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Plant Milk

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There is already a vast array of dairy alternatives, but experts say the flow of new offerings won’t slow down anytime soon.

Jeff Hinchee

Jeff Hinchee

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Salzman International

illustration of Conceptual depiction of intricately designed home office. zoom, covid, office, work, computer, green, paper, cut paper, sculpture, photograph, stripe, pattern, match, design, decor, home, curtain, book, interior, style, stylish Jeff Hinchee
Richard Salzman
illustration of Conceptual depiction of crowded art fair. carnival, museum, cut paper, 3d, paper, sculpture, photograph, art, fine art, artist, above, aerial, city, urban, streets, sidewalk, bustling, crowd, gallery, festival, fair, pop, color, balloon, fun, whimsical, editorial, maze, new york, manhattan
illustration of The New York Times Food, March 2 2022
illustration of Conceptual depiction of woman cooking with cookbooks. Pandemic, cookbook, cooking, kitchen, home, book, trend, publishing, editorial, cut paper, fun, sculpture, photograph, recipe, chef, food, grocery, prep, mixing, colorful,
illustration of Conceptual depiction of a scientist unlocking Scientific potential. brain, gate, medical, lab, science, scientist, advancement, health, healthcare, key, unlock, fence, barrier, new, paper, sculpture, cut paper, blue, pink, conceptual,
illustration of Conceptual depiction of artificial intelligence enhancing the beauty industry. pink, beauty, hair, science, ai, tech, technology, scan, machine, factory, cut paper, sculpture, red, conveyer, sci fi, computer, program, algorithm, future, futuristic, feminine, perfume,
illustration of Conceptual depiction of couple doing home improvements. home, DIY, lgbt, cut paper, paper, 3d, sculpture, photograph, blue, lesbian, house, architecture, toilet, hardwood, renovate, renovation, suburb, neighborhood, editorial, cover, repair, moving, cardboard, colorful, pop-up, mortgage, value, upgrade, update, fix, gay
illustration of Conceptual depiction of real estate and resorts. vacation, real estate, globe, south america, resort, hotel, golf, home, second home, pool, ocean, tropical, getaway, warm, upscale, better, cut paper, sculpture, 3d, photograph, yellow, orange, beach, grass, good life, travel, international, overseas
illustration of Conceptual depiction of environmentally friendly investing options. Environmental, money, science, eco, wonderland, wind, solar, electric, car, auto, blue, cut paper, sculpture, photograph, cover, investing, invest, green, forest, windmill, retirement, millennial, 401k, financial, future
illustration of Conceptual depiction of wine bottles getting older. wine, age, red, 3d, colorful, senior, middle age, teenager, bottle, alcohol, beverage, food, cut paper, sculpture, vintage, editorial, conversation, talk, discuss, years, men,


Collage, Conceptual, Cut Paper, Line, Line with Color, Mixed Media, Paper Sculpture, Whimsical, Pop-Up


Animals, Architecture, Computers, Editorial, Fantasy, Fashion/Cosmetics, Food, Health, Leisure, Medical, People, Science, Travel, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Feminine, Environmental, Financial