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Blake Morrow

Represented by

Shannon Associates
333 West 57th
Suite 809
New York, NY 10019
United States


Blake was raised on a steady diet of tv, comic books, action figures, music and make-believe, shaping his passion for pop culture while growing up in a small town in Eastern Ontario. Inspired by the work of Annie Leibovitz, Blake sought out and worked under her after graduating from photography school. While working in the photographic industry, Blake discovered a passion for illustration and design, bringing a more realised finish to his photography. Blake describes his photographic illustration work as "...taking a photograph and discovering it's deeper meanings through the use of texture, colour and additional layers of manipulation." He finds inspiration for his illustrations in the seen and unseen world around him. And it also "just looks pretty freakin' cool". Blake spends his spare time travelling, watching scary movies and collecting vintage tin toys.