful, prosecco, wine, pattern, greetings cards, cards, licensing, fun, funky, playful, hand drawn, digital.
illustration of Hello Baby Card, greetings card, licensing, pink, new baby, balloons, typography, decorative, lettering.
illustration of Illustrated map of Croatia for Lonely Planet Magazine in 2019. 

Croatia, Travel, Adventure, Travel illustration, Sea, Animals, Nature, Holidays, Culture, Boats, Editorial, Maps, Illustrated Maps,
illustration of Mixed Media Illustration of luxury food and drink brands. Created using gouache paint, pencil and digital collage. 

Food, luxury foods, Hamper, Food Illustration, Chocolates, Drinks, Food pattern, Editorial, Packaging.
illustration of Map of Los Angeles for Grow by Facebook - Facebooks business magazine. 

mixed media, palm tree, los Angeles, LA, USA, maps illustrations, map, California, healthcare, wellbeing, space, product illustration, food illustrations, shopping, businesses, yoga, health, women.
illustration of Natural Remedies illustration. 

Created using ink drawings coloured digitally on a dark background to create a sense of a vibrancy from the ingredients. 

Food, natural, natural remedies, health, vitamins, minerals, fruit, veg, colour, line drawings, food drawings, food illustration.
illustration of Illustration to accompany a blog post by Air Necessities, an Air BnB management company.

Created using mixed media, ink, paint, pencil, and digital collage. 

Air bnb, travel, hosting, spot illustrations, non fictions, information illustration, editorial, blog, snacks, food, homes, home illustration, info, holidays.
illustration of Girl Gang Sticker design.

Feminine illustration, girl pattern, mixed media, girly, pink, rainbow, flamingo, tropical, cocktail, drinks, plants, fun, shapes, love heart, underwear.
illustration of London, maps, map illustration, parks, buildings, travel, editorial, spot illustrations, culture, mixed media, lettering, typography.
illustration of Shop Local - Colourful and bright shopping bag spot illustration. 

Created using gouache paint, pencil and photoshop. 

Shopping, shop local, Shop Small, Support Small businesses, Vegetables, Fruit, Fruit and Veg, Bag for life, shops, shopping, editorial
illustration of Covid lettering for social distancing and covid precautions.

Covid19, Covid Signage, Covid Type, Covid Signs, Covid illustration, health, medical. lettering, typography, friendly signage
illustration of Illustrated Map of Uganda for Lonely Planet Magazine. 

Ugnada, Maps, Map Illustration, Editorial, Africa, Animals, Wildlife, Typography, Boats, Colourful.
illustration of books cover illustration, book covers, map book cover, maps, illustrated maps, USA, desert, cactus, floral, icons, vegas, grand canyon, trail
illustration of Postcard, fashion, product illustration, marketing, style, accessories, fashion illustration, products, packaging, pattern, colourful, painted
illustration of Cawston Press Can - Spot illustration. Drawn using ink pens and photoshop. 

Drinks, Soft drinks, fizzy drinks, Fresh, Natural, Cawston Press, Packaging design, Packaging, Cans, Fruit.
illustration of Shoes line up for an end paper to an activity book about the home. 

Shoes, Shoe illustration, spot illustrations, rugs, patterns, converse, loafers, kids illustration, book illustration, vans, interiors,
illustration of Illustrated Map of the Czech Republic for Lonely Planet Magazine in 2019. 

Czech Republic, winter, city, animals, city break, cocktails, skiing, food, drink, snow, snowy, map illustrations, maps.
illustration of Illustrations to accompany a blog post by Air Necessities, an Air BnB Management Company. 

Created using mixed media; paint, pencil and ink. 

Twists, board games, connect 4, game night, scrabble, play, family, family games, family night .
illustration of Wild Child design, 

typography, wild child, sticker, floral, outdoor, moon, stars, type, signage, stickers, pretty, mystical,
illustration of Spot illustrations of Sun Studio in Memphis - Created using collage, paint, and pencil.
illustration of Mental health awareness stickers to raise money for Mental Health Charities. 

Created using mixed media. 

Mental health, wellbeing, be kind, slow living, self care, floral, typography, quotes, sayings.
illustration of Have an un-beer-lievable birthday! 

Beer can greetings card. 

Beer, drinks, holiday, tropical, greetings cards, licensing, sun, sea, typography, design, palm tree, beach, summer, sunny.
illustration of Birthday cake greetings card

Made using paint, pencil, ink and photoshop. 

Cake, birthday cake, birthday cards, greetings cards, cakes, candles, decorative.
illustration of Travel Stamps. 

Travel, illustrations, City Japn, Usa, Berlin, UK, LA, Hawaii, Australia, explore, holiday, culture, pattern, stamps, typography, collage.
illustration of Birthday Cake Card 

Created using gouache, paint, pencil, and digital methods. 

Cake, birthday cake, birthday cards, greetings cards, cakes, candles, decorative, licensing, card design,
illustration of Illustrated Map of Colorado for Lonely Planet Magazine in 2019. 

Colorado, mountains, ski, skiing, parks, travel, explore, adventure, walking, hiking, food, drinks, trees, USA, signage, typography, editorial
illustration of Camping spot illustrations for stickers packs. 

Camping, Adventure, explore, travel, camp, get outside, outdoors, food, drink, clothes, tent, maps, map, spot illustrations, editorial, advertising.
illustration of National Parks, UK, Map, map illustration, editorial, boats, surfing, scratch map, nature, people, animals, places, typography, adventure, explore.
illustration of Spot illustrations in black ink for Lonely Planet Magazine, 

line drawings, black and white, black line, drawing, travel, spot illustrations, editorial
illustration of lake district, outdoors, maps, illustrations, maps, scratch map, art, design, lakes, editorial, products, travel, adventure
illustration of chair, interirors, plants, furniture, colourful, collage
illustration of Christmas Pattern - used on Christmas cards. 

Christmas, wine, food, festive, candles, drinks
illustration of Cocktail Cart Illustration. 

Gin, Rum, Vodka, Cocktails, Interiors, Interior design, Flowers, Books, Party, Painted, Painting, Night out, Night in, drinks, drink illustration, alcohol, soft drinks
illustration of Ice cream, food, childrens books, childrens book, travel, childrens illustrations, lettering, collage, painted, drawing
illustration of science, education, textbook illustration, book illustration, drawing, icons, spot illustrations, covid-19, pharmaceutical
illustration of travel, childrens books, travel books, educational, culture, collage, painted, children's illustration, publishing
illustration of plants, botanical, funky, colourful, plant pots, garden, painted, drawing, bright illustrations, editoural, spot illustrations, floral
illustration of travel, culture, buildings, italy, birds, lettering, book illustrations, non fiction children's books, non ficiton childrens, line drawing, painting, textures
illustration of spot illustrations, colourful, funky, playful, drinks, cocktails, animals, lettering, painted, funny, quirky, editorial, food
illustration of Maps, carnvial, dancing, dancers, party, map illustrations, street party, London, UK, editorial, illustrated maps, costumes, instruments, colourful, funky
illustration of Camping, adventure, outdoors, spot illustrations, colourful, wanderlust, countryside, objects, colour spot illustrations, editorial, stickers, retro, clothes, lettering, typographic
illustration of maps, illustrated map, summer illustrations, countryside, seaside, colourful, hand painted, cities, buildings, trees, boats, editorial, editorial maps


Stella Isaac is a freelance Illustrator working from her home studio in Devon. Stella has a first class degree in Illustration from Falmouth University where she developed her style and learnt how to complete projects to a high standard whilst meeting every deadline. Her work consists of colourful and playful designs created using gouache paint, pencil and ink. They are then finished using digital methods. Each project she works on is carefully tailored to each client and will always create a lighthearted and fun feel. Stella has worked in editorial, book illustration, spot illustrations, greetings cards, typography and map illustration. Creating designs for clients such as Lonely Planet, Moonpig, London Evening Standard, Cawston Press and Grow by Facebook.


Black & White, Calligraphy, Collage, Colored Pencil, Cut Paper, Digital, Gouache, Graphic, Lettering, Line, Line with Color, Mixed Media, Painterly, Pen & Ink, Pencil, Stylized, Decorative, Floral, Pattern, e-Learning


Adventure, Book Covers, Botanical, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Editorial, Education, Family, Fashion/Cosmetics, Food, Greeting Cards, Health, Holidays, Icons, Information Graphics, Licensing, Maps, Medical, Music, Nature, Packaging, People, Posters, Product, Science, Toys & Games, Travel, Web Illustration, Wildlife, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro, Feminine, Youth, Urban, Branding, Surface Design