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Character illustrations and party icons for the Rebranding of ETA Ripple Potato chips

daron parton

Daron Parton

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illustration of Map of Spains unique religious and Pagan Festivals. Map, Spain, Travel, Tourism, Customs, Vacation,Explore, Country, Type, lettering, Limited Colour Palette, Brown, Red, Tomato, Bull, Skeleton, Coffin, Snail, Food, Man
illustration of The psychiatrist Chair. Psychiatrist, Limited Palette, Therapy, Knitting, Red, Black, Mental Health, Doctor, Care, Chair, Depression, Man, People, Person
illustration of Image was inspired by seeing bootcamps appearing parks during levels of Covid lockdown.
Outdoors, Exercise, Health, Bootcamp, Lifestyle, People, Fitness, Bird, Park, Red, Blue, Limited Color Palette, Body, Image, Vanity
illustration of Insurance inspired. Tiger, Insurance, Man, Telecommunications, app, Travel, Tourism, Animal, Limited Color Palette, Orange, Blue, Tour
illustration of Article on how pollution has affected male fertility.
infertility, Sperm, Health, Man, Reproductive, Teal, Red, Factory, Chimney, Pollution, Limited Color Palette,
illustration of Wine critics Hunt. Wine, Grapes, Wine Sommelier, Explorer, Vineyard, Vines, Food, Hunter, Corkscrew, Cork, Wine Vintage, Limited Color Palette, Pink, Green, Bottle, Drink
illustration of Bird, Canary, Poison, Guarded, Alert, Chemical, Gas Mask, Awareness, Yellow, Grey, Limited Colour Palette, Cage, Captive, Trapped
illustration of Article about NZ soldiers being lured by lucrative contracts to work in foreign war zones and its Mental Health effects when they return home.. War, Soldier, Mercenary, Military Contractors, Money, Gun, Mental Health, Depression, Man, Crime, Politics
illustration of An Illustration about the Street Protests in Hong Kong. The Umbrella Movement. Red, Hong Kong, China, Communism, Dragon, Umbrella, Protest, Asia, Fire, Election, Strikes, Burn
illustration of Boxing, Limited Color, People, Orange, Sport, Contest, Fighter, Champion, Contest, Ring, Prize, Knockout, Glove
illustration of Fish Market, Salmon, Plaice, Prawns, Shrimp, Blue, Mussels, Seafood, John Dory, Monkfish, Scallop, Crab, Squid, Limited Color Palette, Travel, Retail, Food, Sea, Fishing
illustration of Monster, Tree, Publishing, Childrens book, Big Foot, Myths.
illustration of Monster, Mechanic, Children's Book, Teeth, Dentist, Man.
illustration of Mental Health, Construction Worker, Depression, Anxiety, Limited Colour, Trapped, Orange, Employee.
illustration of Monster, Myths, Legends, Folklore, Horror, Boat, Swamp, Louisiana, Publishing, Bookcover, Story, Green, Limited Colour.
illustration of Travel, Hong Kong, Food, Tourism, Fish, Market, Limited Color, China, Red, Cuisine, Man
illustration of Bicycles, Tour de France, Cycling, Yellow jersey, Food, Cuisine, France, Landmark, Snail, Pastry, Sausage, Wheel, Race, Competition, Green, Polkadots, Sprint, Man.
illustration of Tour de France, Bicycle, Cyclist, Race, Yellow, Arc de Triomphe, Paris, France, Speed.
illustration of Greek Myths, Greece, Bull, Minotaur and Theseus, Limited Color, Orange, Vase, Maze, Wool, Man, Greece, Bones, Skull.
illustration of Monsters, Myths, Horror, Halloween, Limited Color,  Landscape, Creatures, Fiction,
illustration of Alligator, Reptile, Children's Book, Raincoat, Yellow, Gumboots, Crocodile,
illustration of Pets, Bathroom, Dog Walking, Woman, Red, Humor, Animals, Limited Colour
illustration of  Pacman, Video Game, Farming, Sheep, Animals, Farmers, Rural, Editorial illustration, Man, People, Photoshop
illustration of Australia, Cockatoo, AFL, Sydney Harbor Bridge, Bird, Footie, Travel,
illustration of Taxi, India, Travel, Elephant, Monkey.
illustration of Tomato  Vegetable  Fruit  Food  Medical  Medicine 
Health  Heart
illustration of Crayfish  Rock lobster  Hot Tub  Red  Food   Seafood
illustration of Inspired by an article in the Guardian Newspaper about Office Yoga
illustration of Poster for a local Wild Food Festival


Now settled in New Zealand, Daron was born in the Yemeni city of Aden. Daron’s early years were spent travelling with the British Forces, which had a significant impact on his outlook on life and work. Daron has always wanted to express his natural curiosity and keen eye for the absurd visually, either narratively or conceptually, with a splash of color and a dash of silliness. He went into illustration after graduating with a degree from Central St Martins, London. GQ, Tatler, Esquire, Wall Street Journal, Hillfarrance Venture Capital, Directors magazine, The Age, Scholastic, Hachette, Walker Books, PenguinRandom House, and ETA are just a few of the clients he’s worked with.


Black & White, Conceptual, Digital, Figurative, Lettering, Mixed Media, Stylized, Texture, Whimsical


Humor, Adventure, Animals, Book Covers, Children's Books, Editorial, Food, Health, Landscape, Leisure, Maps, Medical, Mural, Packaging, People, Political, Posters, Scientific, Sports, Transportation, Travel, Agriculture, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle