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Bay Area Housing

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This is 1 of 3 new illustrations for the San Francisco Chronicle about the Bay Area Housing Market. One article is an investigation into the 12 secret power players and "ownership networks" that own most of the property. Another is about a specific mysterious company that owns thousands of apartments. Finally, there's an interactive map that reveals who owns every property in the bay area.

Jeff Hinchee

Jeff Hinchee

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Salzman International

illustration of The New York Times. Conceptual depiction of intricately designed home office. zoom, covid, office, work, computer, green, paper, cut paper, sculpture, photograph, stripe, pattern, match, design, decor, home, curtain, book, interior, style, stylish Jeff Hinchee
Richard Salzman
illustration of The New York Times. Conceptual depiction of crowded art fair. carnival, museum, cut paper, 3d, paper, sculpture, photograph, art, fine art, artist, above, aerial, city, urban, streets, sidewalk, bustling, crowd, gallery, festival, fair, pop, color, balloon, fun, whimsical, editorial, maze, new york, manhattan
illustration of The New York Times Food. Hemp milk, Oat milk, Almond milk, Rice milk, Soy milk, Potato milk. Have we reached peak plant milk?
illustration of The Washington Post. It is a challenging time to try to make sense of the U.S. economy, with trends from persistent inflation to soaring gas prices creating a feeling of uncertainty for many Americans. To help readers get a clearer picture of what’s happening and what could come next, The Washington Post is producing a series of animated guides exploring these important topics in a straightforward, comprehensible way
illustration of The New York Times. A visit to an upscale suburban mall or a city shopping district used to end in a pile of shopping bags. Now it's about taking a $36 Pilates class, maybe followed by a $36 indoor cycling session if you’re really committed, then hitting the organic market to slam a $10 coconut water before making a quick stop for $40 cryotherapy.
illustration of The New York Times. Twenty-somethings rolling their eyes at the habits of their elders is a longstanding office trend, but many employers said there’s a new boldness in the way Gen Z dictates taste.
illustration of The New York Times. MoMA's art treasure, no longer buried.
illustration of Celebrating the diligence and effort of the understaffed and unsupported USPS during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.
illustration of Hundreds of immigrant children have been separated from their families and lost in a detention system that has no means to reunite them.
illustration of Guns are the leading cause of death for children in  the United States.
illustration of Homage to a specific genre of horror film for the spooky season.
illustration of Homage to the camp classic film starring the Queen of Halloween.
illustration of Benefits Pro Magazine
illustration of Benefits Pro. Using the lessons learned during the pandemic to craft new solutions.
illustration of Entertainment Weekly. EW's resident Christmas movie experts pitch the ultimate TV movie to the networks that specialize in seasonal programming.
illustration of Muhlenberg. Employers desperate for new hires after the pandemic are realizing that what they're offering isn't nearly enough to draw in potential employees.
illustration of Sierra Magazine. Analyzing the environmental impact of tearing down the old, and building new green structures, versus adapting existing buildings to suit new changing needs.
illustration of This American Life. A look at how a daily practice or ritual can enhance the quality of our lives.
illustration of Realm. In post pandemic America, the housing market favors corporate ownership; which negatively impacts neighborhoods and, disproportionately, minority communities.
illustration of Penguin Random House
illustration of Introducing new Limited Edition Spicy Goldfish from Pepperidge Farm.
illustration of The New York Times
illustration of The Wall Street Journal
illustration of Footwear News
illustration of San Francisco Chronicle
illustration of San Francisco Chronicle
illustration of Conceptual depiction of woman cooking with cookbooks. Pandemic, cookbook, cooking, kitchen, home, book, trend, publishing, editorial, cut paper, fun, sculpture, photograph, recipe, chef, food, grocery, prep, mixing, colorful,
illustration of Conceptual depiction of a scientist unlocking Scientific potential. brain, gate, medical, lab, science, scientist, advancement, health, healthcare, key, unlock, fence, barrier, new, paper, sculpture, cut paper, blue, pink, conceptual,
illustration of The New York Times. Conceptual depiction of artificial intelligence enhancing the beauty industry. pink, beauty, hair, science, ai, tech, technology, scan, machine, factory, cut paper, sculpture, red, conveyer, sci fi, computer, program, algorithm, future, futuristic, feminine, perfume,
illustration of The Washington Post. Conceptual depiction of couple doing home improvements. home, DIY, lgbt, cut paper, paper, 3d, sculpture, photograph, blue, lesbian, house, architecture, toilet, hardwood, renovate, renovation, suburb, neighborhood, editorial, cover, repair, moving, cardboard, colorful, pop-up, mortgage, value, upgrade, update, fix, gay
illustration of The New York Times. Conceptual depiction of real estate and resorts. vacation, real estate, globe, South America, resort, hotel, golf, home, second home, pool, ocean, tropical, getaway, warm, upscale, better, cut paper, sculpture, 3d, photograph, yellow, orange, beach, grass, good life, travel, international, overseas
illustration of Investment News. Conceptual depiction of environmentally friendly investing options. Environmental, money, science, eco, wonderland, wind, solar, electric, car, auto, blue, cut paper, sculpture, photograph, cover, investing, invest, green, forest, windmill, retirement, millennial, 401k, financial, future
illustration of The New York Times. Conceptual depiction of wine bottles getting older. wine, age, red, 3d, colorful, senior, middle age, teenager, bottle, alcohol, beverage, food, cut paper, sculpture, vintage, editorial, conversation, talk, discuss, years, men,


Collage, Conceptual, Cut Paper, Graphic, Line, Line with Color, Mixed Media, Paper Sculpture, Whimsical, Pop-Up


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