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Ryan Kennedy

illustration of My fan take on a classic magic the gathering card Hivestone.
illustration of A forest that has long overgrown an ancient civilization.
illustration of A monster design based on Phyrexians from Magic the Gathering.
illustration of A powerful and majestic King resides in the woods of old.
illustration of A griffin based on a tiger flying over a fantastical savannah.
illustration of A creature created from a wasp and spider, it rolls along the ground like a tumbleweed before launching itself into its unexpecting prey.
illustration of A happy water elemental climbing up out of the ocean.
illustration of A proud warrior captured by the hydra cult now offered before the great beast, will the hero free himself and escape or be eaten alive?
illustration of Created using a a mix of 3d modelling, texturing and paint-over I created my own fan version of Ruby Medallion from Magic the Gathering.
illustration of A family missing, a team sent in to find them. The house appears to be empty and yet...
illustration of An infinite staircase SCP, those sent in never come out, something floats below.
illustration of Also known as the indestructible Lizard I wanted to paint one of the more popular SCPs.
illustration of A fan work of the Ornithopter from Dune launching into the sky out of the sandstorm.
illustration of A flock of swans fly across a sky encroached by a storm.
illustration of A clan of necromancers raise vultures to massive sized before turning them into the ultimate immortal war machines.
illustration of When fighting the undead you must always be warry of the ground.
illustration of A horde of zombies rises under a bad moon.
illustration of He rots within the armor but will still fight to the death and past it.
illustration of A paladin pouring the power of her faith into her mace to strike down demonic knights.
illustration of A group of adventures relax at the inn splitting up their hard earned loot.
illustration of A Dungeons and Dragons commission for an Gnome Bard Nissa.
illustration of A Dungeons and Dragons character commission for a Dwarf Fighter named Teshira.
illustration of A Dungeons and Dragons commission for an Elf Ranger Nevarra.


Digital, Painterly, Silhouette, Texture, 3-D Rendering, Whimsical, Concept Art, Film/Entertainment, CGI


Action, Adventure, Animals, Botanical, Fantasy, Landscape, Mystery, Nature, People, Portrait, Sci-Fi, Toys & Games, Wildlife, Game, Edgy, Environmental