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Surf Shack Puzzles

Junonia Arts x Surf Shack Puzzles

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Titled "Aloha Band", this 70-piece kids puzzle design features Junonia Arts paper collage illustration. The art captures a musical scene inspired by the Hawaiian islands with all native plants and animals.

JunoniaArts | Shelley Hanmo Qian

Junonia Arts

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Shelley Hanmo Qian is a self-taught freelance illustrator who specializes in creating collage art designs from upcycled materials such as magazines and paper bags. She is the owner and founder of her art studio Junonia Arts. Shelley enjoys creating children's book illustrations, editorial works, puzzles, greeting cards, and stop-motion animations. Born and raised in China, Shelley moved to the United States to study music when she was 18. She is a trained professional concert pianist in parallel to her artistic interest. Her works often feature animals in nature, diverse characters, cultural stories, and imaginative plays. Through Junonia Arts, Shelley hopes to promote the awareness of reusing and upcycling while bringing joy to many others. Shelley's first picture book--In the Quiet Beauty of the World--in collaboration with author Laura Jaworski is now available on Amazon. Client List: United We Dream | Mighty Kind Magazine | Indianapolis Zoo | Lotus Education & Arts Foundation | Surf Shack Puzzles | Brooklyn Art Library | Kurandza | Clean Miami Beach | Indy Maven |


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