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The Jungle

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An adventure in jungle forest.

Evie Zhu

Evie Zhu

illustration of Once in a dream, Susan is enjoying her days when flying across the beautiful lake. She is accompanied by her dearest pigeon and fish friends. In an ecological world. She feels so alive.
illustration of Dreaming in the river of stars. 

frog; girl; butterfly; pigeon; star; river; night; beauty; dream.
illustration of Guess who have stolen the moon?

Elephant. Girls. Butterflies. Flora. Birds. Ecology. Blue. Flower. Leaves. Spirits. Star. Dreamy. Garden. Moon. Stole.
illustration of Sorry, I just mistakenly stolen a flower from your garden.

Tropical bird, botanical gardens, flowers, ecology, ecological education, animal protection, leaves, nature, environmental protection, whimsy.
illustration of The River.

Ecology; river; lotus; summer memory; leaves; map; frog; children; memory; fish; water; nature; environment; dream
illustration of My memo of Alberta.

Mountain, nature, pine trees, forests, wildlife, birds, endangered animals, love, winter, snowy days, Rocky mountain, the Rockies, frozen lake, swan, polar bear, eagle, falcon, ice, birds, environmental protection, global warming.


Evie Zhu is an illustrator who is inspired by her travels around the world. She earned her MA in illustration from the Maryland Institute College of Art. Her artwork The River has been shortlisted for World Illustration Awards 2020. The name “Evie” derived from the Hebrew, the origin meaning of “Life”. That is perhaps why she loves to use illustration as a tool to celebrate the wonder of life. She is a nature lover and a big fan of animals with the curiosity and imagination of a child, which inspires her work in children’s illustration. She is also inspired by music. In her spare time, she loves talking to birds and having a meditation moment. She also loves watching at the sky with a vacant mind, wondering if there is another utopia world. Evie provides illustrations for all kinds of projects. Evie has a nick name “Chocolate”, named by her parents, who wish her a sweet life. Her favorite food is chocolate as well! Evie enjoys drawing, photography, food, handicrafts, hand-lettering, travel, design and reading. Evie is recognized for her animal friends, and her bright and detailed illustration, usually with whimsy narratives. Contact her for commissions! For book related project, please contact Paige Terlip at Andrea Brown Literary agency. For any other commissions, or just say hi, feel free to reach out:


Digital, Figurative, Stylized, Texture, Decorative, Whimsical


Adventure, Animals, Children, Children's Books, Editorial, Fantasy, Landscape, Nature, Romance, Science, Travel, Wildlife, Spiritual, Youth, Environmental, Surface Design