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Rolling Stone Germany

Elvis Costello

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Portrait of Elvis Costello commissioned by Rolling Stone Germany to accompany the review of his new album "The Boy Named If".

Luisa Jung
illustration of Rolling Stone Germany
illustration of The Lily News
illustration of Research shows that most people go through an
average of five traumatic experiences during their lifetime.
crisis, trauma, life, hope, positive, past, present, family, home, death, dog, girl, toy, mother, psychology, resilience
illustration of Commissioned illustrations for an article about ‘Emodiversity”. How having a balanced emotional eco-system can help us lead better lives.
ecology, psychology, beetles, diversity, emotions, emoticons, people, collection
illustration of Illustrations for an article about gender differences in heartdisease and their significance for diagnosis and therapy.
heart, disease, therapy, female, medicine, health, sculpture, museum, gender
illustration of You Pfizer, Me Moderna: Vaccine Recipients declare Loyalty.
vaccine, covid-19, loyalty, masks, pandemic, conversation, outdoors
illustration of Tending to your social-media self: the business of self-glorification.
social media, david, michelangelo, narcissist, likes, psychology, ego, technology, church, religion, psychology, editorial, conceptual
illustration of Cover illustration about an article about the difficult work of finding simple treatments for acute viral infections, such as COVID-19.
illustration of New series of illustrations for Psychologie Heute about couples that grow apart and how they can learn to be close again.
illustration of Illustration for The Washington Post about the US-China tech competition.
AD: Audrey Valbuena


Luisa Jung was born in Buenos Aires, she is both an illustrator and an architect. Her work spans from analogue collage to digital art. With a dash of humor and a personal touch she creates colorful images that convey a strong message. Her client portfolio includes renowned names such as New York Times, Psychologie Heute and Cambridge University Press. She lives and works in Cologne, Germany.


Caricature, Conceptual, Digital, Figurative, Tempera, Texture, Pattern


Botanical, Celebrities, Computers, Editorial, Family, Health, Industrial, Medical, Music, Nature, People, Portrait, Religious, Romance, Science, Scientific, Technology, Lifestyle, Feminine, Masculine, Financial