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Scott Artus

illustration of Fan illustration for the punk band 'Electric Frankenstein'. I came up with the idea for their song 'Demolition Joyride'. Perfect American punk cartoon illustration mixing movie folklore and rock band posters.
illustration of Electric Frankenstein - Instagram illustration homage to their music. My style suits edgy posters, album covers, and rock band character creation. Black ink colored in Adobe photoshop.
illustration of When I create my pen and ink cartoons and characters I always think of the end message. This illustration was created when I heard an argument on the radio which highlighted the difference between music and entertainment genres. The discussion highlighted in the media how fashion and music styles are perceived.
illustration of I have always designed and illustrated edgy cartoons for music-themed and band posters and t-shirts. When I was a punk rocker in the 80s I painted and inked posters, t-shirts, and painted leather jackets for the punks. Exploited was one of my favourite Punk bands. This is my character development of their iconic band graphic logo.
illustration of Using my edgy and grungy style of pen and ink cartoon work I love to draw music-themed illustrations. This is my rendition of the GBH Punk band's song Dustbin Rock 'n' Roll. I have used this graphic illustration on my online clothing and t-shirt store
illustration of All of my cartoon illustrations use humor and edgy linework. My vampire cartoon character was used for my online clothing store and is perfect for comic book and film entertainment projects.
illustration of This is the key character design template for my new cartoon strip 'Dino Capers'. A humorous cartoon illustration about the fun and perilous life of a caveman's family.
illustration of Classic storytelling and the perfect image for me to develop my ink and pen illustration. I love children's books and mythical creatures. My Red Riding Hood cartoon is a twist on the classic story with a mix of Americana.
illustration of This is my character development illustration for the new cartoon strip called 'Dino Capers'. Strong black ink and pen line work. I love to create characters for editorial and children's books.
illustration of I make no apology for my dark but humorous style of cartoon. My new Zombie riding a space hopper came about from a lifestyle questionnaire on social media about what toys you used in the 70s and 80s. My clothing store is riddled with zombies and creatures and the darkest characters you'll meet in the music and film genres.
illustration of When I draw and design a new character I add impact and humour with strong linework and bright colours, perfect for children's books and comic book work.
illustration of It was an easy choice, write and illustrate a book that featured all my favorite horror and Halloween characters. The charming American Halloween story features a boy who loves Halloween and Zombies. He gets to meet a real one and their adventure begins. My style is illustrative and film-like with strong characters and humor that suits children's books and editorial storytelling.
illustration of My cartoons and character designs are perfect for editorial, comic books, and children's book work. This story is a humor-filled cartoon about a caveman family and how they survive in the dinosaur world.
illustration of I have spent over 20 years designing and illustrating posters for schools and theatres. Using my black ink and pen work I then create the humor-filled posters using typographical elements and strong color work. Perfect for storytelling and children's book illustration from family-based stories to fantasy.
illustration of I have been illustrating and writing children's books for over 30 years. I work with an author as well, Anne Signol writes story and picture books for children. We published over 9 books between 1990 and 2021. All the proceeds go to charity. My style of illustration is reminiscent of the Beano comic books with strong ink and pen work.
illustration of Using my strong sense of character design and development I create humorous cartoons suitable for the t-shirt, clothing, and entertainment business. Dead Space is from my Halloween and zombie series of t-shirt designs for my online store skaskull.
illustration of I have a strong sense of design and composition which is perfect for my humorous cartoons. The strong ink and pen work suits my style of storytelling. Strong graphic art perfect for children's books and comic book work. The catch 22 cartoon is my digital cartoon strip for my online work.
illustration of All of my cartoon and graphic illustrations use humor and an edgy ink and pen style. Perfect for clothing and branding products. This Zombie character was created for my online t-shirt store at
illustration of As I'm an old punk rocker I have a tendency to be edgy with my editorial cartoon illustrations. Eddie 'Iron Maiden's' character was perfect to use for this political Covid cartoon about reopening concert venues.
