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Millions of Maxes (Dial Books) by Meg Wolizter, illustrated by Micah Player, was published January 11, 2022 to rave reviews. "The cheery aesthetic of Player (Paletero Man)—colors that pop, crisply rendered characters who wear their hearts on their sleeves as they run hither and yon—matches Wolitzer’s warm, knowing voice page for page, and Player’s varied digital compositions capture the visceral excitement of an action-packed day outside.” —Publishers Weekly

Micah Player

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A former Creative Director of Paul Frank Industries and the co-founder and Creative Director of Lately Lily, Micah Player began his illustration career designing characters, graphics and style guides for the apparel industry. He then went on to write and illustrate the picture books Chloe, Instead and the Lately Lily series (Chronicle Books). He recently illustrated Guy Stuff: The Body Book for Boys for American Girl. He is the creator of the best-selling “Around the World Puzzle” and its follow-up, the “Around the World Matching Game” (Chronicle). His commercial work has appeared in Anthropologie, Selfridges, MOMA, The Land of Nod, Target, World Market, Papyrus, Tea Collection, Pottery Barn Kids and many other awesome places. Micah was born in Alaska, as the seventh of nine kids in a family of drifters. Some of his earliest memories are of the rolling interstate from Oklahoma to California, eyes gazing out the window of the family van, pencil firmly in hand. The far-off places and continuing daydreams that filled his sketchbook were a sort of home base in a life on the move. He is fascinated by the intersection of story, product design, illustration and branding, the ability of great creative work to give ideas a sense of place and tangibility. His work is informed by a deep love and appreciation of the holistic approach to design pioneered in the mid 20th century and the smart, whimsical picture books produced in the 50s and 60s. Micah’s style marries sharp, deliberate shapes of vibrant, saturated color with translucent ink washes and linear, expressive brushwork. He now lives in a little house beneath a giant tree in the mountains of Utah with a lovely schoolteacher named Stephanie. They are the parents of two rad kids, one brash little Yorkshire Terrier and several Casio keyboards.


Black & White, Calligraphy, Lettering, Line, Line with Color, Pen & Ink, Watercolor


Children, Editorial, Historical, People, Ethnic