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Pink, Blue and You!

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The Chicago Public Library Best Books of the Year list : Pink, Blue and You! (Anne Schwartz Books) by Elise Gravel and Mykaell Blais is on the list of best Informational Books for Younger Readers (K-3).

Elise Gravel

Elise Gravel

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illustration of Cartoon of different characteristics that boys can have
illustration of Pink big eyed creature among mushrooms and plants.
illustration of Black and white image with red accents of girl holding cat
illustration of Paneled art showing red character showing different reading positions
illustration of A wolf and a child reading together in a forest, stylized, limited palett


Elise Gravel has a passion for entertaining children with funny and endearing characters. She wants children to enjoy the world and explore it– but learn something along the way. She knows how to explain experiences which children are living through in a way that is easy for them to understand. Using her trademark comic style, she connects with her audience while translating sensitive topics. Gravel’s understanding of how kids act and feel allows her to sympathize with what they may be going through. She offers free posters for parents, teachers and professional organizations that allow them to communicate about life, world events, and emotions in a simple way where a child can make a quick visual connection and feel understood. Clients include: Harper Collins, Drawn + Quarterly, Macmillan, Volkswagen, Klutz, Doodle Jump, Publications International, Parents Magazine, La Pasteque. Awards include: Junior Design Awards (Silver), Bank Street College’s Best Books of the Year, Chicago Public Library Best of the Best Books, NYPL’s Best Books for Kids and Toronto Public Library First and Best.


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