illustration of I love to draw iconic characters from film and legend. Monsters and creature character designs are my forte. Using my strong black ink and pen work I conjure up humorous editorial cartoons. Electrifying Radio was illustrated as a humorous cartoon for Halloween.
illustration of For over 20 years I have been illustrating cartoon strips for my clients. I take my storyboard ideas and developed the characters to tell the client's story. This editorial cartoon was designed to show how you can use the client's products. I used the iconic character Frankenstein and his monster to explain how you can use cable ties.
illustration of During the 2020 Covid pandemic and lockdowns I created a series of cartoon strips. Using humour and ink and pen illustrations I created weird families. This cartoon strip illustration shows a multi-ethnic family and how they deal with life during covid in a humorous edgy way.
illustration of Using my edgy pen and ink style I created this humorous cartoon strip. It features a family who has to deal with the covid lockdown. The perfect illustrative style for editorial and cartoon strip work. I'm happy to draw political and edgy graphic cartoons for a range of media.
illustration of I draw my cartoon characters with a sense of humour and it suits my pen and ink style. For this Halloween cartoon I created a Pumpkin character with a twist. Perfect for clothing and posters it is featured on my online store
illustration of This illustration was created for my children's book. The characters go on adventures and feature a mix of mythical creatures, humour and storytelling that amuses children from the ages of 7-11. The book was published for 'World Book Day' and I took it around schools in the UK. I love to draw and teach children how to create stories and draw characters.
illustration of All of my children's book illustrations use strong, action-filled colourful illustrations. My character design and storytelling amuse children and adults. My books have been sold in schools in the UK for World Book Day.
illustration of For my second children's book, I created a new story where the characters went to the moon to play a rugby match against the Martians to save the earth. The ink and pen work I use mixed with my graphic style suits books and editorial projects. All my illustrations have strong storytelling and action-packed humor.
illustration of Using my powerful ink and pen graphic illustration style I have created a themed style of Halloween imagery. My cartoon humour is perfect for clothing and edgy stylised editorial and posters.
illustration of I love to draw humorous and edgy ink and pen cartoons. Perfect for editorial or children's books. This cartoon was created for my Halloween-themed online clothing and gift store. Bright colours with strong black line work.
illustration of This set of Halloween-themed iconic characters was illustrated for a UK-based tourism company. The heritage steam railway - Gwili Railway used the cartoon for their Halloween-themed steam locomotive train ride event. The character will also feature in my next children's book which will raise funds for the railway and its Locomotive Fund.
illustration of Using my bold colours and edgy ink and pen-style my Zombie themed cartoons are perfect for my online clothing store. Using my character development and film-based storytelling I create weird and humorous characters that are perfect for fashion and clothing clients.
illustration of I love Zombie and horror films but I also love to draw humor and characters. Using my ink and pen colorful drawings I have created a range of edgy graphic cartoons that are perfect for t-shirt and film-based editorial.
illustration of Humour and edgy cartoons are my trademarks. Whether I draw political or film based themes all my illustration shave a strong ink and pen style. My Zombie cartoons are humorous and I have used them for my online clothing and fashion store. Punk rock graphic artwork that's perfect for editorial, books, comics and poster projects.
illustration of Everyone who knows me understands why I love to draw edgy but fun Halloween characters and monsters. My Pumpkin characters were used on Halloween Holiday based products and clothing. Magical, whimsical characters perfect for storytelling.
illustration of I love to draw comic book characters with lots of bright colour and humour. My Bayou characters are perfect for American themed cartoon strip stories.
illustration of To celebrate living and working in Wales I decided to illustrate my cartoon of Merlin being cuddled by the red dragon of Wales. Cwtch means cuddle in Welsh. This ink and pen cartoon was used for gifts and clothing products. A bit of fantasy storytelling and welsh humor.
illustration of I love storytelling, writing, and humorous illustration. my cartoon strips feature a mix of real American life, nature, fun, and dark humor. My Alligator character is ripe for the American editorial or comic book market.
illustration of Music, lights, action, and a bit of Zombie humor. My Rocka Killer Zombie was created for my music-loving film fans. My strong ink and pen work is perfect for this character. It's and popular film-based clothing range for my online store.
illustration of My love of punk and rock inspires and merges into my illustration work. I relax by listening to my music and sketch my crazy punk characters. Perfect for clothing and political edgy poster work. I'd love to illustrate for music bands and their album work and clothing range.
illustration of I love all things seasonal, Americana, and especially if I can illustrate whacky vehicles. Santa has a Creole Christmas and instead of a sleigh, he uses his pickup to transport his Gator and Turkey friends.
illustration of Alongside my storytelling, I like my illustrations and cartoons to have humor and a dark edgy treat for the viewer. This cartoon was used for a range of seasonal cards that were sold in my product store and mailed out to clients. Who doesn't like to draw Santa, dragons, and sheep?
illustration of Storytelling and children's illustration with a mythical and whimsical touch. My Santa cartoon features the Welsh Red Dragon flying over Wales in the winter.
illustration of Zombies! I think I'm obsessed with illustrating these fun creatures of the film world. My Zombies are dark edgy ink and pen cartoons perfect for clothing and entertainment channels. Storytelling with a dark twist.
illustration of Greeting cards and humorous gift cards are my stock and trade. Using my storytelling and ink and pen style I created a range of Christmas Greeting cards for promotional and online gift stores. Santa had the same problem every year. He always shrunk his outfit.
illustration of The skateboard culture and Zombie genre is ripe for fun and humorous cartoons. My Skate Punk Zombie is a favourite illustration featured on my social media and clothing stores.
illustration of As an illustrator and cartoonist, I enjoy all forms of culture and lifestyle. Mixing film and sporting styles seemed to suit my latest Zombie cartoon. Perfect for clothing and lifestyle brands my humour and edgy style will entertain young and old alike.
illustration of Being a typical British Yorkshireman I've had to endure most of my holidays at the popular beach resorts. With a wide spectrum of English life, you can draw and see the humour in all the small details of everyday life. My cartoons and illustrations reflect my British humor but I also see the funny side of any situation. A cartoonist's life is easy when you watch people living and enjoying a normal life.
illustration of There are many things, creatures that I love to illustrate. But the one thing that sparks my imagination is monsters, vehicles, culture, and trends. Being a punk rocker means I love the retro art of skateboard and surf culture. My illustration combines surf culture, horror, and punk attitude that would add a spark to any lifestyle advertising campaign.
illustration of The American way of life, vehicles, and punk rock music all influence my lifestyle. Music and entertainment are my cartoon lifeblood. My edgy ink and pen graphics are strong and colorful. They suit advertising, branding, and clothing products. Drawing skeletons, creatures and vehicles is my thing!
illustration of I remember my mom letting me stay up late on a Saturday evening to watch the black and white horror movies. One of my favorites was - The night of the living dead. All the subsequent and new Zombie movies have inspired my art and illustration career. Drawing strong characters with humor and a dark twist will always be my style
illustration of Halloween and mythical mystical creatures feature strongly in my illustration career. My love of drawing witches and monsters gives me a reason to draw every day. My crazy witch lady sweeps down with her pumpkin grenade ready for any trick or treat!
illustration of Ska Punk skateboarding illustration created for my online t-shirt store. The grim reaper skates into action. My illustrations are perfect for clothing, posters, and rock music branding such as album covers and posters.


Scott Artus started his career as a storyboard artist in 1988. In the 1990s I worked as an Art Director in Manchester (UK). I have always mixed my graphic art with my illustrations. I later became a children's book illustrator in 2008 having worked in a print and design studio for over ten years. I prefer a bold inked style of cartoon illustration. I have a passion for Punk and Rock music and enjoy illustrating strong humorous t-shirt graphics. Ideally, I'd love to illustrate more books but I'm quite happy designing characters and love designing art for clothing, editorial, and the music industry. I have a wicked sense of humour and have indepth print experience.


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